Believe What You See! The Radical Left’s Takedown of America

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Wake Up, America! We are in an undeclared war of terror, unfolding before your disbelieving eyes, shocked conscious, and overloaded cognitive domain.

Sometimes, we fail to believe what we see, as it shocks our consciousness. I’ll speak more about that specific phenomenon in a moment. This phenomenon is often reinforced by a cultural tendency in America to focus on the near-term, not strategic, and thereby miss the forest for the trees. That is to say; we can miss what’s happening right in front of us, that which we see with our eyes, but fail to fully absorb it as the context of the event shocks our system so greatly – we immediately shut down.

If we then consider the cultural tendency of Americans, to focus on the moment, and not think of, or view things, from a strategic perspective, we can be blinded not only to the moment, but to the broader events taking place before our eyes. We create a major potential vulnerability. A vulnerability, I contest, that our domestic and foreign enemies take advantage of.

Undeclared War of Terror – This vulnerability manifests itself today as a majority of Americans remain unaware, uninformed, and ignorant that we are already at war – we are in a domestic cognitive war. It is, in fact, an unrestricted war of terror being waged against America by an extremist set of our fellow citizens. These citizens are the true domestic terrorists – they are a small minority of progressive democrats, many, of who are allied with China and Russia. Their quest, their goal, their objective – is nothing short of absolute power!

We must recognize this ongoing domestic cognitive war – a war of terror on America from within – is the true existential threat to our Republic, freedoms, opportunity, and independence. We must also understand that a global cognitive war with China, Russia, and Iran is also being waged on America. It is not coincidental, but purposeful, that the global cognitive war is being waged in direct collaboration with the progressive democrat’s domestic cognitive war – a war of terror on America.

The democrat progressives leverage the same tactics, techniques, and means used by China in its unrestructured warfare. They both employ a strategy that involves a multifaceted assault on our republic and people with the intent to intimidate, subjugate, and dominate through shock, fear, and direct assault. Both the progressive democrats, and the Chinese communists, seek to create a feeling of helplessness, chaos, and anarchy. They are conducting a direct assault on the cognitive domain.

This is because the cognitive domain, or the domain of the human mind, is the means to an end by which all dictators and tyrants seek to impose their will by threatening, controlling, and subjugating you. They use fear and create a sense of chaos to advance this feeling of helplessness. Concurrently, they indoctrinate and program individuals to gain a level of acquiescence, complacency, and compliance. One of their measures of success is whether they get you, or others, to state fiction as fact – like believing a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man – they have won the cognitive war by compromising you in the cognitive domain as they now control you, own you, and can now subjugate you. It is a lethal war of the mind. It is a purposeful war of terror on America.

They strive to create a feeling of helplessness and then gain acquiescence by having you repeat lies as truth – in true Orwellian fashion. They use terrorist tactics like assault, arson, looting, crime, intimidation, cancel culture, and even murder to make you feel weak, outnumbered, and vulnerable. Once they achieve a desired level of fear, they move to full control. Such are the ways dystopian societies are created. How else do you think a country like China, with more than a billion people, is controlled by a few hundred dystopian leaders? Understanding the latter elements is critical before discussing the specific ways and means the progressive democrats are conducting this undeclared and unrestricted war of terror on Americans.

Let me also be clear, when I speak of progressive democrats; they are not true democrats. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They cloak themselves in various skins to cover their true self. But let me also be clear to note, these progressive extremists are NOT the majority! Unfortunately, because the silent majority remains “silent” and mostly unaware of the ongoing domestic cognitive war – the minority advances their subjugation of the silent majority!

This small set of extremist progressive democrats has usurped the reins of power from traditional democrats. They did so by methodically executing a strategy, using tactics and techniques of their brethren dictators learned over the last few centuries, to rid the democrat party of any moderates, conservatives, or independent thinkers. This minority set of extremists cares not about you, your family, your freedom, or your life. They will do whatever is necessary to gain and hold absolute power. This is an undeclared unrestricted war, that includes terror, being waged on America. Let’s discuss why you must believe what you see!

