October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

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A Time for Anger Is Sometimes Needed

by | Jun 26, 2021 |

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I am angry! And I’ll admit my humanity by saying I wish “the Preacher” of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes mentioned “a time for anger” in his list of things having an appointed time. However, he did say, “There is an appointed time for everything”( Ecclesiastes 3:1). Let that suffice.

Today, my wife Teresa and I spent the last of three days clearing out my medical clinic; the sale closed on this day. Entering the clinic one last time, we first listened to phone messages. One of my patients called in, cussing up a storm. I had treated his opioid addiction caused by a psychiatric misdiagnosis, despite having been to multiple physicians in the past. He was rescued, and for the first time in his life, he was gainfully employed, overwhelmingly happy that he could for the first time in his life pursue his long-neglected life goals. His family was ecstatic. Unfortunately, he was abandoned when my license was revoked, and he refuses to see any other physician. He is now back on the streets doing heroin. Thank you, Oregon Medical Board. I am so very angry.

I then called a sweet elderly patient who stated she loved a painting of a mother and child on display in my clinic. I offered her the painting. With a raspy voice, she thanked me greatly for the services I rendered her and her adopted children, who were such a challenge raising. “You made our lives so much better. Thank you!” she whispered. She had refused my recommendations for diagnostic intervention a couple of years ago, feeling she didn’t have time for that. It’s been six months since I last saw her. She is now on hospice. I feel sad and angry.

I served my country with a military career that included avionics, aviation, and medicine. As the sweat now drips down my face from moving out office equipment and personal effects, I think of the Socialist oppression I saw firsthand during military assignments, recalling the hopelessness that comes from slavery to the state. Now, I am the victim of a Marxist governor whose illegal mandates give cause for my medical license to be indefinitely withheld. I think, “politics-based medicine” … and I am very angry.

Obedience to my medical oath to best serve my patients, to protect them, and treat them to the best of my abilities—come hell or high water—has led to the demise of my medical practice.

The medical board calls me an immediate danger to the public, without a trace of evidence to support it. I only committed to alleviating suffering and pain to treat the sick. Not a good choice among a carnival of fools. You see, I stayed open throughout the pandemic, and successfully treated those with severe COVID symptoms. They are most grateful. Big mistake, says the medical board, as “there is no treatment for COVID.” Yes, I am angry.

The beginning of woes came when I dared to expose the corruption and propaganda surrounding the pandemic at a political rally. All that I spoke about at that rally has proven true. That’s the problem. The price of freedom has cost many heroes their lives; for me, only my livelihood and reputation. Still, I am angry.

The Bible says, “Be angry and do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26). It’s hard to be angry and not sin. But Jesus was angry when He drove the money changers from the temple when He called the Pharisees a brood of vipers, and whenever He saw injustice. Righteous anger is not evil. It can be a cattle prod to awaken us from slumber. I am no longer working 15-hour days in my clinic, and therefore I am now free from the constraints of the corrupt world of medicine to openly and boldly speak the truth.

Medical cancel culture, as with every form of evil present in America, is here to stay—unless we dare to speak up, to expose the unfruitful works of darkness, and to pay the price for freedom.

I refuse to be a bystander any longer. He who is not worthy to follow Christ is not worthy of His mercy, and he who ignores the daily assaults on our Constitution shall bear his burden of slavery. Silence is complicity. Inaction is deadly. Anger, rightly channeled, is but a conduit for action.

Now is the time to stand for what you believe. Now is a time for anger. Let’s do something, shall we?

Dr. Steve LaTulippe

Steve LaTulippe M.D. is a physician board certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a Bible college and seminary-trained ordained minister whose focus was Christian doctrine and Bible interpretation. His medical practice has focused on pain and addiction medicine. His military service includes flying the KC-135 Stratotanker and an RF-4C phantom, then later serving as Chief of Medicine in the Oregon Air National Guard. Steve is currently fighting the battle of cancel culture in medicine, and he has published a book, Unity Without Compromise, as an instrumental tool towards unifying potentially the greatest force on earth—the Christians.

Unity Without Compromise Radio Show host, Dr. LaTulippe, combines his experience as a physician, a seminary-trained ordained minister, and a retired Air Force officer, to boldly reveal the truth, expose lies, and show precisely how we can unite as Christians and Patriots into a powerful force against the present darkness that threatens our God-given freedoms that made America great.

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UnWoke Publishing
UnWoke Publishing
3 months ago

If you need a ‘woke proof’ outlet for your book, then please look us up. There are no contractual obligations but we only do eBooks at present, being a fledgling business. https://unwokepublishing.com/

Vickey Cordell
Vickey Cordell
3 months ago

I too am angry. So very angry. I am deeply sorry for what they have done you and countless others. It is criminal.
I reside in the beautiful State of Oregon also and I know at some point I will be forced to leave due the incompetence and evil system of governing here.
It is such a shame to know they will destroy this place just as they destroy anything good or Godly wherever they rule.
I am fighting back every way I know and putting my trust in God that we will overcome.
I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do.
God bless you and thank you and your wife for your years of helping the sick and injured.

Last edited 3 months ago by Vickey Cordell

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