America or Globalism? (You Can’t Have Both)

by | Dec 22, 2018 |

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This week I got many emails with the same theme…POTUS is doing a great job but he is working with one hand tied behind his back. Why is Congress hindering, not helping? In case you missed the last Congressional session, party lines do not matter any more. America now has Globalists (aka Communists) in both parties making our fight today not Republicans vs Democrat, but Americans vs. Globalists.

Who are these Globalists? What do they want?

There are about 100 people who run both the Democratic and Republican party aka Globalist, aka Elite, aka Moderates, aka Communists. Why call them Communists? According to mentor Karl Marx, the goal of socialism (all isms) is Communism. These people are in the CFR, IMF, UN, WTO, and many more NGO’s that have non-elected bureaucrats run our government. What do these people believe? The goal is communism, total control by the government. Why? In the name of fairness and income inequality the government should control everything. Yes, that wonderful government that has failed in every endeavor they tried. They should run our lives. The ideology of Globalism is rooted in Communism. Globalists are communists. Communism is anti-American. Why is no one reporting this? Because civics, American history, government are no longer taught in school. Communism has been glorified. No longer are the millions killed under communism even mentioned. Bottom line, communists think they are richer, smarter, have more money and therefore should control every aspect of our lives. Americans are silent.

The fate of the silent majority is compliance.

Americans have learned in school through diversity training to be silent. Americans are told; not to speak out. If you do you are racist. End of conversation. Americans live up to their label – The Silent Majority.

Why pick on the kids? How does that work?

Again we go back to their mentor, Karl Marx. “If you take away a persons heritage, they are easily persuaded.” Kids who have been weaned on the horrors of America are now in government and are very willing to deplete all of America’s resources to “give back” to those poor countries where we allegedly committed atrocities. As an American History teacher, I cannot find one American atrocity which led to the killing of millions of people. Which American President ordered the killing of farmers so 40 million could die in a self imposed famine? None you should answer. Yet we let these communists defame our heroes and turn them into villains. We don’t push back.
Congress will NEVER FUND THE IMMORAL WALL. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer to name a few have wall or fence protecting their property, but we the people are immoral for wanting the same protection? How does that work? Easy: Americans are silent.
By creating an atmosphere of mediocrity in school, immigration, curiosity, innovation, creation is discouraged as students are told to comply with the group. Kids without purpose are followers. Through the use of trigger words kids have a call to action and will riot, destroy, disfigure and even kill. Does that sound familiar? Think of Baltimore. Remember the mayor promoting the riots. She said, It’s only property, let them have space to destroy. She gave permission to riot.
Globalists accuse their opposition for things they have done… They lie and create situations out of those lies forcing the opposition onto the defense. If they lose they will file multiple law suits to “protect the public” insuring the status quo will never change except of course when “more money is needed.”
By using WorldWide Common Core (a UNESCO and GATES partnership agreement signed in 1994) to train our youth, Globalists use the same programming for kids throughout the world guaranteeing the same results – a group of subservient bobble heads. Training manuals for reading exercises have replaced the classics because classics expose history. History is not kind to Communists.
Focusing on the training with techniques created by Bell, Skinner, Pavlov, like Mastery Learning aka Outcome Based Education assures Globalists the proper response when key trigger words are used. Students are trained in a way that the outcome of their actions is predictable. As soon as a gun goes off – their scream for gun control is right on queue. Once that happens students lose their ability to choose, mob mentality takes over and they can easily be manipulated by their choices. Their choices are now the choices provided by their government and using climate as their rally cry their actions are the same throughout the world. Racism is another favorite causing the media to step up, riots for protesting commence. The government is called upon for more control. Americans are silent.
Deviate from the group and YOUR ARE RACIST. Today the youth of the world can be called upon to riot for any reason in any city. Americans are silent.
When God is erased from school and from the government, immorality becomes the norm while lies are accepted as reality. Right is wrong and the success of wrong is celebrated. America is lost. Americans are silent. Why?

History must be changed. America must be destroyed. Why?

Michelle Obama let the cat out of the bag. We must change our history she exclaimed. Now we see this is exactly what is being done. Why do this to our kids? Well they do grow and become the future Globalists. We now find Globalists in all American bureaucracies and government. Globalists want open border and no boundaries, no America, just a World government managed by the communist United Nations.
The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can’t let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.” – Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund

Leveling the playing field means bringing
America down to the third world.

