Abortion, Climate, Sexuality: How to Beat the Left at Their Own Game

by | Sep 16, 2022 |

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Leftists’ denial of objective reality is not merely ideological. It’s a strategy deployed to replace the observable reality to which all are equally accountable with “facts” defined by those in power. It is an essential step to the establishment of totalitarian control.


People who use fear to generate political capital claim that global warming is dangerous and is primarily caused by human emissions of CO2. The solution, they claim, is to authorize a central world authority with the power to regulate humanity’s “carbon footprint.” Both premises on which they base this outlandish proposal are observably false; denying key scientific EVIDENCE of a naturally-occurring pattern of global climate fluctuation observable in the fossil record:

  • Evidence of periodic ice-age conditions followed by warming periods – a pattern which long preceded human industrial-age activity. Subscribers to the Anthropogenic Climate Crisis ideology are never forced to account for this.
  • CO2 levels fail to correspond to the warming phase of these cycles. Instead, the presence of abundant CO2 has been attended by expanding speciation and range among plants, the foundation of the food chain. CO2 “greens” the planet.
  • Global warming periods have FAVORED life in all forms. Cooling periods (ice ages) saw mass-extinction events. Warming periods saw expansion in both range and speciation for plants and animals.


People who pander to the notion that sex should be free of lasting consequence claim that a human fetus is an expendable part of a woman’s own anatomy until a child is born alive.

This plainly false statement DENIES the observable reality which modern technology has recently made so visible to the general public.

  • Science proves that a genetically unique individual is constituted upon conception. 
  • Early delivery of a full or near-term prenatal child is a faster and, therefore, safer process for a mother suffering pregnancy-related complications (such as preeclampsia) as compared to the purposeful killing of the child followed by the delivery of a dead baby. Those claiming late-term abortion is ever “medically necessary” are denying the viability of the near-term child in order to grant a license to kill.
  • Pregnancy is not a disease, but a natural process for which women’s bodies are uniquely designed. The need for medical intervention is the exception, not the rule.
  • Preventing reproduction does not constitute “reproductive healthcare.”
  • Killing is not “healthcare.”


People who generate political capital using the strategy of identity politics have added an array of sexuality-related “identities” to the ones on which the strategy has typically been deployed: races, skin colors, ethnicities, languages, and other categorical factors. The result of identity politics is, of course, the establishment of “protected classes” – In direct opposition to our 14th amendment; and a nearly unlimited authorization of force in pursuit, not of justice (“social” or otherwise) but of statistical parity among competing factions.  

The strategy has worked well to consolidate power in the hands of the government, disempower individuals, offer a plausible “virtue signal” for politicians, and incent the formation of yet more identity groups.

  • Deniers of human sexual dimorphism claim sex is a social construct, the result of beliefs, customs, and norms, and as such, is subject to change via politics and/or force of law.
  • Deniers of human biological sex ignore chromosomes, body design, and other immutable genetic facts to claim that a person can “transition” from one sex to another. While scientifically false and observably absurd, it’s a claim they are codifying – your ‘agreement’ with this plainly false claim will soon be forced by law.
  • Deniers of natural human sexuality deny the existence of “normal.” They believe that all behavior, all impulses are of EQUAL VALUE. As such, they believe children should be taught that there is no such thing as “normal” human sexual expression. They are successfully incorporating this dogma into the curriculum taught by public schools.
  • Deniers of natural human sexuality are attempting to disable a function of private society as old humanity itself: The inculcation of character by teaching self-mastery; the ability to understand, harness, and channel one’s impulses, feelings, drives, and urges into forms that best align with the advancement of individual life goals and the interests of social order.

Every victory for the Leftist deniers of observable reality results in more power in government hands used in ever-more unaccountable ways. 

Why? The version of “reality” that then prevails is determined by those in power. This, of course, is the point of the Left’s “re-define all things” strategy.

If we hope to prevent the replacement of our Constitutional Republic with a totalitarian regime, we must REFUSE and REFUTE the LIES that seek to undermine social, economic, and political order. For decades, Americans have lost ground to the totalitarians on the Left to an unwillingness to confront and refute the lie underlying each of their power-grab propositions. 

Instead, we offer insipid, “Yeah, but…” arguments such as this gem:  

“You say, carbon emissions threaten to destroy the planet? Yeah, but we can’t afford your policy.” Little wonder we have lost ground.  

Those in the political middle hear, “The people on the Right think saving money is more important than saving the planet!” So they vote with the people “whose priorities seem straight,” because our argument never took on the enormous lie about global climate.  

We must become willing to risk scorn, ridicule, and worse in rejecting the dishonest premise underlying every Leftist’s policy position. 

We must speak the TRUTH in plain, unapologetic terms

  1. Carbon is not a pollutant but an essential building block of life.
  2. Global climate always has and will always change. There’s irrefutable proof of this.
  3. Central control of the economy, energy, food production, medical practice, etc., poses the single most lethal threat to individual human lives and society.  
  4. Human standing is not conferred upon a child by maternal decree. The child is just as human whether his or her mother accepts/loves or rejects the child. No child is defined by a mother’s hatred.  
  5. Sex is established, not “assigned,” at conception, not at birth, by chromosomes, not by oppressive social constructs. “Transsexual” is part of an ideology, not a real person, because it is impossible to turn a male into a female or vice versa.  
  6. It is neither “polite” nor kind to participate in the “trans” delusion that has gripped our nation. Doing so legitimizes this destructive social contagion, condemning thousands (many of whom are kids) to a lifetime of social, biochemical, and surgical conflict with their own bodies.    

We must speak truth in plain, unapologetic terms and then STAND OUR GROUND in our firm refusal to “go along” with any demand, policy, or order that is based on a lie.

Patricia Anthone

Patricia (Tricia) Anthone has been an involved advocate of liberty in a number of volunteer capacities since 2013, including service to the Convention of States Project at multiple levels, the Colorado Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Colorado Freedom Force, Founder’s Keep, and her local Tea Party chapters.

Tricia’s ongoing contribution to the cause of liberty has taken the form of writings which relate America’s founding principles to current events. “Being invited to join the America Out Loud team is a great honor and an opportunity to participate in the important work of restoring America’s foundation,” she says.

Tricia is a wife, mother, and grandmother whose professional background has been in sales, marketing, and ad-supported publishing. She started and ran an ad-supported print publication for 30 years. She is now working with her husband’s project sales and management firm as the marketing director.

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