The Progressives Strategy, Ways, and Means – A good strategy ties the ways and means together to reach a desired end or objective. In this unrestricted and undeclared war, we see the ways include the use of various ideologies (e.g., socialist, communist, and fascist), religion (Christians, Jews, Muslim, etc.), and issues used to drive emotion, not logical discourse (such as reparations, abortion, climate change). The means include the use of our national security apparatus, abuse and distortion of our constitution and history, destruction of our economic and energy independence, indoctrination of young and old using our education system, and intimidation and subjugation using our justice system.

Americans must understand – what is happening before your eyes is NOT normal politics. It is part of a quest, a blood sport, a cognitive war, being waged for absolute power. The progressive democrats and their allies understand and leverage our lack of strategic forethought, our myopic focus on the near term, our inherent trust in our fellow citizens, and our default trust for our institutions and elected officials to their advantage. They understand we will more likely excuse or compartmentalize the chaos, terror, and their actions from this war of terror, rather than believing, admitting, and acknowledging the shocking dismemberment of our republic they see is real. There is a theory behind this psychological phenomenon – the polyvagal theory.

Polyvagal theory – It is a normal psychological reaction, when confronted with heinous truths or situations, to deny, flee, fight, or shut down. The Polyvagal theory explains this reaction. The “Polyvagal theory covers those three states—connection, fight or flight, or shutdown.”

America writ large is experiencing a massive shutdown. It is being purposefully compounded daily with multiple disturbing events and actions – a war of terror in violence, intimidation, cancel culture, assault, riots, arson, and even murder. The intent is not only to get us to shut down our normal defenses, but to put them on perpetual hold, in order to drive a desired level of complacency and compliance, necessary to then subjugate and control. This is the essence of the ongoing domestic cognitive war – an unrestricted war, a war of purposeful terror. This is exactly why, we are seeing shocking displays of terror every day, as the intent is to cause us – as Americans – to shut down, to withdraw, to feel intimidated, to feel outnumbered. To subjugate.

Means and Methods – The progressive domestic terrorists use a variety of means and methods to conduct this ongoing war of terror. They know they cannot conduct a direct armed assault on America from within, as it would be too obvious and result in a massive backlash to include violent rebuttal and defense, most likely resulting in the death and imprisonment of the instigators.

They are sly, smart, and proactive. They deceptively leverage our institutions, our laws, inherent authorities, and governing bodies – knowing the people do not think strategically and give their public servants a level of inherent trust – to conduct this domestic cognitive war, this war of terror.

They use our national security apparatus and weaponize it, as it encompasses the most powerful capabilities to collect information on citizens combined with the tremendous powers and authorities of the justice system. They use the auspices of “classified” information to deny access and insight into their actions, to deny oversight, and cover up their purposeful slaughter of Americans. Concurrently, they ignore, abuse, and contort our laws to create additional strains across our economic, social, justice, healthcare, and other systems of governance via man-made crises, such as a massive invasion of millions of illegals.

They purposefully enable criminal elements to terrorize innocent citizens by ignoring the enforcement of the laws they took oaths to uphold. They do so in order to terrorize their fellow citizens. And, they collude with their lemmings in the media, press, and followers to hide the truth, censor, shut down, cancel, intimidate, prosecute, and bankrupt any opposition to their efforts.

Let’s review 6 primary means and methods by which the progressives are conducting this undeclared war of terror.