Uneducated third world people are satisfied with crumbs from their government.
As a result they get: inferior healthcare, inferior education, inferior employment, inferior housing, inferior services while government favored employees get rich.
Americans are silent.
All programs start in the same place. Where? School. Today all school programs tout sustainability and man made climate change. What is the real reason of this training? To REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH. What do Globalists want? Everything we own. How do I know? Because Globalists tell us constantly. “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” UN VP Climate Initiative, Christina Figueres said.
Globalists are intolerant of any opposing point of view. Is there any surprise that we see the same failed programs in every state: Regionalism managed by un-elected bureaucrats, crony corporatism in Enterprise Zones, money designated and approved by the people are diverted into globalist programs without oversight. $11Billion to the communist dictators in central America but nothing for the protection of a wall for Americans. Democratic Globalists say they favor big government, Republican Globalists focus on business. Once government manages and controls business, business controls government. There is no difference.

What is the purpose of sustainability and climate programs?

Students are convinced that HUMANS are the enemies of the earth. Without humans the earth will thrive. To ensure that future citizens believe man is destroying the earth they must be taught sustainability or how do more for less. Spending and regulation is the only answer to save the planet. You must be taxed to control your evil ways… Globalists will never allow you to control yourself.
Diversity belongs to Marx while open borders belongs to Lenin. But once history is erased, who knows? Who cares? For the most part, today American history hardly resembles the history of America. Education is based on truth (facts). Indoctrination is based on what others tell you to accept as truth (concepts). The indoctrination in the school curricula prompts kids to be anti-American.

  • The American FLAG causes distress so it is removed. (Exactly how is a flag stressful?) yet the Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras flags are OK…
  • The pledge is nationalist and will make students “feel bad” if they recite it.

The pledge mentions God and America as a Republic. The pledge must be removed for in it is in conflict with the Communist teaching that God does not exist and America is a democracy.
Education is no longer about students learning, it is about money as billions are made in charters, texts, materials and tests. Through the use of stored data, manipulated by algorithms, students will be given their “choice “of career as early as elementary school. There is little factual education attached to the programs, the focus is indoctrination forcing the student to become good mediocre global citizens at the expense of American nationalism. Any mention of nationalism is now considered racist in many Globalist circles. Nationalism is now fascism. NO, Nationalism is just love of country.

What can I do?

I can’t tell you how many times I heard: “I am but one what can I do?” The wonders of America are, each individual has the ability to act. Each individual has the ability to use their power to make a change, to fight back. We saw that with President Trump. He fights back, he is proven right and he wins. What a great role model!
Where is the one place you actually can make a change? School, but you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Join the FloridaCitizensAlliance.comand form a textbook review committee in your state. Expose the errors, omissions and bias. Understand that education is about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. NOT EDUCATION. Billions are made from indoctrinating our children by Globalists. Leave the silent majority and speak out.
Go to your school board meetings and district office. Request copies of all books used in each particular grade. They might resist but you must be persistent. Tell them you are a stakeholder and want to see what your investment of tax dollars buys. Tell your legislators, newspapers, on line and fill out FOIA (Freedom of information Act) requests if you get no help. Join the Florida Citizens Alliance and start reviewing texts. If you don’t correct errors, who will?
Your goal is to demand equality. For every conlearned about America there should be a pro! Will you act? Globalists are counting on the fact that you will remain silent and won’t expose them so they can continue.
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller
Then they came for the children, and there was no one left to speak for them…..
Can we all say, “Leave those kids alone.”
Join me on every Tuesday from 8-10PM EST

Karen Schoen

Patriot, Talk Radio Host, Marketing Consultant, Journalist, Advocate and Citizen Lobbyist, and Public Speaker -

Former candidate for Florida House, director of the Panhandle Patriots, and an advisor to Florida Citizens Alliance. My life and work experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of education and its effect on our students, economy, and country. My focus as an educator is connecting the dots. My business experiences in marketing brought me to multiple industries like telecommunication, insurance, real estate, mortgages, financial, fashion, Wall Street, Main Street. Here I learned that everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everything has a plan. All plans are based on lies. I believe that applying the knowledge is power. You can be a champion or a victim; you can’t be both. Ask yourself: Is America worth saving? If yes, then what will you help save the republic? Doing nothing is affirmation.

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