As Dirty Voter Rolls Evidence Mounts in Florida, the Secretary of State Rejects Audits

by | Aug 11, 2021 |

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An up-and-coming firebrand State Representative made national news on July 26th demanding that the Secretary of State and local Supervisors of Elections “initiate a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Florida’s five largest counties to help ensure voter confidence.” In Florida?

In his press release, Rep. Anthony Sabatini called for an immediate full forensic audit, alleging that “Florida voters’ confidence in our elections is at an all-time low. Disturbing revelations in Arizona, Georgia, and other states make clear that the Secretary of State needs to do more than attempt to secure future elections.” What gives? Wasn’t Florida’s election supposed to be one of the cleanest in 2020?

Sabatini said he gets more calls, emails, and texts about voting concerns than any other issue, including immigration. “Why not just do the audits?” he asked. “That way everybody can just say, ‘OK, good,’ now you can either prove that either everything did go well, or there were mistakes that were made, and we’re going to fix those, too.” Sounds logical.

Apparently not to Florida’s Secretary of State, Laurel Lee. 

Typical of many election officials nationwide, Lee is bending over backwards to fight the notion that her state’s elections were anything but pristine. She roundly rejected Sabatini’s call to hold the audits. In a written statement on July 28th, she told Spectrum News that Florida’s 2020 election was “accurate, transparent and conducted in compliance with Florida law. Florida has already conducted both pre and post-elections audits, and we are confident in the security and integrity of our 2020 election.” That’s downright laughable, given what I’ve discovered over the past several months.

The left is worried about the upcoming election in 2022. And, they should be. While a majority of attention about election fraud surrounding 2020 has been centered on Arizona and Georgia, other states, like Florida, are quietly tightening their election laws. 

According to CNN, 14 states have passed 22 new laws making it harder to vote. The left is screaming that the laws are endangering our right to vote. Given what two sociology professors proposed in the 1980s, the left has been strengthening that argument for a very long time. 

Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, aka Cloward-Piven (C-P), husband/wife sociologists from Columbia University, wrote a series of strategy papers beginning in the 1960s designed to transform America into a socialist country. With their “Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” paper in 1966, the goal was to implode the welfare system by flooding it with recipients, whether they needed assistance or not.

And so it was with C-P’s strategy to sabotage our election systems, too. According to The Shadow Party, a book written by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, in a “December 1982 article, ‘A Movement Strategy to Transform the Democratic Party,’ … [C-P] sought to do to the voting system what they had previously done to the welfare system. … [f]lood the polls with millions of new voters. … The result would be a catastrophic disruption of America’s electoral system, the authors predicted.” They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

In my book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, I wrote extensively about the Cloward-Piven strategies. Originally, C-P “hadn’t counted on the Dems in their illicit scheme to overwhelm our voting system. They predicted that ‘the flood of new voters would provoke a backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike, who would join forces to disenfranchise the unruly hordes, using such expedients as purging invalid voters from the rolls, imposing cumbersome registration procedures, stiffening residency requirements, and so forth. This voter-suppression campaign would spark ‘a political firestorm over democratic rights,’ they wrote. ‘Voting-rights activists would descend on America’s election boards and polling stations….’  What C-P had not predicted was that Dems would join the evil plan in their own self-interest. That really changed the game.

“The C-P ‘voting rights’ movement was carried out by three organizations, one of which was the fraudulently-convicted, now-bankrupted ACORN (which employed Obama during his community organizing days).

“All three … set to work lobbying energetically for the so-called Motor-Voter law, which President Bill Clinton ultimately signed in 1993. At the White House signing ceremony…, both Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were in attendance.

“The new law eliminated many controls on voter fraud, making it easy for voters to register but difficult to determine the validity of new registrations. … [S]tates were required to provide opportunities for voter registration to any person who showed up at a government office to renew a driver’s license or to apply for welfare or unemployment benefits. ‘Examiners were under orders not to ask anyone for identification or proof of citizenship,’ notes Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund in his book, Stealing Elections. ‘States had to permit mailing voter registrations, which allowed anyone to register without any personal contact with a registrar or election officials.’ Finally, states were limited in pruning ‘deadwood’ – people who had died, moved, or been convicted of crimes – from their rolls.”

