49.7% of Covid Hospitalizations Not Due To Covid

by | Jan 30, 2022 |

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Hospitals are in on the fraud, as they are getting reimbursed in ungodly sums to be complicit. And elected tyrants are using this weaponized data to argue for unconstitutional policies and laws in upcoming legislative sessions.

A lot has been made recently as to how many COVID hospitalizations were actually due to COVID.

New York has confirmed that 43% of their hospitalizations weren’t due to COVID.

New Jersey has confirmed that 49% of their hospitalizations weren’t due to COVID.

And Massachusetts just confirmed that 49% of their hospitalizations weren’t due to COVID.

‘They’ want you to believe this is ‘incidental’…no it’s not…it’s intentional to drive up the hospitalization numbers and inflame the narrative of fear.

These ‘mistakes’ are far from incidental; they’re highly profitable and highly weaponized for use in shaping public perception.

Let’s take a look at January 15, 2022, and see how many COVID hospitalizations the CDC is reporting for the nation using the ‘error correction methodology’ that was installed conveniently on December 1, 2021, by the ‘White House COVID-19 Team, Data Strategy & Execution Workgroup’.

What the heck is the ‘White House COVID-19 Team, Data Strategy & Execution Workgroup’?

And how are they able to publish data on the CDC’s website?

And why do they get to implement an ‘error correction methodology’ without revealing what it is and without public comment?

And isn’t it interesting that Joseph Biden used this data plus the Omicron data on December 21 to justify spending hundreds of billions more of American taxpayer dollars on inaccurate testing, masks that don’t work, and more injurious and ineffective experimental shots?


This image shows that on January 15, 2022, there were 143,934 Americans hospitalized with a confirmed case of COVID.

This is the data that makes the news cycles.

It doesn’t tell us the age demographics, or how many had pre-existing conditions, or how many were ‘fully vaccinated and boosted’ vs. how many were just ‘fully vaccinated’ vs. how many were ‘partially vaccinated’ vs. how many were ‘vaccine-free.’

It just gives us a big scary number the White House and the mainstream media can run with.

Looking at the blue curve, isn’t it interesting that there is an exponential rise right after the ‘error correction methodology’ was implemented?

Hmmm…peculiar, right?

Thankfully, the CDC is publishing something else that is much more accurate called COVID-Net.

COVID-Net is a collection of 99 counties, in 14 states, representing approximately 10% of the population according to the CDC.


When we look at COVID-Net in more detail, we actually get 2 very important pieces of information.

  1. The data is comprised only of patients hospitalized due to COVID.
  1. The data is broken down by age.

Why all 50 states aren’t in this program is a question for someone committing fraud.

So, let’s look at the data we do have.


Comparing the same week ending January 15, 2022, we see that there were:

  • 190 children age 0 to 4 hospitalized with COVID
  • 150 children age 5 to 17 hospitalized with COVID
  • 2,049 adults age 18 to 49 hospitalized with COVID
  • 1,659 adults age 50 to 64 hospitalized with COVID
  • 3,108 seniors age 65+ hospitalized with COVID

This comes to a grand total of 7,156 Americans hospitalized due to COVID in approximately 10% of the U.S. population.

So, what does this mean?

It means first and foremost that: 

  • Children age 0 to 4 make up 2.7% of COVID hospitalizations
  • Children age 5 to 17 make up 2.1% of COVID hospitalizations
  • Adults age 18 to 49 make up 28.6% of COVID hospitalizations
  • Adults age 50 to 64 make up 23.2% of COVID hospitalizations
  • Seniors age 65+ make up 43.4% of COVID hospitalizations

So, Chief Justice Sotomayor, hospitals aren’t filled with children; if anything, they are filled with adults over 50 and seniors.

And we know there weren’t 100,000 children hospitalized due to COVID, so how many children were likely hospitalized in reality?

Well, that’s basic 3rd-grade math.

If the data in COVID-net represents 10% of the U.S. population, then we multiply the numbers by 10 to get to approximately 100%.