1 Weaponized National Security – When we see:

  • Propaganda and disinformation amplified by our national security apparatus to undertake a coup against a sitting president – using a politically funded opposition research – the Steele dossier.
  • Our DOJ, FBI, and intelligence elements purposefully lie to Americans, Congress, and Judges to obtain illegal FISA warrants.
  • Over two-dozen senior DOJ FBI officials who committed felonies, lying under oath (perjury), or obstructed investigations were fired, demoted, or removed from their jobs.
  • The Directors of National Intelligence, CIA, and FBI lie to the American public on the dossier while describing the president as a Russian agent, while conveying they had no proof in sworn testimony behind closed doors to Congress.
  • Gestapo-like raids on a former president, his staff, and their homes with guns drawn, while leading notice of the raids to their socialist media allies – who I refer to as propaganda whores – to record and then repla on television or in articles to drive false narratives and perceptions of illegality without substance or fact.
  • Innocent Americans arrested, handcuffed, strip-searched, and imprisoned despite their willingness to turn themselves in for interviews or depositions.

We must believe what we see – when it’s obvious that this is an illegal internal insurgency and insurrection willfully abuses and weaponizes its authorities to destroy a duly elected president and innocent Americans.

2 Invasion and the Slaughter of Americans – When we see:

  • 1,000,000 plus Americans murdered by the China Flu, and a cover-up takes place to hide the fact the virus came from a Chinese weapons lab.
  • Over 100,000 Americans murdered each year, by China and Mexican Cartels, in a drug war that is killing more people each year than soldiers that died in WWII.
  • Cartels are able to make billions of dollars while enabling six million illegals, and another million got aways, to enter this country with the willful, and illegal, acquiescence of a compromised president Biden.
  • Americans kidnapped and murdered by the cartels without consequence, or target and assassinate border patrol agents or sheriffs.
  • A progressive administration, and their progressive lemmings in Congress, fail to take actions to stem the terror, the illegal invasion, or the purposeful murder – the slaughter of Americans.

We must believe what we see – as this invasion continues unabetted while our adversaries freely slaughter Americans without accountability, justice, or action by this administration.

3 Purposeful Terror – When we see:

  • Progressives like President Biden, Attorney General Garland, district attorneys, and others ignore federal, state, and country laws and unilaterally decide to not prosecute but release felons, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, carjackers, pedophiles, and others without charging them – that enable the criminals to re-commit the same or worse crimes within hours or days.
  • Innocent Americans of all races shoved onto tracks in front of oncoming subway trains.
  • Daily videos of innocent grandmothers and children shot by repeat felons, citizens sucker-punched and left dead or mentally disabled for life.
  • The District of Crime, once known as the District of Columbia, city council seeking to lessen carjacking sentences, and murder sentences for teens, and decriminalize drug use.
  • The continued increase in crime and purposeful slaughter of Americans, while these extremist progressives push to take away your right for self-protection and your 2nd amendment constitutional rights.

We must believe what we see – as these actions are not coincidental, but purposeful, and intended to create chaos, anarchy, terror, and a feeling of helplessness.   

4 Destroying Civil and Constitutional Rights – When we see:

  • Our civil and constitutional rights taken away without proper cause, and due process, as we all experienced during the China Flu (Covid-19) lockdowns.
  • Our children’s education and social development were destroyed, thousands of small businesses destroyed, then an all-out war of censorship, intimidation, and cancel culture was conducted against anyone who did not comply with their lies or false science.
  • How our federal government purposefully ignores your civil and constitutional rights, and continues to do so, by refusing to declare the China Flue pandemic is over.
  • A weaponized, and unconstitutional, national security apparatus illegally seizes a congressman’s phone. 
  • A weaponized, and unconstitutional, national security apparatus labels Catholics as domestic extremists for exercising their first amendment rights, labels innocent Americans the same because they fly the Betsy Ross flag, or labels parents as domestic terrorists because they don’t want their children indoctrinated or groomed.
  • All who took part in peaceful demonstrations on 6 Jan, exercising their 1st amendment rights, were labeled as extremists, white supremacists, racists, or insurrectionists.
  • A thousand plus people from 6 Jan 2020, plus a very few people who may have taken illegal acts (including 50-60 prisoners), were denied their civil and constitutional rights while few, if any, arrests or prosecutions occur for the thousands of Antifa, BLM, and other miscreants who committed murders, arson, looting, and destroyed multiple federal and state buildings along with thousands of businesses for over a year.
  • The FBI (allegedly) intentionally destroyed evidence that would show the innocence of 6 Jan defendants, and unconstitutionally, illegally, monitored lawyer, client, and privileged communications in pure Soviet Stalinist style

We must believe what we see – when we see how these extremist progressives are more than willing to dispense with your civil or constitutional rights to jail you, bankrupt you, and destroy you, in order to gain absolute power. They apply one set of rules for you, and another for themselves and their allies.

