October 18, 2021

October 18, 2021

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Afghanistan to Abortion Rights – The American Divide

by | Sep 5, 2021 |

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From the Afghanistan debacle to America’s highest court on the Texas abortion ruling… Americans are at odds on about everything. We are seeing Biden’s approval numbers plummet in the wake of 13 US troops being killed at the Kabul airport. But it goes much deeper than that as the economy is showing signs of collapse, inflation, the looming energy crisis and Washington’s answer to all of this is to spend more money creating mountains of debt.

Much of the talk on Afghanistan has been focused on how the Biden administration’s lack of planning provided an easy path for the Taliban to capture major cities throughout the country and then storm into Kabul creating the showdown at the airport that ultimately killed 13 US troops. There is a distinct difference between ‘nation building’ and ‘strategic alliances.’ Was the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan the right move in the first place?

The horror stories keep coming from stranded Americans and our Afghan partners on their run-ins with the Taliban and their desperate attempts to flee the country. The Taliban are going door to door looking for Americans and Afghanis’ who helped America in any way – to torment some and kill others. What is being done to gain their release?

The Ghani⏤Biden phone call: The leaked phone call from July 23 that was recorded has Biden pressing the former Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani to change the perception that the Taliban was winning amid the growing conflict. Biden offered aid if Ghani could publicly project he had a plan to control the situation in Afghanistan, saying: “We will continue to provide close air support if we know what the plan is.” 

The Taliban are attempting to put some sort of government together as they’re looking for legitimacy around the world. Will governments recognize them and will our own US government end up recognizing them as the legitimate government of Afghanistan?

Lt Col Tony Shaffer (retired), is the President of the London Center for Policy Research, and a CIA-trained intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in global and national security.

Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Fuels Roe vs. Wade Debate | The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling denied a bid to stop Texas from banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. The Texas Heartbeat Act was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott last May. The law enables private citizens to sue physicians who perform abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Cornell University law professor Michael Dorf observes that the public-enforcement provision of the law could have some ugly consequences. “An East German-type society in which everybody is informing on everybody else.”

In the next couple of months, the court is scheduled to hear a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade in a case testing the constitutionality of a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks. In the half-century since Roe, however, there hasn’t been a court majority as predisposed to ruling against abortion rights as this one. Is Roe vs. Wade on the ropes?

Danielle D’Souza Gill, Author of The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America and the host of Counterculture with Danielle D’Souza Gill on Epoch Times. Author and speaker, Book: The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America

How the Court reaches its decision | University of Texas law professor Stephen Vladeck says… “We’ve seen the court 19 times already this term change the status quo from what the lower courts had done in every context, in a way that either allowed a state or federal policy to go into effect or that blocked it from doing so,” he explains. “These cases are massively important,” Vladeck says, adding that “the extent to which the court is handing them down through a truncated and deeply invisible process really ought to concern even the people who think the court is getting it right.”

Packing the Court | Democrats have been threatening to pack the Supreme Court for years. To understand the implications, all one needs is to recognize what Venezuelans faced when they did exactly that after their socialist takeover in 1998. The constitution is silent on the size of the Supreme Court. Without an Amendment defining the number of Justices, a future Congress and President could change that number for political advantage. This strategy is known as “court-packing.” Will the abortion ruling enrage and empower the court-packing debate to take center stage in the political debate?

Paul Engel has spent more than 20 years studying and teaching both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. Hear him daily on his talk radio show, The Constitution Study at 4 PM ET on America Out Loud. Book: The Constitution Study: Returning the Constitution to We the People

On Viewpoint This Sunday, our goal here is to not just report the facts and the news but to understand the core of the problem and offer resolutions that provide the path forward for lasting peace. Our distinguished panel will provide the context to the current battle and the long-term consequences of this historic clash. This is a conversation you will not hear anywhere in the mainstream media or otherwise political circles. Rate the program, leave a quick review, and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Your voice for the fight forward – Malcolm.

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