4 Ways the Globalist Elites Are Ramping Up The Great Reset Ahead of Midterm Elections

by | Jul 21, 2022 |

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There’s a misconception that everything being done by the globalist elites ahead of the midterm elections is for the sake of controlling and potentially stealing them. In some cases, this is true, but much of what they’re doing is using the midterm elections as cover while they push forth a bigger, long-term agenda.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on America Out Loud Talk Radio, I discuss four of the ways the globalist elites are ramping up The Great Reset agenda. They’re doing these things for both the sake of the midterm elections as well as to use the elections as a distraction while they engage in their greater plan.

Climate Change Push

It seems quite imprudent for the Biden-Harris regime to be pushing their climate change agenda at a time when tens of millions of Americans are struggling just to pay their bills. One can argue that Democrats are just so convinced the population is on board with their climate change hysteria that they’ll see the prudence of buying electric cars and not watering their lawns, but I disagree.

They can read the polls as easily as anyone else, so they know the people are far more interested in their financial future than going carbon neutral. So why would the Democrats in general and the Biden-Harris regime, in particular, be picking now as the time to whine about something that might have potential repercussions in the distant future? Because the globalist elites have instructed them to do so.

What we’re seeing is a clear flexing of muscles by the powers-that-be to tell the world no matter what they perceive to be their own concerns, they’re actually wrong. We want food and gas prices to go down. They want us eating crickets and riding bicycles.

But the climate change push DOES have one avenue through which they intend to benefit themselves during the election. The rise of RINOs is apparent. They’re trying to paint America First patriots as the bad guys and they want people like Mike Pence and Nikki Haley to be the face of the Republican Party. We’re starting to see many RINOs softening their stance on climate change. They’re saying that we don’t need a Green New Deal but we should be doing something to end our reliance on fossil fuels. This creeping transition to “Republican Environmentalism” is important for the globalist elites as it appears the GOP is set for big wins in November.

If they can’t have Democrats pushing their agenda, they’ll use RINOs to do it just a little bit slower.

RINOs Coming Out Against MAGA

It isn’t just climate change that is being used to attract and even indoctrinate weak-minded Republicans. The powers-that-be are actively and aggressively working between Democrats and RINOs to strengthen the Uniparty Swamp.

Donald Trump’s biggest mistake as President was to surround himself with the wrong people. This is why he pushed for the jabs so hard. It’s why he had people like Anthony Fauci and General Mark Milley in his ear instead of those who actually like America. He was surrounded by Deep State shills and Uniparty Swamp members. Nearly all of his bad decisions can be traced back to poor advice from the people closest to him.

Now, those people who guided him in the wrong direction in the past are working with Democrats to destroy the MAGA movement, or as I like to call it, the America First movement. This is why January 6 is even a thing. It’s why people like Pence and Haley are being positioned as leaders in the GOP. It’s why they’re pulling out all stops to promote people like Dr. Mehmet Oz and Karrin Taylor Robson instead of America First patriots.

This isn’t really about 2022. The push by the globalist elites and their Uniparty Swamp puppets is about setting the stage for 2024.

Expanding Restrictions in Corporate Media and Big Tech

For a few months, the best way to get banned on YouTube and other Big Tech sites was to mention the risks of Covid “vaccines.” Today, that’s actually secondary to their censorship efforts against 2020 (and potential 2022) voter fraud and stolen elections. We experienced that ourselves recently, as I detailed during the show.

As for corporate media, they’re focused on keeping the dangers of the jabs a secret. As many have detailed in the past, there is no viable marketing reason for Big Pharma to spend so much money advertising on network television. For literally 1/1000 of the cost, they could reach more potential customers as well as the doctors who would prescribe their medication if they used targeted advertising avenues.

The reason they pay so much for corporate media ads is to bribe them. That’s it. They pay off the networks with massive ad buys to prevent them from saying anything disparaging against Big Pharma companies, especially as it pertains to the Covid “vaccines” and “treatments.”

Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0 and 3.0

The term “Midterm Variant” has been echoed by many conservatives in and out of politics. It’s theorized that we’re seeing Omicron BA.5, Monkeypox, or perhaps something else being pushed forward ahead of the elections in order to promote mail-in balloting, drop boxes, and other ways Democrats use to steal elections.

This isn’t false, but it’s not the whole picture. Yes, it behooves them to recreate the lockdown conditions they had ahead of the 2020 election, but it also behooves them to roll these out now ahead of the elections so alternative media and American citizens who are aware of their agenda won’t see the rising medical tyranny that will come from this long after the elections are done.

They want masks. They want social distancing. They want lockdowns. Most importantly, they want new “vaccines” to give further reasons for we the people, to get jabbed. They’re already working on an Omicron-specific mRNA jab. If I were to speculate, I’d say they’ve had it ready for a while and have been waiting for the right time to push it. That time will likely be just before or just after the midterm elections.

Soon, anyone who is “fully vaccinated and boosted” will be back to square one. The Omicron-specific mRNA jabs will be required no matter what previous jabs someone took.

What it All Means

It is short-sighted to believe all the odd actions we’re seeing taking place in America are just about the midterms. Keep your eyes on the whole globalist agenda, so you’re not caught off-guard.

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Christian conservative JD Rucker went from journalism into the business world for two decades before returning to journalism in 2017. The sharp rise of leftist bias in corporate media prompted him to sell his advertising company and turn to the worlds of politics, culture, and religion. Now, he and his family fight the good fight in Southern California with hopes of someday returning sanity to the state while preventing the rest of the nation from succumbing to the wickedness inherent in the Neo-Marxist mindset.

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