September 27, 2021

September 27, 2021

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Biden’s Khashoggi Double Standard

by | May 3, 2021 |

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Most Americans are unfortunate to have only the fake news media reports (the Goebbels’ propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) to watch or read about events.

The Jamal Khashoggi charade – of make-believe anger and remorse regarding his assassination by the Saudi secret service last year – is a perfect example of the duplicity and hypocrisy of most of the American media, her academics, and politicians, because they rarely – if ever – tell anyone the truth.

Let me share with you who the TRUE Jamal Khashoggi was, the hater of America and full supporter of Sharia Islam and terrorism:

In October 2020, Joe Biden – a contender for the presidency – falsely and cringingly claimed that the world was “mourning Khashoggi’s death and echoing his call for people everywhere to exercise their universal rights in freedom.” A just and free world is the last thing that Khashoggi aspired for. Tragically, Biden was and is fighting for the kind of world that Khashoggi himself aimed for.

  1. Khashoggi wrote in a Post column on 3rd of April 2018 that in Saudi Arabia, “Women today should have the same rights as men. And all citizens should have the right to speak their minds without fear of imprisonment.”

The duplicitous Khashoggi knows very well that according to Allah’s Sharia, women are inferior to men, intellectually, physically, and otherwise. So how can a truly Islamic Sharia compliant state have women equal to men?

  1. He also said that Saudis “must find a way where we can accommodate secularism and Islam.”

He also knows – and hence willfully deceiving Western audiences – that according to Sharia, non-Muslims/Kuffar/Infidels are sub-human beings who must either submit to Sharia or be exterminated.

  1. Appearing on Qatar-based Al-Jazeera TV’s programme Without Borders, Khashoggi stated that Saudi Arabia, to confront Iran, must re-embrace its proper religious identity as a Wahhabi Islamic revivalist state and build alliances with organisations rooted in political Islam such as the Muslim Brotherhood and that it would be a “big mistake if Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be friendly.”

Just reading the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic supremacist charter, one will realise how utterly mendacious Khashoggi is.

  1. In one of his own blogs, he argued for the Muslim Brotherhood. He wrote that: “There can be no political reform and democracy in any Arab country without accepting that political Islam is a part of it.”

Mohamed Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and as president of Egypt (2012/2013), declared:

“The Koran is our constitution; the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path, and death in the name of Allah is our goal.”

Where can Khashoggi find ‘Islamic Democracy’ in this statement, since connecting Sharia with Democracy is an oxymoron?

I have deliberately attached the verbatim reports from CNN that address this extremely important Foreign Affairs matter, that perfectly prove the incredible degrees of hypocrisy, duplicity, and stupidity exhibited by Joe Biden and his administration.

By Nicole Gaouette and Jeremy Herb, CNN, February 26, 2021

Washington (CNN) The US intelligence report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi says that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman approved the operation to capture or kill the Saudi journalist.

“We assess that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” the report’s executive summary states.

“We base this assessment on the Crown Prince’s control of decision-making in the Kingdom, the direct involvement of a key adviser and members of Muhammad bin Salman’s protective detail in the operation, and the Crown Prince’s support for using violent measures to silence dissidents abroad, including Khashoggi,” the report says.

The Biden administration provided the long-awaited declassified intelligence report to Congress ahead of its public release.

Shortly after the report’s release, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced a new “Khashoggi Ban” that allows the US to restrict visas for individuals acting on behalf of a foreign government who are directly engaged in “serious, extraterritorial counter-dissident activities, including those that suppress, harass, survey, threaten, or harm journalists, activists, or other persons perceived to be dissidents for their work.”

Blinken said in a statement that the ban, which can cover family members as well, would immediately be applied to 76 Saudi individuals “believed to have been engaged in threatening dissidents overseas, including but not limited to the Khashoggi killing.”

The above was followed by:

By Alex Marquardt, CNN, March 1, 2021

(CNN) Shortly after the US intelligence community published its long-awaited report on Friday afternoon on the Saudis who were responsible for the death of Jamal Khashoggi; it was taken down without explanation and replaced with another version that removed the names of three men it had initially said were complicit.

