A Dire Warning to Career Politicians

by | Dec 30, 2020 |

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On July 14, 1779, France’s citizens stormed the notorious French prison known as the Bastille and released the prisoners inside. Though only seven inmates were being held in the Bastille at that particular time, the edifice itself served as a symbol of the French people’s oppression by the monarchy. The storming of the Bastille was an act of defiance on the part of French citizens. King Louis XVI first learned of the storming only the next morning from an aide and asked, “Is it a revolt?” The aide replied, “No, sire, it’s not a revolt; it’s a revolution.”
Well, another revolution is coming, and the Washington career politicians would do well to understand that. Americans are fed up, and a tipping point is being reached. Only our Bastille will be the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C., and in the statehouses all around the country.

Americans have had enough of the game-playing and corruption that takes place in our seats of government, whether it’s in local municipal offices, in our state capitols, or our national seat of government in Washington.

For too many decades now, the politicians we elect to serve us have forgotten where they came from. They have forgotten that they work for us. Or at least they’re supposed to work for us. There’s a sense in Washington among the careerists that American citizens simply aren’t smart enough to understand the intricacies of governing. That we need them to take care of us.
I’m sure I’ll be accused of speaking ill of the dead. Still, former Arizona Senator John McCain’s disdain for his constituents, and by extension, for all American citizens, was apparent on many occasions during his ‘town hall’ meetings back home in Arizona. He was dismissive and, at times, insulting when confronted by a citizen over his position on the issues.
McCain traveled for decades in the elite circles of government. And his perspective was shared by many of his Senate colleagues. He was definitely not alone in his opinion that Americans aren’t capable of understanding the issues. McCain was just a symptom of the illness that infects most of our elected officials once they get in office.
One of the most glaring examples, if not the most glaring example, of an elected official being out of touch with Americans is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is what makes ‘politician’ a dirty word. I can’t help but still see her stupid smiling face earlier this year as she munches on expensive ice cream inside the kitchen of her mansion while Americans were suffering and, in some cases, even starving as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. America’s own Marie Antoinette, only saying, “Let them eat ice cream” instead of “let them eat cake. “
Her press conferences are unquestionably the most bizarre spectacles, and listening to her try to explain her actions in her extremely condescending way is an insult to all Americans. Pelosi is so detached from the common man and living in her own little world that she doesn’t even realize how bad she truly is. She’s simply a despicable individual.
Chuck Schumer, on the other hand, knows exactly what he’s doing. Good ole Chuck has been positioning himself for a leadership post for decades. I used to laugh watching ole Chuck squirm and go into contortions trying to get into the TV camera’s view every time his predecessor Harry Reid would be interviewed. Watching ole Chuck gyrate to get in the camera frame as he stood behind Reid was hilarious.
And ole Chuck fools no one with his occasional well-publicized votes against his party on certain issues, particularly affecting his Jewish constituency. He has always done a headcount beforehand and knows exactly how many votes against the Democrat position can be allowed and have it still pass. Then he will cast his vote and tell the voters that “he opposed” it. To say that we are ill-served by the people we elect is an understatement. We simply are not served at all.
Now with the passage of a so-called COVID relief bill in Congress, our legislators are slapping each other on the back and offering congratulations for being able to come together and compromise on and pass a piece of legislation. Offering congratulations to each other for doing something that is their job to do.

And giving Americans in dire need a paltry $600, Americans who have been in a “two-week lockdown to flatter the curve” now for nearly a year. Jobs lost, and businesses bankrupt and closed.

Americans have lost everything while the career politicians in Washington never missed a paycheck. All the while playing political games as American citizens suffered.
Well, it’s long past time for the career politicians to understand that the U.S. Capitol is our Bastille, and Americans are at the point of storming it. The only thing missing is a guillotine. And the sounds of hammers and sharpening blades might soon be heard.

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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Harry's Pretzel Mug
Harry's Pretzel Mug
10 months ago

I find this article eerily prophetic. I can’t help but notice that this article compared the Congress to the Bastille and suggested that Americans are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by the system. A week later alleged MAGA rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol to curtail the U.S. election results pending at the time. It almost feels like as though this hoax was predetermined well in advance.

Harry's Pretzel Mug
Harry's Pretzel Mug
10 months ago

The credentials of this website’s owner is telling on its own.
“Del is a **former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency** serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. **He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism** and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.”
As the saying goes, “once CIA, always CJA.”

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