Nationwide for January 15, 2022, this would mean there were approximately:

  • 1,900 children age 0 to 4 hospitalized with COVID
  • 1,500 children age 5 to 17 hospitalized with COVID
  • 20,490 adults age 18 to 49 hospitalized with COVID
  • 16,590 adults age 50 to 64 hospitalized with COVID
  • 31,080 seniors age 65+ hospitalized with COVID

So, Chief Justice Sotomayor, that means there were about 3,400 children hospitalized due to COVID, which is about 96,600 less than you claimed.

No wonder she voted in favor of the unconstitutional mandates.

Overall, the COVID-Net data suggests that there are 71,560 Americans hospitalized due to COVID out of more than 5.6 million positive new cases reported by the CDC during the week ending January 15, 2022.

This means that approximately 1.3% of all cases resulted in hospitalization, which is hardly an emergency.

But wait…there’s more!

While the CDC is implying heavily that 143,934 Americans were hospitalized due to COVID, only 71,560 actually were.

So, just like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts…the CDC is hyperinflating COVID hospitalizations by about 49% too.

And here’s what they’re not telling you…


Over 50% of the adult hospitalizations that are actually due to COVID were obese, almost 60% had high blood pressure (hypertension), and over 40% had a metabolic disease, a major diagnosis for diabetes.

This isn’t an emergency.

Hospitals aren’t overflowing due to COVID.

The unvaccinated aren’t to blame, and no one should be to blame for getting sick.

The facts are that this is what it’s always been, a crisis of the unhealthy and a 4-alarm fire that what is needed isn’t a series of experimental inoculations, but a return to common sense.

Common sense like, when people are severely nutrient deficient as is this case in every major pathology, we give them NUTRITION!

Common sense like, when people are sick, stay home, rest, take your vitamins, and start EARLY TREATMENT!

Common sense like, when people aren’t sick, stop freaking them out and lying to them that these experimental shots and masks work to prevent infection.

Let’s help the unhealthy get healthy, and this man-made problem goes away.

If you agree fraud is wrong, help us fight for what’s right.

If you agree this is wrong, help us fight for what’s right.

Expose the fraud and willful misconduct. 


Get the full story!

A must-read: This Week In COVID: Vaccine Failure Skyrockets To Over 6 Million!

Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Henry Ealy (Dr. H) is the Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP and a proud Jackie Robinson Scholarship Alumnus. He has over 20 years of teaching & clinical experience helping people care for their amazing body by unlocking the healing potential of Natural Medicines.

Dr. H hosts a weekly nationwide program, Energetic Health Radio, and is a regular writer on the America Out Loud network detailing the latest empirical evidence and research regarding the COVID crisis. You can listen to and read his volunteer effort on his America Out Loud team page.

He is the lead author for the COVID Research Team that has published 5 manuscripts including the peer-reviewed and highly acclaimed COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective and the 444 page peer-reviewed position statement on willful misconduct COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Public Health Crisis. His team's work has been covered by Dr. Mercola, Green Med Info, USA Today, Stand for Health Freedom, the Organic Consumer's Association and many highly respected news outlets. His team is the first to submit Formal Grand Jury Petitions exposing the rampant acts of alleged willful misconduct and call for a Congressional Investigation into the CDC’s violations of multiple federal laws.

As an Ordained Minister for all denominations, Dr. H has been additionally certified as a Yoga Teacher, Clinical Massage Therapist, Human Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, as well as American Kenpo Teacher.

Having taught at the university graduate and undergraduate levels, he has a strong background in and deep passion for Data Verification & Analysis, Teaching & Personal Development, Curricula Design, American History, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, Clinical Massage Therapy, Lab Testing & Assessment, The Basic Human Sciences, Environmental Medicine, Climate Science, Holistic Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Ealy is the author of Energetic Health – Interesting Insights Into Advanced Natural Medicine and also holds educational copyrights on over 200 published works regarding Natural Medicine, Vaccine Education, Medical Cannabis, Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification, Release Point Therapy Clinical Massage & Holistic Nutrition.

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