The quiet switch by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence went largely unnoticed as the outcry grew that the Biden administration was failing to punish the prince in any way, despite having just declared in no uncertain terms that MBS was responsible.

The first link to the report that was sent out by ODNI went dead. It was then replaced with a second version that removed three of the men it had just announced: “participated in, ordered, or were otherwise complicit in or responsible for the death of Jamal Khashoggi.”

It is imperative that our readers comprehend the following FACTS:

  1. The report/accusation against Muhammad Bin Salman is only an Assessment (The act of judging or deciding the amount, value, quality, or importance of something, or the judgement or decision that is made; Appraisal; Evaluation)
  2. This estimation was based upon all the information pertaining to this case which remarkably does not have a single item of proof (verbal recording, email, text, or written order) that Muhammad Bin Salman personally gave the order – and to whom – to assassinate Khashoggi. Hence the Assessment is based only on a conjecture of probability.
  3. Muhammad Bin Salman admitted responsibility NOT because of direct culpability, but because as the topmost figure in the government, the Buck Stops with him.
  4. In conclusion, this assessment is NOT a legal conviction since it lacks any direct evidence implicating Muhammad Bin Salman ordering the assassination.

This is why no further action has been or should be taken by the American government. The case should therefore be closed.

In 2016, the American people were made aware, for the first time, of the extreme tortures – and extrajudicial acts – committed by the US military in the Abu Ghraib prison, Fallujah, Iraq, against Iraqi insurgents.

Using the same standard of blame against Muhammad Bin Salman, should the Justice Department hold president Bush and defence secretary Rumsfeld directly responsible for the crimes committed under their watch? If not, why not?

Biden’s administration is conflicted about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – nuclear deal – with the criminal Ayatollahs of Iran. On the one hand, it cannot avoid recognizing the enormous shortcomings of the original deal or the constructive pressure that Trump’s sanctions have had on Tehran. On the other hand, Biden’s foreign policy team consists of the very people who worked in the Obama Administration and consider the JCPOA among their proudest achievements.

What is even more shocking and insane is the fact that Biden wants to deal with the foremost terrorist Ayatollahs regime on Earth today, whose leader Ali Khamenei, gave a direct and unambiguous order to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to use all means possible to quell the 2009 uprising – under Obama and Biden’s watch of course – which entailed the mass slaughter of 1500 Iranian unarmed civilians 400 of whom were women.

Why are the lives of 1500 Iranian Khashoggi’s LESS important than the only Saudi one? Why is Biden not investigating the crimes of the Iranian regime before and now?

After all, Biden is negotiating with the very same blood-thirsty mass murderers who never regretted their heinous deeds. A decent and fair-minded administration should use exactly the same criteria regarding any issue and not choose sides, thus utterly negating their own alleged case for justice.

The Biden administration picked Iran and their terrorist proxies, the Houthis, over the Saudis in Yemen; he picked the old Saudi establishment that Khashoggi was associated with, over its reformist crown prince, who favours rights for women; he’s also moving to pressure Egypt in favour of the fundamentalist Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Furthermore, the self-righteous but obviously clueless Biden supports the aspirations of Hamas and the PLO – whose publicly declared charters aim for the extermination of Israel and its citizens –  against the only free country in the Middle East and true ally of the USA.

The Biden administration is foolishly and very recklessly ignoring the legitimate concerns of both the Sunni Arabs and Israel, who face a deliberate existential threat from Iran. Every passing day, the Iran proxies have increased their terrorist attacks on Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Yemen, because Biden has given them the green light.

Every passing day, the drum beats and preparations for an imminent war are getting louder and faster.

The road to war is invariably caused by leaders – such as Joe Biden – with little imagination and comprehension of the long-term greater good or appreciation of facts and reality and, therefore, the consequences of their immature and therefore very dangerous decisions.

It is ironic and comical that while Biden is preaching ‘human rights’ to the Saudis and Egypt, he ignores the human rights of his American citizens, allowing the invasion of the USA by tens of thousands of undocumented and unchecked, so-called ‘asylum seekers.’


Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must-read for those who really want to know the facts.

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