51,000 Illegals poured over our Southern border in October Alone

by | Nov 15, 2018 |

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Just a group of poor hungry refugees coming through Mexico looking for a better life. That is how Former President Obama spoke about the caravan headed to our Southern border. This is, of course, dramatically different than what he said as a Congressman and as President. This is a problem he did nothing about in his administration.
The underplaying of this issue has been stunning. We hear so much about 4000 “migrants” headed to our border, but what we don’t hear is that in the month of October alone there were 51,000 such “migrants” crossing our border. In one month! 56% of those were not Mexican Nationals but from other places such as Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and more. We don’t know who these people are. We don’t know their criminal history, and many have criminal histories.
There are families, and unaccompanied minors and young and old men and women. Almost all are unskilled, almost all are not eligible for asylum, and virtually all never show up to their hearing and disappear into the fabric of our Nation, to places far and wide.  107,000 families have been taken into custody in 2018 alone. We have no facilities with room for this influx.
Last weekend alone, at the Texas border, over half a million dollars’ worth of cocaine was seized. That is in one area; imagine all of the other areas where borders are crossed. These drugs are going to my children and your children. They are destroying lives and families by the thousands. Drugs increase crime: crimes against property, crimes against people. Prisons are full of illegals and our tax dollars support them for years while incarcerated.
MS13 gang members pour over our borders and terrorize the citizens of communities that used to be nice places for Americans to live. They are widespread in our country. They are violent and dangerous. Property values plummet, citizens fear for their safety and horrific crimes occur wherever they settle.
We must build the wall. We must defend our sovereignty as a country. We must protect our citizens. Americans have the right to expect that the tax dollars they pay will be used for their benefit, and not for the support of illegal aliens.
We must have controlled immigration of people who will assimilate, adopt American values, and contribute to our society, not take from it. Make no mistake, the hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring over our borders are not the best, most educated, financially solvent, law abiding people of the countries they left, but the opposite. Some will assimilate and live good lives, but that is not a chance that we as Americans can afford to take.
We must build the wall, long and high and as impenetrable as possible. Congress and Senate must put aside their stupid partisan bitterness and show some leadership and fix this problem. Those in our Congress and Senate who think these masses should have freedom to enter America at will are short sighted, dangerous politicians, looking out for their own vote counts and not the safety and security of America.
It is not the caravan of 4000 America needs to worry about alone, it is the 1700 a day that are crossing our border, overwhelming our system, disappearing into every corner of our country and making themselves our problem to deal with. Sanctuary cities are an insult to every American and to all who came to this country legally. You have only to look at what Belgium, France and England have become, they have lost their identities and they are riddled with crime and terrorism. 
It is naïve to believe that unlimited uneducated people with no means of support; drugs and drug dealers, criminals, terrorists, gang members streaming into America is positive for our future. It is folly to believe that the problem is a caravan of 4000 when half a million this year alone have walked in, driven in, snuck in and vanished into your towns, at your expense, bringing drugs, crime, gangs, and voting in your elections. 
Wake up America, make some noise to build the wall and fix our pathetic laws to disencentivise illegal entry into our country and our pockets. Legal entry through proper channels can be the only entry for the good of all Americans.


Linda Martinelli is the owner and President of Proforma Graphic Printsource, Inc, Co-Owner and CFO of ETCforensic LLC, CFO of Martinelli & Associates. She is a weekly columnist at America Out Loud and is co-host of Talking While Married.

Linda is the first sole female franchise owner in Proforma to qualify for the Million Dollar Club and reach Multi-Million Dollar Club status. She was also Proforma’s first female development coach and, in 2005, was the first female elected by her business peers to the elite Owners Advisory Council. In 2011, Linda was named one of ASI’s Top 10 Women to Watch and earned Proforma’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Award in 2012.

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