And, Americans wonder why we’re in this predicament today? For decades we’ve ignored the left’s intentional march to destroy everything America stands for. In 2020 that apathy came back to bite us. Is it too late?

If you only look at RINOs like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and their like-minded friends, you’d have to conclude the answer to be a categorical “yes.” But then-budding stars like Representative Sabatini seem to pop up out of nowhere.

At a time when most politicians are too weak to speak up about hot-button issues. Sabatini’s Trump-like forthrightness is refreshing.

On Biden’s recent declaration to start door-to-door vaccinations, Sabatini said, “Any Federal government employee that goes door to door pushing vaccination should be treated as a trespasser and ARRESTED.” Amen to that!

Regarding a school board member who wants vaccines mandated for school children, he said, “she’s an idiot and should be thrown out of office immediately.  It’s time for the people to wake up and remove them!” Hallelujah!

About the Capitol Police opening an office in Tampa, he’s organized a petition called “BAN NANCY PELOSI’S GESTAPO FROM OPERATING IN FLORIDA.” Epic!

Radical community organizer and author of Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky, teaches his followers 13 tactics to transform America into socialism/communism. Trump was an expert at turning those tactics against his enemies. And, apparently, so is Sabatini. 

Tactic #5 is “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” The left has no problem calling Conservatives racists, homophobes, sexists, and, yes, even “Deplorables.” So when a Conservative like Sabatini turns the left’s own tactics against them, we should applaud those efforts.

Clearly, a majority of Americans are dubious about the 2020 elections. Going forward with the 2022 elections before serious questions about 2020 have been adequately addressed is insane. What have these elections officials to hide? If Sabatini gets his way, we may soon find out.

By demanding audits in Florida, Sabatini is challenging the Secretary of State to come clean. Using Alinsky’s Tactic #4: “Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules,” he’s simply saying, you say our election was perfect…prove it.

As a leader of a grassroots county group that has been canvassing voters for months now, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the voter rolls in Florida are dirty as hell. If my county is as bad as we’ve discovered, I guarantee yours is too.

The leader of a local Trump flag-waving group, Dawn Simmons, has been involved in the elections process for years. She told me that during a visit to the Supervisor of Elections office just prior to the 2020 election, she asked a longtime employee how often the voter rolls were cleaned up. The answer? Never.

By law, voter roll cleanups in Florida can only be done in an odd number of years. This may be our last chance. To join the effort, text DEFEND to 474747.

You can stand with Representative Sabatini’s call for audits by signing his petition at

To Representative Sabatini, I say this: if I lived in your district, you’d have my vote…if it even counts anymore.

Cathi Chamberlain

Four-time start-up business owner, published author of a self-help book featured on CNN worldwide, founder of the nation’s first all-female construction company as a Florida Licensed State Building Contractor, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, activist, contributor on Salem Media Radio, and talk show producer and on-air talent on the Voice of a Nation on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

In her best-selling book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, Cathi counters father of community-organizing Saul Alinsky’s 70’s blockbuster book, Rules for Radicals. His thirteen tactics have been used for decades by the left to transform American values and culture to socialism. Time to play hardball. Rules for Deplorables is undoubtedly one of the most important books for the future of the world.

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Verdes Lutz
Verdes Lutz
9 months ago

Its getting to the point that it is almost impossible to tell what public officials can be trusted.

9 months ago

These SoS don’t want an audit because they know what the results will be, it’s Election Fraud on scale that will surprise and waken the sheep/slaves.

Catherine Benedetta
Catherine Benedetta
9 months ago

Fire the bitch!

Cynamon Gale
Cynamon Gale
9 months ago

What if we require IDs to vote, allow free ID registration for all citizens, and still charge for Drivers licenses?
How would that be unfair to anyone? Don’t troll me…I am asking because I want to know. It seems like a simple solution to me.

9 months ago

Do the cyber forensic audit. You can count ballots all day and that proves nothing. How much evidence has been removed. How many times was one ballot scanned into machine. How many dead people voted. How many voter ballots were flipped to opponent. We want answers not stupid replies like oh it was a secure election. Prove it. Get the audit going.

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