5 Destroying Economic and Energy Independence – When we see:

  • Our energy independence was destroyed in the first week of office.
  • The Progressives continuing push to for electronic vehicles, solar, and wind when the bulk of those are produced in China.
  • President Biden’s own Climate Czar says, “Chinese companies will be ‘big players’ in future US energy production,” confirming, in my opinion, not only a compromised President but also their collusion with China
  • Regulations and restrictions on businesses quadruple in two years.
  • Massive increases in federal debt and spending on woke policies and shovel-ready jobs create a new class of dependents and remove incentives for individuals to work.
  • A lack of care for the inordinate amount of critical national security items outsourced to China in our supply chain.
  • Biden, in his multi-trillion-dollar socialist budget, along with his extremist progressive democrats, push for ever-increasing taxes, and massive growth in the IRS bureaucracy, all while taking money allegedly laundered and given to progressive democrats in the FTX disaster.

We must believe what we see – and hear when a compromised president tells you that he will destroy our oil and gas industry, while his son makes millions of dollars, and he gets allegedly gets 10% for the “big guy” in lucrative, undeclared business deals, with Communist China and corrupt officials and private sector businesses in Russian and Ukrainian.

6 Education and Indoctrination – When we see:

  • A father arrested because he protested to a high school education board that his daughter was raped by a transgender – the same transgender was then moved, without penalty, to another high school and assaulted another daughter sexually.
  • Our children indoctrinated to hate their country via the 1619 project.
  • Our children being groomed by “minor-attracted people,” in drag queen shows that are more graphic than adult strip or S&M shows.
  • Our children indoctrinated to believe all whites are racist, and all blacks are too stupid to succeed on their own.
  • Increasing numbers of children are unable to read, write, or do basic arithmetic despite the teachers and schools being the best-funded in the world.
  • Our colleges and universities handed over to tenured progressive liberals who despise America, indoctrinate legions of children, and use their tenured positions to deny free speech or equal representation by other voices.

We must believe what we see – as the President of the American federation of teachers call for a compromised President Biden to pay off the student loans, to fund their indoctrination of students from pre-school to graduate school.  They seek the tax dollars of those blue-collar Americans who saved and worked two jobs to pay for their children’s education to pay the bills of the wealthy and indoctrinated lemmings.

These six fronts of attack are but a few of the means by which the progressives are waging this undeclared war of terror – an ongoing domestic cognitive war – against America.   

Coincidence versus Purposeful: If we saw just one or two of the latter examples, they could be discarded as mere coincidence. But when we see multiple examples of purposeful actions as noted, it is no longer coincidental, it is purposeful. It is purposeful action to terrorize Americans across multiple fronts in order to undermine our faith in our institutions of government, law enforcement, the rule of law, our justice system, our constitution, and our faith in each other.

By taking a step back to view, understand, and assess the broader strategic environment, it is impossible not to notice that we are in a third world war – a domestic cognitive war, that uses terror to intimidate, and uses our very own laws, authorities, and governing elements to undermine, destroy, and usurp absolute power from you – the American people.

The reality of this undeclared war of terror is exemplified daily. Recently, we saw additional efforts by this progressive set of dystopian extremists to advance terror and tyranny via their favored friends and allies who are on speed dial – otherwise known as Antifa. Antifa elements, domestic terrorists, attacked a police training facility in Georgia. Antifa is the progressive domestic terrorist army on steroids. But the progressives are not satisfied with Antifa alone, so they are increasing the number of their army of domestic terrorists.

