12 Things to Do Today to Prepare for the Coming Vaccine Apocalypse

by | Jan 11, 2022 |

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Things are getting more and more draconian. The unvaxxed crackdowns are starting slowly in America but they’re ramping up. In other western countries, they’re already far worse than most could have imagined. That’s coming to the United States if we don’t stop it all now.

In the future, and pretty much everyday until the battle is won, I’ll be posting articles and doing shows about how we fight against the rising authoritarianism that is not only turning governments against the unvaxxed, but turning the indoctrinated masses against us as well. I fully intend to win the fight, but what if we don’t? What if they’re able to impose such maniacal restrictions that we find ourselves in horrible conditions where our abilities to live our lives are greatly hampered?

Being prepared for the “vaccine apocalypse” is important whether it happens or not. I’ve never been a “prepper” per se, but I’ve started doing a lot more long-term preparations lately. Whether it’s a financial collapse or the vaccine apocalypse that many are predicting, we need to be ready.

On the latest episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on America Out Loud Talk Radio Network, I dove into the 12 things I believe we all need to do immediately to be prepared for what may come.

Get Right with God

Whether you’re a full-blown Christian, a “baby” Christian, or not a believer at all, now is the time to solidify your faith and affirm your belief in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I know that may not sound like “prepper” advice, but it’s the best advice I can ever give anyone in literally any situation. Our eternal soul is exponentially more important than any worldly concerns we may have.

Diversify Your Finances

Regardless of whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or if you have a vast portfolio and plenty of wealth, diversifying your current financial footprint is important. Gold and silver (physical, of course), crypto, multiple bank accounts, money under the bed… having access to your money is becoming more and more challenging, particularly for conservatives. It’s not unthinkable that the vaxx-nannies in government will find ways to pinch us financially to apply more pressure. That notion combined with the possibility for economic collapse regardless of what happens with vaccines tells us to be smart with our money.

Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Food Storage

Most Americans have less than two-weeks worth of food in their pantries and refrigerators. Now is NOT the time to be skimpy. Though I was never a prepper in the past, I’ve spent much more time and money in the last few months strengthening my food status for my family. I buy a little at a time, diversifying between cans, freeze dried foods, and other long-term food solutions.

Education Needs

If there’s one benefit to the lockdowns, it’s been that more parents are seeing the efficacy of homeschooling. If things get as bad as we think they’re going to get, it’s very likely schools will no longer allow the unvaxxed to attend. Continuing your children’s education is extremely important because we do not know when or even if things will go back to normal. Besides, public schools are just indoctrination centers anymore.

Local Support Network

Friends, family, neighbors… get to know them. You may think you know them now, but it behooves you to have a means to not only communicate but to coordinate in an emergency situation. Whether it’s riots from an economic crisis or the aforementioned vaccine apocalypse, it will be good to have a local support network that strives to help each other. Some of those may be vaccinated; it’s good to have access to someone with the pass who can help you buy if you cannot.

Bug In and Bug Out

This is standard prepper stuff, but it’s worth noting. You should have your own place, normally your home, where you can “bug in” if things turn bad. If possible having a “bug out base” is also ideal. Not everyone can buy a secret shack in the woods, so establishing a place such as a friend’s basement where long-term supplies can be stored is a good idea. At the very least, get bug-out bags ready in case things go bad and you cannot stay at your home.


A lot of people forget how crucial water is and how much is needed. Think of having a gallon a day available for everyone in your family, which means storing a few cases of bottled water isn’t going to do it for long. Think bigger.

Minimizing the Need for Doctors

Have a supply of whatever drugs and medical equipment you need just in case you are not able to or allowed to go to the doctor or hospital. As crazy as that sounds, it could happen. Also, it behooves us all to have a strong first aid kit and the knowledge to use it if doctors are out of the question.

Minimizing the Need for Government

Get your driver’s license, passport, and any other licensing needs renewed and extended for as long as possible now. It’s not inconceivable that they could make vaccine papers a prerequisite to renew your license in the near future.

Prepare to Defend Yourself

You know this already. Have enough ammo ready.

Have a Rally Point

No matter what happens, it’s always good to have your family members aware of where to go if disaster strikes. Communications can go down. You don’t want to be looking for your loved ones while they’re looking for you. We’ve all seen the disaster movies. Don’t be like them.

Lawyer Up

No, that doesn’t mean putting an attorney on retainer just yet. But you should be aware of who you will call to help you if things go south, particularly with vaccine mandates. You may already be in the middle of such a case, so having a good attorney working on your behalf can be the difference between freedom and tyranny.

Above all things, pray. We can be as prepared as we possibly can be in this world but it could still all go do crap. But our soul is not something we should ignore. Ever.

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Christian conservative JD Rucker went from journalism into the business world for two decades before returning to journalism in 2017. The sharp rise of leftist bias in corporate media prompted him to sell his advertising company and turn to the worlds of politics, culture, and religion. Now, he and his family fight the good fight in Southern California with hopes of someday returning sanity to the state while preventing the rest of the nation from succumbing to the wickedness inherent in the Neo-Marxist mindset.

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Sick of the Bs
Sick of the Bs
14 days ago

If it gets to that point and we don’t start shooting tyrants we are a bunch of pussies who deserve everything we get. I for one will act. Alone or with others but I will do what needs to be done.

Daniel Staggers
Daniel Staggers
13 days ago

Keep a lawyer? The day your life depends on a lawyer is the day you’re dead.

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