As the Collapse of the Dollar Nears, Only Two Currencies Will Remain

by | Apr 6, 2022 |

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The doom-and-gloom folks for the past two decades have been victims of my ridicule. I’ve railed against the “Chicken Littles,” who said the economic sky was falling. It’s not that I didn’t think they had valid reasons to be concerned; the national debt has been a topic of my shows and articles for a long time as it has been unsustainable for decades.

The reason I never heeded warnings that the dollar would drop to zero in 2001, 2009, 2011, 2021, or any of the pivotal times before then was because as the world reserve currency and the base of the petrodollar, there were too many powers-that-be in the world to allow the dollar to drop. What we’ve seen in the last couple of months alone tells me we should definitely be concerned. It’s very conceivable that the dollar will no longer be valued by the world, making it impossible for us to sustain ourselves without being crushed by $30 trillion in debt.

This is all happening now because the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, the powers-that-be, the globalist elites, the powers, and principalities, whatever you want to call all of them, they’re ready to make their move to destroy the United States of America. This is why they’re all pushing for central bank digital currencies, which will be the demise of the dollar that will be called a rebirth into a digital dollar, but that’s not exactly how it will play out.

For those who are not familiar, central bank digital currencies are only similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because they are digital. Outside of that, they are, in many ways, exact opposites. While many cryptocurrencies offer anonymity, immutability, and are resistant to influence from government, central bank digital currencies will give governments complete visibility and control. They’ll know what we’re buying, how much we’re spending, and with whom we’re transacting. They’ll be able to cut it off for individuals or businesses with just a few keystrokes.

The value of central bank digital currencies will be just as illusionary as the current fiat currency systems. The difference is governments will have complete control and absolute knowledge. They will also be able to sway the values at their whim by controlling supply and basing their calculations on, well, anything. It’s an easy entry into Modern Monetary Theory.

But worst of all, it’s their way of attacking their “enemies,” namely conservatives and Christians, that they can label as domestic terrorists whenever it suits them.

Central bank digital currencies will have false value, but we’re used to dealing with such constructs.

The other currency that will hold value will be precious metals. Before I explain, I need to put forth two disclaimers. First, in a truly chaotic society of martial law or even anarchy, precious metals are not going to be as valuable. Bartering tools in an apocalyptic society will hold much more value. You can’t eat gold or silver coins, so many will not care about them. I do NOT recommend buying a bunch of gold or silver if you’re trying to prepare for an alternative economy after an economic collapse.

The second disclaimer is that I have a precious metals sponsor. Our Gold Guy is the best in the business, a determination I made after plenty of vetting and comparing him to the dozens of other gold companies that tried to sponsor us. But here’s the thing. This article and the associated podcast would not have changed at all if I didn’t have a precious metals sponsor. I’m talking about this because it’s real and important, not because I’m trying to sell more gold.

For those who do not have plenty of food, water, supplies, or ammunition, now is not the time to be looking at precious metals. Those who have their basic survival needs covered and are now ready to invest in the wealth-securing value of precious metals; it would behoove you to possess physical gold and silver.

Unlike cans of chicken noodle soup, precious metals don’t have an expiration date. If the crap doesn’t end up hitting the fan, it’s not like your investment in gold and silver was wasted. Whether things continue on their trajectory, get worse, or even get much better, having precious metals in your possession makes absolute sense.

I covered this in more detail on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on America Out Loud Talk Radio. In the second segment, I discussed why meat is an extremely important commodity that is going up rapidly right now. Segment three brought more discussion of Pandemic Panic Theater as the “XE” variant (scariant) rears its ugly head.

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Christian conservative JD Rucker went from journalism into the business world for two decades before returning to journalism in 2017. The sharp rise of leftist bias in corporate media prompted him to sell his advertising company and turn to the worlds of politics, culture, and religion. Now, he and his family fight the good fight in Southern California with hopes of someday returning sanity to the state while preventing the rest of the nation from succumbing to the wickedness inherent in the Neo-Marxist mindset.

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