They are doing so, via open borders, and the illegal invasion of America. The Antifa army is now aided by up to one million illegal got aways (those not identified nor apprehended by the border patrol). While several million illegals entered the country illegally in the last two years, more than one million of them, aided directly by the cartels, evaded capture, or identification. If you do some simple math, one million people are equivalent to inserting an army of 20,000 cartel-aided illegals into every one of our fifty states. Are you starting to get the picture?

When you see the progressive democrats applaud the Antifa (and BLM, felons, etc.) army who destroyed, looted, and burned federal and state offices, and private sector businesses, and enabled an environment of terror in which multiple innocents were murdered and assaulted, then you begin to understand what is happening. Few, if any, of them were prosecuted; the reason is they are allies. Most felons today, if arrested at any time, are released within hours, using a two-tiered justice system (one for you, and one for the felons) because they are the allies of the progressive democrats.

All of this is exemplified by the most recent incident where police were terrorized, assaulted, and attacked by the progressive democrats’ domestic terrorist allies at a police training site in Georgia.

What are the traits of these Antifa terrorists? Well, they fit the profile of most radical extremists. No matter whether ISIS, Al Qaeda, Communists, Socialists, or Fascists – the traits are pretty much the same. They are predominantly rich or well off and well educated (bachelor or higher degree). In this case, they are also predominately white. Why is it that the most extreme radicals, in any society, typically come from those that are most well off, well educated, and have the most advantaged positions in status, freedom, and opportunity? A question that should be, must be studied.

Nonetheless, in the attack on the police training facility, Antifa radical extremists followed their pattern unveiled during the so-called “summer of love.” But why? Because Antifa – and their fellow colleagues from BLM, felons, rapists, murderers, and illegals aided by cartels – are allies in the progressive left Democrat’s quest for absolute power, and they know they will be protected by their progressive democrat friends.

Protecting Antifa – the Extremist Allies – Yet, we’ve seen the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, President Biden, and AG Garland all speak about Antifa only as “an idea, an ideology.” Concurrently, the left-wing press and progressive democrats label Antifa as mostly peaceful demonstrators, social warriors, and allies.

These same people control the narrative and portray patriotic Americans – you – as the real enemy. They label you, parents, patriots, and military, as domestic terrorists. These progressive democrats – who are entrusted to protect America, our Constitution, and our freedoms – are undermining our Republic, our Constitution, and our freedoms. They are fighting an undeclared war of terror, subjugation, and intimidation against “we the people,” innocent Americans.

This minority set of progressive democrats consistently protect, defend, and release their allies in this ongoing war of terror. Their allies include anti-Americans, socialists, communists, felons, murderers, rapists, pedophiles and groomers, drug dealers, child/human traffickers, BLM, Antifa, and lemmings called Progressives. These miscreants, terrorists, and felons are on speed dial for the progressives, to call up at will, to create a distraction, to attack, or to disrupt in order to advance their quest for absolute power.

This is not a game – this is the true existential threat to America. A threat from within, taking many forms to usurp constitutional authorities, weaponize them against you, and abuse their authority and power to gain absolute power. It is an undeclared war of terror –  a domestic cognitive war.

They avoid labeling their domestic terrorist allies, like Antifa, BLM, and fellow progressives, yet they have no qualms about labeling you, parents, and law-abiding Americans, those who are Catholic or Christian, fly the American Flag or Betsy Ross version of the flag, go to church, do not want your children indoctrinated, sexualized, subjected to the perversion of hypersexual drag queen shows, or mental illness called transgenderism – as “domestic terrorists.”



You, poor citizens, must abide by the law, but not the allies of the progressive democrats – the true domestic terrorists. No, the illegals, the cartels, Antifa, BLM, liberal activists, illegal protestors at SCOTUS residents, felons, murderers, rapists, child, and human sex traffickers, pedophiles, and groomers, all are handed a get-out-of-jail-free card.

