July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021

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An Open Letter About Gun Violence to the Socialist Democrats

by | Aug 6, 2019 |

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According to FBI statistics gathered annually, far more people are killed with hammers and other blunt objects each year than are killed by “assault rifles”. The mass shootings this country has experienced are further down on the list for causes of “homicidal deaths”. Certainly a single death is a tragedy, but let’s not continue to allow politicians to blame the NRA and responsible gun ownership in America for a problem that is far more complicated than just guns.

Politicians going for the ‘low hanging fruit’ such as the NRA and “white nationalism” stirred up by President Trump’s supposed racist rhetoric is not just intellectual laziness, it’s also a lie. But then again we’ve come to expect lies from the Socialist Democrat Party. Their modus operandi is to repeat a lie over and over until it is accepted as truth by the weak minded.

When I grew up in rural Missouri every teenager had a rifle hanging in a rifle rack in the back window of their pickup truck, and they weren’t shooting up their schools or communities. We weren’t turning on the television to see lip-quivering politicians placing the blame everywhere else than where it belongs, which is on the perpetrator of any heinous crimes.

So what has changed? Part of the answer is that now we have a twenty-four hour sensationalist news cycle that is driven by a political agenda and profits. As the old news saying goes, “if it bleeds it leads”.

The larger contributing factor though is our decades-long decline in morality in America which has contributed far more to the mass violence incidents we have been experiencing than anything else. What was once considered deviant and unacceptable behavior has today become celebrated, even encouraged. As more and more letters of the alphabet are added to the list of protected sexual classes the nation grows more and more depraved.

Human life has become so devalued that it is declared by the news media and the Socialist Democrats that killing a baby at the instant of full term birth for no other reason than “I changed my mind” is defended as a “right”. Socialist Democrats like Andrew Cuomo in New York were nearly giddy over signing a full term abortion bill into law in the Empire State. Others of his party have championed the murder of the most innocent of our society, our pre-birth children, as nothing more than squishing out a pimple on their face.

Video games that depict gratuitous and graphic violence with body parts flying off in all directions after being blasted with a weapon are being played by young impressionable minds for hours every single day. The more ‘people’ you can blast away into lumps of blood and gore the more points you score.

Our movies and television programming often shows the most graphic explosions and violence, with each action film trying to outdo the previous one in violent content. You can’t convince me that viewing hours and hours of this graphic material every single day does not have at least some impact on how some young impressionable minds view human beings.

Violence by black clad thugs on our city streets and at our colleges and universities is tolerated by politicians and school administrators to the point of even their police departments being given orders to stand down while people are being brutalized by these terrorist organizations.

Our children are fed a steady diet of ‘social justice drivel’ from so-called educators who are really no more than communist indoctrination specialists, or in fact deviants themselves trying to justify their own behavior.

What’s really behind these shootings is sixty plus years of liberalism shoved down the throats of families in America, all in the name of tolerance and being inclusive. Responsibility and accountability are foreign concepts to the social engineers who view ‘society’ as being at fault.

We have been called ”clingers”, “deplorables” and “the dregs of society” by politicians in order to drum up hatred towards anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their viewpoint. We are pontificated to and told that we are an ‘ist’ or a ‘phobe’, simply because we don’t agree with their philosophy or politically correct way of thinking.

For wanting to secure our borders and expect people to obey our laws, including our immigration laws, we are painted as xenophobes by the Socialist Democrats and their supporters in the news media.

Charges of racism are levied against us if we deign to think differently about the solutions to the problems that continue to bedevil the black community. Based solely on the fact that after doing the same thing for sixty years we choose to look for different answers instead of the insanity of repeating the same mistakes yet again.

Are there racists within the ranks of Trump supporters? I suspect that there are a very small percentage who hold racist views. The same as there are most certainly racists within the Socialist Democrat Party. Every walk of life has people in its ranks who hold what would be considered racist views.

But the truth is that the overwhelming vast majority of Trump supporters could care less about the color of anyone’s skin when they make a judgment on the character of another person. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Unlike the Socialist Democrats who can’t seem to put skin color behind them.

And the overwhelming vast majority of Trump supporters and responsible gun owners wouldn’t think of or resort to violence in our streets, unlike the Antifa terrorists who are given free reign by the Socialist Democrats.

Decades of liberalism and social engineering have brought us to the point where violence is used to solve disagreements. Either with a gun, a knife, a hammer, or driving a car onto a sidewalk and running over pedestrians. Or with a truck full of fertilizer.

Deranged people will always find a way!

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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Richard Hood
Richard Hood
1 year ago

You mae a vail dpoint but what can we do to prvent irrational teens from using assult weapons to shoot up a school

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