8 Big Lies Pushed by 8 Brainwashing Techniques

by | Feb 1, 2022 |

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Brainwashers are hard at work in America, busy transforming We the People into We the Sheeple. The Socialist Left is persuading millions of young and old Americans that their lies are true. How? By using brainwashing techniques utilized by the Communists on American POWs during the Korean War. As a result, we gradually begin to accept these terrible lies as “the new normal.” It’s high time we fight back with the truth.

Here are 8 big lies being fed to Americans every day on mainstream media.

1  The unvaccinated are the enemy. Hate them and persecute them.

2  It is racist to prosecute criminals. Let thievery and murder be “reparations.”

3  If your skin is white, you are guilty whether or not you have done anything “racist.”

4  Women are second-class citizens. Transgender men come first.

5  Forcing poor people to pay higher prices to heat their homes and fuel their cars will stop global warming.

6  Allowing drug and human traffickers to overwhelm our southern borders with crime, is a good thing.

7 It’s okay that 800 black people were murdered in Chicago last year, as long as 50% of TV commercials use black actors.

8 It’s okay to demonize, cancel, fire, and de-monetize anybody you don’t like. No evidence, no public hearing, no impartial judge needed. Just your resentment and you being “offended.”

How do they brainwash us? Brainwashing techniques were analyzed in Coercive Persuasion, a book by Edgar H. Schein. Schein was an Army psychologist assigned to study imprisoned Americans repatriated by the Chinese Communists in 1953. These Americans had confessed to crimes they had not committed. 

Schein listed the techniques used by the Chinese Communists to brainwash these Americans into saying and believing the opposite of what actually happened. 

1  Control of information. Preventing any news unfavorable to the Chinese Communists from reaching the prisoners. Only pro-communist mass media allowed.

2  Allowing contact only with others who were pro-communist.

3  Continuous repetition of communist propaganda.

4  Continuous condemnation of non-communist groups and values.

5  Creating distrust by inciting Americans to inform on one another.

6  Making prisoners entirely dependent on authorities.

7  Continual preaching that communists operate on higher moral standards 

8  Making prisoners feel guilty for not acting out a role defined by the communists.

Sound familiar?

Today in America, the Progressive Democrat Party elites use these same 8 tactics against the American public:

1  Control of information. Preventing any news unfavorable to the ruling Democratic Socialists from reaching Americans. Only pro-communist/pro-government control mass media allowed.

2  Lock-down = restricting contact with neighbors, co-workers, and church members by locking us down based on a treatable virus. That leaves contact only with media figures who tell us only what the ruling elite wants us to hear.

3  Endless repetition – dozens of times daily if you read and/or watch the news. If you hear the Big Lie often enough, then you begin to think it is true.

4  Continuous condemnation of all groups and values the progressive socialists disagree with. AKA “cancel culture.”

5  Creating distrust by inciting Americans to inform on one another. Doxing and outing the addresses and names of children and other family members, so protesters can harass them at their homes and make death threats against them.

6  Making Americans entirely dependent on authorities. “Follow the science!” “Only Dr. Fauci and we know best!” “Do what we tell you to do, or you will die from the Wuhan virus!”

7  Continual preaching that progressive Democratic socialists operate on higher moral standards. “We are good because we are for equity, inclusiveness, and equal outcomes for everyone, whether they worked for it or not.”

8  Making Americans feel guilty for not acting out a role defined by the progressive Democratic socialists. “Do what we tell you! Publicly agree with what we say! Or else you are a despicable racist who should be ashamed. Your family and friends should shun you and condemn you.”

What to do?

  • Don’t depend on government authorities for information and medical advice. Seek out your own. Seek out contrarian sources of news, like America Out Loud.
  • Seek out your family, neighbors, and church members. Talk to them. Listen to them. Get other points of view from people you know and trust.
  • Turn off CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, and ABC news. Take a walk. Read a book. Work on a home improvement project. 
  • Don’t accept that the progressives are morally superior—just the opposite.
  • Don’t feel guilty that you are a hard worker who achieves success by your own efforts. Be proud.  
  • When you recognize one of the 8 brainwashing techniques being used, name what they are doing. Without sounding preachy, you can comment to a friend or acquaintance about the technique being used. “Did you notice how they condemned that man as a racist without evidence?”

When you stand up to a bully, often (but not always), he will back down. Stand up to these progressive socialist bullies by disagreeing with them. When enough Americans say “I disagree!” out loud, they will back off. Look what happened in Virginia when parents stood up to the bullies who ran the school boards. The parents elected a Republican governor in a blue state.

In my novel The Timshel Option, one girl resists the bullies who take over New England and make women second-class citizens. Buy the book on Amazon and read how she outwits the government security forces trying to kill her. 

Resources: Victor Davis Hansen’s column, Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult, is a great read.

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a life-long student of liberty, limited government, and free-market economics. As a young man, he taught and crewed at the Flint School aboard the 156’ two-masted schooner Te Vega sailing in Europe. Atlas Shrugged was required reading.

In 2010 he saw the acceleration of big government control in politics, business, and culture. Hoping to reach the next generation through fiction entertainment, he wrote the prophetic novel The Noah Option. Powerful politicians target brilliant black scientist Dr. Grace Washington. Her story continues in the sequel, The Rainbow Option, when powerful elites unleash a deadly virus on unsuspecting Americans, and Grace must develop a cure. In The Timshel Option, ISIS invades and creates The New England Caliphate, making women second-class citizens. One teenage girl fights back.

"The things I predicted in my novels came true in the nightly news. Our country is in trouble. Like Abraham Lincoln, I hope for a new birth of freedom,” says McCarthy.

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3 months ago

If you’re not ready to understand this simple truth, that communism comes from JUDAISM, then you are not ready to face this problem, and you will NEVER make it go away.

And before any wanna-be intellectual wants to call out “anti-Semitism”, I would like to point out 2 things: #1 I IDENTIFY AS A SEMITIC PERSON. If I IDENTIFY as a Semitic person, WHY ON EARTH would I be “anti-Semitic”? And #2, Jews are NOT SEMITIC PEOPLE.

Lest anyone complain, whine, or moan about this, every single statement made here is true, and every single statement made here can be sourced with credible sourcing and are all verifiable FACT.

Now. Have the courage to let it stand.

Jack Bergeron
Jack Bergeron
Reply to  letmepicyou
3 months ago

It makes no difference to me where communism originated. I have God given individual rights and anyone, such as communists, who tries to deny me those rights better beware!

Reply to  Jack Bergeron
3 months ago

If you don’t know from where it begins, how do you plan to remove it?

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