When we look at the mugshots of the 23 domestic terrorists who assaulted a police training site in Georgia. Look at where they come from. And look at their race, education, and social status. They are predominately white, well-off, well-educated, and ideologically disturbed. As noted, this is the typical profile for domestic terrorists and extremists. Remember Obama’s friend Bill Ayers? No matter whether ISIS, Al Qaeda, or Communist, Socialist, or Fascist – the ideologically driven terrorists fit the same profile.

Yet our FBI and DOJ are nowhere to be seen in Georgia. Why? Because our DOJ, FBI, and other national security apparatus elements are no longer serving you, the American citizens, they are serving a dystopic ideology and agenda to gain absolute power. Our FBI and DOJ are now purposefully avoiding labeling their friends – the psychotic domestic terrorists are friends, and allies of today’s Democratic party. This is because Antifa is on speed dial for democrat leaders to disrupt, destroy, and terrorize.

The following were all charged with Domestic Terrorism- The Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) is the charging agency.




Beaman, Jack



King, Ayla



Pipes, Kamryn



Gates, Maggie



Nottingham, Ehret



Paplai, Alexis



Bilodeau, Timothy



Puertas, Victor



LeNy, Dimitri



Chaoui, Amin



Marsicana, James



Ward, Samuel



Biederman, Max



Luini, Mattia



Bogush, Emma



Meissner, Kayley



Harper, Luke



Martin, Grace



Dorsey, Colin



Robert-Paul, Fredrique



Larmey, Zoe



Jurgens, Thomas



Grim, Priscilla




I have included the mugshot and names of the immediate twenty-three people arrested – as they exemplify the progressive domestic terrorist army that are conducting this undeclared war of terror on America. We must also look at where they come from. The majority of these domestic terrorists came from other states or countries. Why? Their faces and names need to be exposed, along with who funded their efforts to get to Georgia.  But more importantly, we must seek to understand who funded these terrorists – and the prior Antifa, BLM, and other miscreants. For those funding and supporting these groups – those conducting this undeclared war of terror on Americans – need to be identified, exposed, and then tried for purposeful insurrection and aiding and abetting terrorists.

The six offensive fronts the progressive democrats are using to destroy America, and to subjugate you, only exemplify that this is purposeful and perpetual war of terror to shock our citizens and nation to shut down. They cause Americans to shut down – as explained in the Polyvagal theory – as we cannot comprehend that our fellow Americans would be so evil.

In recent years, every one of the actions described would have been investigated and called out as sheer lunacy, incompetence, or insurrection. But the propaganda whores, we once called the “free press,” are no longer – they are the complicit and corrupt fifth column of the insurgency.

The Silent Majority Must Speak – But it is time to wake up and realize that the grip around the neck of our freedoms may be easing slightly.  As we’ve witnessed, there are a few champions willing to fight back. A growing number of parents are concerned about the indoctrination of their kids. A few governors are concerned about an illegal invasion. Citizens are concerned about their economic and physical security. But a few is not enough. And time is short before the grip tightens. The silent majority must now speak – for silence denotes complacency, which leads to compliance and eventual subjugation. It is now your chance to escape the jaws around your neck, flee from that tyranny, and go back to reality and fight for your freedoms.

The unspoken reality? Radical progressive extremists are conducting an undeclared, unrestricted war on America. They are purposefully executing and leading an assault and intimidation to advance a socialist utopia by putting us in a perpetual state of shock that causes us to feel caught, helpless, and therefore shut down.

Necessary Collateral Damage – Make no mistake, if these blatant acts of violence and intimidation do not work, they will undertake even more extreme measures to purposefully destroy you. They see you, your family, and our lives as necessary collateral damage in their quest for absolute power. The undeclared war on terror has no limits on who suffers, who is murdered, or who is assaulted in their quest for absolute power.

It is time Americans believe what we see! We are witnessing an insurrection from an insurgency within our own government at the federal, state, and local levels. This insurgency is hell-bent on ensuring they remain in power, and that America is no longer America the free, but America of the compliant and complacent – as the corrupt and complicit seek to destroy our very foundation, our constitution, freedoms, and independence.

