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December 9, 2021

December 9, 2021

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A Sea Change in American Politics

by | Nov 24, 2021 |

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Both our political parties are hopelessly broken, and need to be transformed. This is not just a Democrat problem, or just a Republican problem. We need a sea change in both parties.

Let us start by looking at the Democrats.

Democrats flubbed the 2020 primaries on Super Tuesday. Prior to Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders had emerged as the front runner, with Joe Biden coming in as a distant fourth in several early states. Then suddenly, Biden swept Super Tuesday, and the race was over.

What happened behind the scenes was that the DNC leadership saw that Bernie Sanders was going to be nominated. They knew Bedtime for Bernie was not going to win the general election (they might also have known that he was too much of a ‘true believer’ in socialism to play along with their plans), so they pulled all the stops for Super Tuesday, and flushed Bernie down the toilet – just as they had done in the 2016 primaries.

This is the same DNC that was sued for rigging the 2016 primaries, and that defended itself in court by telling the court that the DNC leadership, and not the primary voters, chose the winner. The DNC openly admitted in court that the 2016 primaries were a sham, and the 2020 primaries smelled foul as well.

The Democratic Leadership picked Joe Biden, who was running as a centrist but was someone they could control, and they needed the moderate and independent vote, so they had to choose someone who would appeal to a broad base. They also needed something to shake up the economy, and had to get into bed with the CCP, who had been pumping, and who continue to pump tens of millions of dollars into the Biden family. Covid-19 was released by a global cabal, with the aim of destroying the Western economies, so that we could finally start to implement the New World Order they have been talking about ever since George W Bush discovered cocaine.

And Biden took Kamala Harris to appease the hard left, even though Kamala Harris was the least popular choice out there.

And it worked.  

But look where we are today!

Now we have an inept President who cannot even string a sentence together when the words are literally right in front of him to read, and who has on a couple of occasions answered the wrong ‘spontaneous’ question when reading answers from cards. Imagine someone asking you a question, and you have the answer written on a notecard, but you cannot remember the question long enough to find the right card, and so you grab the wrong one (and the mic gets cut off before you start to answer). That’s our President. And he is declining right before our eyes.

As for matters of policy, Joe Biden’s administration has been the proverbial dumpster fire from day one. He is literally driving the country off a cliff, and as his job approval numbers fall into record bad territory, even those who still support him are starting to see what a mistake electing this guy was.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are so bad; he can count to them. Joe Biden has exactly zero chance of being reelected.

If Joe Biden steps down, Kamala Harris will run for election as the incumbent. Kamala Harris is the only person in the White House with approval ratings lower than Joe Biden – and Joe Biden currently has the lowest approval ratings any President has ever had.

Calling Joe Biden the worst President in the history of our country would be a huge understatement. He is one of the most inept leaders in world history.

And before you tell me I am a mean person for picking on a senile old man, this guy is the President of the United States, and an absolute laughing stock on the world stage. Did he really poop his pants in front of the Pope? I have no idea if that rumor is true, but I do know he changed suits as soon as humanly possible, and I know that overseas, the media in other countries openly calls him out as a senile idiot. The world is afraid, because a senile idiot is running the free world, and turning the free world into an absolute dumpster fire – just as China wants him to do.

The President is the whole cast of the Wizard of Oz, all wrapped into one person: He has no brain, no courage, and no heart, and on top of that, we are being told never to mind the man behind the curtain (Hello Barack Obama). With Hillary out there as the wicked witch, all we need is Dorthy to complete the movie.

With that as a backdrop, if you were the Democrat leadership, what would you do? Would you prop Joe up for a second term with a different VP so that he can resign after the election? Joe would have to get THROUGH the election for you to do that, which is not going to happen. Do you have Joe step down and run Kamala? Kamala would be the least popular candidate in history. Spirou Agnew and Walter Mondale were more popular than Kamala Harris, for heaven’s sake – and dumb as he was, Danforth Quayle was smarter!  

