An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Eric Adams: The Covid Regime and its Discontents

by | Feb 27, 2023 | ,

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The Honorable Eric Adams,
Mayor of New York,
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Subject: An Open Letter: The Covid Regime and its Discontents

Dear Mayor Adams:

When I met with Tracey and you at the Plantstock conference in 2017, we had a very enjoyable conversation, and I found you to have commonsense, and be very straightforward. Your history with your diabetes seemed to prove that you had an intuitive understanding that the allopathic/pharmacological approach to health is not necessarily the right one, and you exercised your right of informed consent by – as you put it: googling reversing diabetes.

Even in your public statements, you showed clearly your skepticism of the pharma-industrial complex, at one point referring to pharmacists as ‘drug dealers.’ This touched on a very deep problem. The truth is that the medical-industrial complex makes money from treatment, not from health. To them, the optimal condition is for you to be sick, but healthy enough to keep paying your bills, or at least alive, so they can keep raiding your insurance. Vaccines became the lifeblood of the industry, for there is no liability, and the government does the marketing and distribution for you. How come then that Eric Adams, as Mayor of New York, became a foot soldier for the pharma-complex, and abandoned every notion of evidence-based healthcare and public health?

A few points to consider:

  • Bill Gates is up on charges of murder by the vaccine in India.
  • The Swiss President is under criminal investigation about his Covid management and the documented lies that were used, not dissimilar from what happened here.
  • In Idaho, there has been a proposal to criminalize the mRNA injections outright.
  • A virtual avalanche of lawsuits is headed our way about every aspect of Covid management, and some of them are bound to evolve into criminal investigations.
  • Collier County, Florida, just returned a $1.2 million NIH grant, and chose for medical freedom instead. See:
  • There is tons of good research out there, and no reason to ignore it any further. People saw it in their families, especially over the holidays. The vaccinated are struggling with their health or dying, while the unvaxxed are just fine. This is more powerful than statistics; this is truth-smacking people in the face.

By the start of your term, the statistical evidence was already out there that the heavy-handed Covid-regimes were the cause of bad outcomes, and the lockdowns were an unprecedented wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%. Locking people up inside was the worst thing to do.

Even in the flu epidemic of 1918, people knew that sunlight and fresh air were the right prescriptions to keep people healthy. It was evident that whole foods, plant-based nutrition, and also vitamin D, could magnificently reduce the risk of moderate to severe Covid outcomes by 70 to 80%. We also knew from the first year of Covid that the mean Covid deaths were above average life expectancy and that 95% had 4+ comorbidities, and 67% had 6+ comorbidities (CDC Data).

In short, comorbidities are the typical chronic diseases that Lifestyle Medicine is focused on reversing with diet and lifestyle instead of medical interventions. So we knew that diet and lifestyle were the biggest risk factor for bad Covid outcomes. In fact, vitamin D3 levels are one of the single biggest risk factors, and a cheap thing to do. Nasal flushes, even with saline solutions or possibly with Povidone/Iodine solution, are the simple, direct way of dealing with respiratory infections early on. For the serious cases, there were ample early treatments, even though these were heavily suppressed by the drug pushers from CDC, who were clearly dead-set on the more profitable vaccine approach.

We are now in the age of results, and everything I am saying here is easily verifiable. In 2020, during Covid, older people died, arguably a little sooner than they otherwise might have, so the loss of life expectancy was usually months, or at most, a few years. The real risk factor was comorbidities, not the virus, and statistically, healthy people under 70 had little to no meaningful risk. People over seventy and/or with multiple comorbidities faced some incremental risk, but it was by no means a given that vaccination could help them, for if the immune system is already compromised, vaccination is not likely to be effective, even if the vaccines were safe and effective otherwise. We are now at the point where the vaccines are killing more people than the virus ever did, and morbidity has moved into the working population and youth. See:

Very early on, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi in Germany ( pointed out something that was known already for decades, that an intramuscular ‘vaccine,’ even if it were a real vaccine, could never provide immunity in the mucosal lining of the airways, if indeed the problem were a respiratory virus. This is biology 101, as he pointed out repeatedly. Recently, even Dr. Fauci has publicly repeated that concept, so he can not claim ignorance either, but we have to wonder why he knowingly supported something he perfectly knew could not work. Most importantly, we now know statistically, both within the US and internationally, that higher vaccination rates correlate strongly with higher rates of infection, as was documented in a recent study at the Cleveland Clinic. It only makes sense, for the vaccine messes up the immune system.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, even Dr. Esselstyn and Dean Ornish fell for the vaccine, but interestingly Prof. T. Colin Campbell, in his late 80s, understands the point of the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle perfectly, and he stayed free and clear of the vaccines, and he and his wife had no appreciable problem with Covid when they contracted it. I personally have two friends who had Covid in their 80’s and are concentration camp survivors, and they got through Covid in a week with some supplements, such as increased Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU daily for 1-2 weeks), zinc, and quercetin.

Meanwhile, we know from the work of Jonathan Engler about Lombardy ( and Prof. Denis Rancourt about the US that the spread of Covid is mostly related to a) poverty (nutrition???) and b) the local Covid-counter measures. A respiratory virus would spread evenly and not obey political boundaries or stop signs. So the clear indication is that the Covid regimes that are the problem, not some virus, whatever it may be. Worldwide, of course, besides the unprecedented wealth transfer noted above, we have pushed hundreds of millions into death and starvation by the disruptions caused by the ill-advised and unprecedented Covid countermeasures, which were invariably undertaken without any evidence to support them. Domestically we have destroyed businesses and jobs and handicapped a generation of kids with a loss of schooling. This alone is a key issue for you to contemplate. It is high time for the whole world, and for NYC in particular, to change course and develop an approach that is based on verifiable facts, not on the desires of Dr. Fauci and his cohort, who evidently make more money from vaccines than from Hydroxychloroquine, or Ivermectin. It is never too late to change. Stopping further vaccinations with immediate effect will save lives.

It is not a show of character to stubbornly keep fighting a rearguard action and defend a losing position. It would be a show of character to bow to the facts and change policy, and commit yourself to proceed based on verifiable data, not on pharma propaganda. The evidence is piling up that the most intrusive Covid regimes, including vaccinations, produced the worst results, so please do a course correction; it is long overdue. See a.o. here:

Go to Florida and consult with their Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo; he has begun mapping out a course based on evidence (See: In Idaho, there is a law proposal to criminalize mRNA injections. Given that by now, at least twice as many have died from the vaccines as from the virus, and the disability rolls are out of control because of vaccine injuries, it is high time to change course. It would be a show of character to hire back the people you fired over refusing the mandates, with back pay, since the mandates were clearly unconstitutional to begin with. You know the value of informed consent. This is not it.

I conclude by wishing you Godspeed, and saying an earnest prayer that wisdom will finally prevail. This city deserves better.


Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen

c.c. Chaplain Ingrid Lewis-Martin, Chief Advisor to the Mayor

Image: AP


Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen is a Dutch native, living in America since 1979, in both Connecticut and New York. He has worked in international shipping and most recently he has mostly been involved in energy efficiency and retrofitting. He is also a co-founder of a biotech, BCM Industries, which develops autologous organ repair tissues, and also a line of revolutionary IT equipment, computers and storage appliances, running on live neurons. He is an eager student of business, literature, history and spiritual traditions. He also teaches whole foods, plant-based nutrition and cooking. He published his first book in Holland in 1973.

In 2007, Rogier published the book Closing the Circle: The Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles. He blogs about energy retrofitting, energy finance, spirituality and whole-foods, plant-based nutrition and healthcare.

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Kathleen Norton
Kathleen Norton
1 month ago

Yet another brilliant essay! Thank you for this. I believe we as a human species have quite a stake in seeing that the madness does not prevail. Hopefully there are others out there who feel the same. Survival or extinction seem the clear choices at this juncture.

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