Man can be good or evil. We can either flee, fight, or shut down. I do not think a majority of the 340 million Americans wish to flee our country, nor do they wish to shut down and let others control them. So, it is time to fight for our country and call out what is NOT normal politics. But to call it what it is – a blood sport for absolute power, a socialist insurrection led by a band of far-left progressive radical insurgents who do not care about the human toll.

The 2024 election is not about democrats or republicans; it is about Americans vs. a minority set of domestic progressive extremists; it is about freedom versus tyranny. We have a choice – we can emulate China and Russia by reelecting those who have their jaws around our necks, or we can use our votes, fight for our freedom, and ensure the sanctity and survival of our free republic by voting and supporting those who choose freedom. We remain in a perpetual cognitive war, being waged in the most critical of all domains, the cognitive domain.

Choose wisely!

Edward Haugland

Edward Haugland is a retired federal Senior Executive and US Air Force veteran. Ed had over four decades of service, including service as senior leader in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and State.

Ed served as the senior advisor to several IC agency heads, the Assistant Inspector General for Inspections for the Intelligence Community, the Chairman of CIA’s strategic planning, a Deputy team leader for the INF On-site nuclear arms inspections in the former Soviet Union, and an award-winning CIA intelligence analyst.

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Matt Mercier
Matt Mercier
2 months ago


2 months ago

Comprehensive, factual, on target. Too many citizens asleep or clueless.

2 months ago

Pretty much spells it out. Until these animals are held accountable nothing will change and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The Mainstream media pumps out lies and propaganda on a daily basis leaving hard working Americans frustrated and confused. Couple that with our criminals in Congress and the White House and you have the perfect mixture for a takeover of America. There is only one way to turn this around, Get the pitchforks out.

Matt Mercier
Matt Mercier
2 months ago


2 months ago

Be wary, America. During the Bolshevik Revolution, the fake news media printed that the military was ‘taking care of things, so never mind the communists and the Bolshevik Revolution’. While Christian Russia slept, for years, military troop death squads went around arresting all known dissidents and taking them out to the woods to be shot and buried. The rest of Christian Russia acted like sheep, and lost millions of family, friends and neighbors. Think of what this means, and how EASY it is to oppose these pigs led by Rubber Creepy Joementia Bribn’ Biden, the child molester and Ukraine adrenochrome maven.

2 months ago

this author is an idiot and he is covering for the bolshevik jews who are the real enemy of mankind

Humble Servant
Humble Servant
2 months ago

Please, I ask everyone take my most sincere suggestion to heart.

Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-11-12-13: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”


II Chronicles chapter 7 verses 14-15-16: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place. For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.”

Please seek God while He may be found!
Thank you

2 months ago

Civil Rights are privileges for “U.S. citizen/residents” who have no “Constitutional Rights”.
Only “nationals” have the standing of God-given Constitutionally-protected Rights.

This 14th Amendment bifurcation of citizenship status is the operative fraud underpinning the takeover of EVERYTHING in America (and elsewhere, BTW).

Roger Sayles explains the affidavit that secures freedom from the Administrative State, I.e., the Code, for US citizens, not US nationals (state-citizen status):

2 months ago

You are stuck in the “American exceptionalism” mindset, and blind to what is really happening.
If North Korea and China are “left”, why don’t they have open borders, and why haven’t they signed on to multiculturalism? .

  • There is no “China” flu. It’s a Chinese as the Spanish Flu was Spanish. The US contracted Ukraine labs to manipulate Covid 19 more than 2 months before the earliest know case in China. Jeffrey Sacks spent 2 years at the Lancet looking into Covid 19’s origins,and concluded that it was almost certainly a US military bio-lab, and wondered why no one would be interested in investigating that possibility.
  • Your enemy, since the origin of the US, is the international banking cartel. They are shapeshifters and will promote anything, regardless of how disgusting or perverse, to advance their control over humanity.
  • The political paradigm of “left” and “right” died decades ago. Today you are either a globalist or a nationalist. Real nationalism does what is best for the nation, regardless of where it appears on the obsolete left/right paradigm. That includes ending free trade and corporate control over government.