Does the DNC primary Joe Biden? If they do, someone on the hard left will win the primaries, and get crushed in the general election, doing untold damage to down-ticket elections, which will be still trying to come back from what will be the most bloody 2022 midterms, for the Democrats, ever.  

Trying to push CRT in schools opened a lot of eyes to just how radical the DNC has become. The DNC lost the soccer mom, and with it, any chance of winning major offices. Never mind getting things back to normality in time for 2024 – that ship has sailed. The Dems are done.

The Dems could try to push Kamala Harris out, replacing her with a viable candidate so that Joe Biden can resign and someone with a political pulse can run as the incumbent, but that would look – rightly – like they were installing a President upon the American people without even the OPTICS of having had an election, and after what happened in 2020, that would be a bridge too far.

As a consequence, the Dems do not have a viable candidate in 2024. They might as well run Biden’s son Hunter, who both looks and sounds like Elmer Fudd.

The whole country knows Joe Biden is not in charge. The whole country knows Kamala Harris is an incompetent fool who is AFRAID of being in charge.

And in the meantime, everything the Democrats look at, breathe on, or think about, turns into a stinking pile of crap.

And we still have more than three years of this lunacy to go.

The DNC is going to take an absolute bloodbath in the 2022 midterms, and with Virginia suddenly red, expect it to be harder to cheat in the next Presidential election – while also far more necessary than in the last one, for the Democrats to win.

The Dems are, for the foreseeable future, done. And they know it, which is why they are trying to spend as much as they possibly can before being shown the door.

Against this backdrop, the Dems are slowly losing the minority vote, with POC slowly but surely realizing that the left is still the party of racism – just as it has always been.

Single women with pink hair, and the men they date – that’s the only demographic (outside of the cemetery) that the left can still count on. And they know it.

Joe Biden is a lame-duck President, and his administration knows it. And anything the left does to try and run someone else will only make things worse.

The Democrats have no viable candidate to run in 2024. Let that sink in for a minute. The Democrats are done.

That is the good news. Now I have to deliver the bad news.

The midterms, and the Republican primaries that follow, will be very, very important to the future of our country. Let us not kid ourselves that the Republican Party is any different from the Democrat Party when it comes to the global cabal calling the shots. Our political debate is largely theatre, with the Republican leadership putting up a fake fight, only to cave at the last minute. The entire Republican leadership has to go, or we are just trading people who are openly part of the global cabal, for people who are secretly a part of that cabal.

The Republican Platform is a beautiful thing, but the party leadership barely even pays it lip service. They need to go – all of them.

We want to be revolutionaries in the primaries, flushing out the old Republican guard, and putting in new faces who are not corrupted by the Washington establishment. Flush out the old guard. Dump the politicians, and bring in statesmen. Dump incumbents like the dirty rat bastards they are – that is what we must do.

There may be five or ten people in federal elected office we can keep – everyone else has to go. That’s how bad it is.

I want the Republican primary to be a bloodbath for incumbent Republicans. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

At the same time, we have to be very careful, lest we make the same mistake the Democrats made, and put people in office who the American middle will not follow. We need to elect adults, who want an inclusive America that is a bastion of freedom, where anyone from any background, any religion, or any ethnicity, can go as far as their abilities can take them, with no artificial barriers holding them back. We want to get rid of incumbents, but we still need competent leadership, so we have to replace them with adults.

And then, in the general election, we have to vote out every Democrat we possibly can, in every election, at every level. If a corrupt Republican somehow gets through the primaries, we take them out in the next primary – we vote in a straight party line in the general election.

In general elections, we need to be a big red wall with no cracks. Politics is a team sport.

Only by tearing the Republican Party to shreds in the primaries, and rebuilding it in the general election can we defeat the global cabal and put our country back together again.

And we have to do that right now.

If we do this, then we can still re-emerge as a resurgent America, and can take on the global cabal.

We have a chance for an absolute sea change in American politics, and if we do not take advantage of it, we will deserve what follows.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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13 days ago

Let me first apologize for my bluntness but, you know, Malcolm, I’m nothing if not blunt.