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Do Not Repeat the Same Mistakes! An Open Letter to 2024 Presidential Candidates

Do Not Repeat the Same Mistakes! An Open Letter to 2024 Presidential Candidates

The bureaucracy lives to protect itself, and its leaders who’ve embedded like ticks on the host – America – sucking the freedom out of our country to feed their growing thirst for power and control, vice service and support. You need to have your plan, strategy, and team built now – as execution must begin a year out. What you all fail to understand is the depth of control that has been layered over decades…

Ukraine – The Unwinnable War

Ukraine – The Unwinnable War

The weakness of the Biden administration has not been part of the solution. Rather, it has become a major part of the problem, feeding the Ukrainian war machine to the tune of $38 billion since the beginning of Russia’s invasion more than a year ago. Biden is caught in a web of corruption whose tendrils lead deep into Ukraine, and his self-interest interferes…

Primary Crimes Against Humanity — Genocide and Mass Murder

Primary Crimes Against Humanity — Genocide and Mass Murder

We are all witnesses to a massive crime against humanity on a global scale. There is no single leader or head internationally of the globalist cabal. It is an international net — a web — stealing national states and industries through manipulation and force. What are the foundational tools the Globalist Predators are using to control the world?

Boycott Benefits vs. Cancel Culture Detriments

Boycott Benefits vs. Cancel Culture Detriments

Nurses Out Loud with Beth Hnat, RN – In recent years the term “Cancel Culture” has been thrust into our vocabulary with its associated actions. The left has started this movement, and it is carried out in various ways and multiple industries. What I find fascinating about Cancel Culture is how it always seems to have an opposite effect on its intended actions and demonstrates additional…

Trans-Socialism With Dr. Franco Musio

Trans-Socialism With Dr. Franco Musio

The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland – In this episode, a self-acknowledged male lesbian, the host, speaks with Doctor Franco Musio about Trans-Socialism and about the progressives’ efforts to leverage the use of a true mental illness and affliction to drive cultural deviance, groom and abuse our children, undermine the cultural norms and governance of our Republic, as we discuss the radical…

WHO’s Three Pillars of Global Control Are Upon Us

WHO’s Three Pillars of Global Control Are Upon Us

Whistleblower Report – The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing hard in their desperate grab for global control through their International health regulatory “treaty.” Once signed by countries of the world, WHO solidifies its vise of totalitarian, global control through the WHO ONE HEALTH agenda that decides the “health” options for ALL life on the planet—human, animal, plant, and even the…

Why the World Trusts Drugs Over Food To Be Thy Medicine

Why the World Trusts Drugs Over Food To Be Thy Medicine

Looking 4 Healing Radio with Dr. Bryan Ardis – Today’s episode begins with Dr. Ardis sharing his personal experience with the passing of his dear friend Dr. Rashid Buttar DO. I will share the history of three ultra-successful scientists whose theories set the foundation for Big Pharma’s massive global healthcare takeover. You will learn about the two theories. One is called “the germ theory’ which is…

Vaccines, Virology & Voodoo

Vaccines, Virology & Voodoo

Governments around the world attacked their own citizens over an unproven allegation, and now some of them are even delegating their very autonomy to the WHO, who will be able to simply declare another pandemic, whenever the pharmaceutical industry requires it, for it seems to have precious little to do with public health. Some people are talking about a battle of good against evil…

The Durham Whodunnit Exposes Evil at the Top

The Durham Whodunnit Exposes Evil at the Top

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – The Durham Report found that it was not Donald Trump and members of this team, but rather high-level actors in the Obama Administration, including the FBI and DOJ, who were guilty of massive collusion and intentional interference with America’s time-honored electoral process. Yet, it doesn’t include indictments or criminal referrals…

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