I appreciate everything Wallace says here but may I observe that it is all beyond self-evident. Doesn’t everyone know just about everything of which he speaks? I found very little which was actually revelatory. However, someone please explain to me why it is that we Conservatives never point out what thugs, liars, and cheats are the Democrats without also equating them with The Republicans. “The Progressives are awful, rotten manipulators but so, too are The Republicans”.
Noooooo!!! Not!!!! We, on The Right, are not America-haters, who are assiduously, single-mindedly, devoted to tearing down our society and all of Western Civilization. Stop this equivocating of Left to Right.

Absolute nonsense!! No such thing. Just STOP IT!!!

Most people on The Right appreciate our history and the blood sweat and toil which went into it. We do not in any way whatsoever spend untold words, energy and time obsessing over racism and slavery which went on two hundred years ago and for which 600,000 white people DIED to stamp out at a time when slavery was the status quo all over the world and had been for millennia.

Right now, in China which does most of our manufacturing (i.e. we appear to have moved our 19th Cent slavery off-shore to China) and so now we still prosper off the backs of forced laborers. Idiots like Colin Kaepernick make names for themselves by condemning two-hundred-year-old-long-dead-actions of long-dead predecessors while sporting the name NIKE on every square inch of his body….NIKE which is produced by SLAVE LABOR!! Could some kind person go wake Colin out of his coma and explain to him that he’s collecting millions by shilling for slavery? PLEASE? SOMEONE?

Having been in the bosom of the Left wing movement for nearly ten years I can categorically state that whenever these people speak THEY ARE LYING. I know because I was once one of the liars. They do it for the same reason I did …..because, supposedly, our CAUSE was so noble, so great that any means at all are acceptable and justified by the ends. The rationale of villains. Only villainy touts such nonsense. Decency NEVER goes there.

Since coming to The Right in 1980 I have found scant lying or any sort of deceit and I am beyond fed up with this simpering, self-effacing “well, we’re just as bad as they are” crap.

No, by God we are not. We are the smart, fairly clear-headed well meaning true Americans with our heads screwed on straight and don’t you dare compare me or us with the vicious, rotten, mendacious ilk of The Bidens, Pelosi, The Clinton’s Maxine Waters, AOC, or Presley.

They’ve got nothing at this point. BUPKIS. NADA. NO ONE!!

Yet, we have so many clean-cut budding fresh patriotic whiz-kids coming out of our side that it’s staggering and anyone who doesn’t see that is just another empty-headed sheep trying to appease the bad guys…and for what? Dear Lord, stop trying not to offend our empty-headed, slavishly “woke” rivals whose end-goal is to destroy both our national sovereignty and your own personal sovereignty in order to drag us all into the gulag of One World Order, which title, by the way came directly out of the mouth of Adolph Hitler.

Watch Tucker’s interview with Kyle Rittenhouse and then take in the human degradation that is Darrell Brooks, Jr. who slammed into innocents enjoying life on an afternoon in Waukesha. You CANNOT equate these two individuals. There’s no comparison between Herbert Marcuse and Ron DeSantis; between Howard Zinn and Donald Trump. YUGE DIFFERENCES.
There is no comparison whatsoever between the bad guys in this case and the good guys. That’s exactly what the division is. It’s between the guys who have a clear-eyed view of our situation and are willing to die for our unique principles and the rapscallions who lust after totally ravishing our sacred Western Civilization.

Jan Clark
Jan Clark
Reply to  MalloryMillett
12 days ago

You speak truths, but I have to say the only way out is for the people to NOT re-elect incumbents, neither side is doing any good. Start fresh and set term limits, that way we rid ourselves of career politicians. Clean up lobbyists too, no dark money any more. Term limits will clean up our congress a bit. Then we have to watch dog them to death. I fear for my country and the dark path we are being led on.

Michael McCarthy
Mike McCarthy(@michael-mccarthy)
14 days ago

Wally you are spot on!

13 days ago

There will be no salvation through the ballot box.

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