Biden’s Targeting of the Oil and Gas Industry Caused a Chain Reaction Catastrophe

by | Apr 13, 2022 |

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Joe Biden continues to school Americans that his nasty inflation conflagration is due to the Butcher of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Of course, this new propaganda package replaces Joe’s prior blame for inflation on foreign supplier disruptions in our supply chain due to their woes with COVID-19 and because our economy, led by Joe, recovered too fast from our COVID-19 shutdowns. 

If Biden sat in the Kremlin, you’d have thought Pravda, the official newspaper of the Russian Communist Party, came up with these fabrications. Lying and outrageous lying are Classic Joe Biden. Had Joe Biden been with George Washington when George chopped down the fabled cherry tree, Joe would have advised George to blame it on his neighbor.

As just reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), our March inflation rate is 8.5%. Yet anyone will tell you it feels more like 20%. The war in Ukraine didn’t commence until February 24, 2022. Inconveniently, our February inflation rate sat at 7.5%. Economists say absent the Ukrainian war; March inflation would have registered at least 8.1%. Thus, at best, Putin’s war is responsible for 0.4% of our current 8.5% woes. 

Even the Whitehouse’s Tokyo Rose, Press Secretary Jen Psaki, wants us to believe Putin’s war is our inflation culprit. So she foreshadowed March’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report by saying it would “be extraordinarily elevated; due to Putin’s price hike.” But, of course, that warning was at best a half-truth. Mark Twain said, “a half-truth is the most cowardly of lies.” And Ms. Psaki’s assignment of blame for inflation was most certainly a half-truth and cowardly! 

If you look closely, you’ll find that Joe’s woke, “go-green or die” energy policies and other harmful acts, like his withdrawal from Afghanistan, led Putin to believe that America and the Europeans didn’t care about Ukraine and couldn’t respond to his invasion of Ukraine even had they objected.

Today, as we stand on the precipice of runaway inflation, we’re staring down the deep chasm of a coming catastrophic recession. Inflation rages ⏤ and all Joe Biden can do is blame and claim he’s doing everything humanly possible to lower prices. Who does this sorry, hollow, cardboard President think he’s fooling? Americans know when inflation started, how it began, and why it’s on a runaway train ready to jump its track into a recession.

Everything that is “inflation” today in America is the direct result of Joe Biden and the woke progressives who puppeteer Joe as he speaks to his teleprompter.

Oh, you say that’s too simplistic and far too political and difficult to prove. I say, no, it isn’t, and I’m going to walk you through a quick but truthful “root cause analysis” on the origins of and continued inflammatory stoking of inflation in America.

While the war in Ukraine has a role to play in our recent inflation, the war was unquestionably avoidable. Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s policies and behaviors set the stage for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Yes, really! The war would have never moved forward had Joe Biden left well enough alone! But, oh no! Joe Biden has convinced himself the world will come to a melting halt if America doesn’t immediately slow down (preferably stop altogether) its use of fossil fuels for energy.

His woke commitment to end fossil fuel use comes from a near-religious, fanatical belief that humanity’s use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming and climate change. And if the world doesn’t immediately back off its use, within five years, the planet will warm beyond our control and doom humanity and all plant and animal life. 

With this in mind and believing his election was a “go green or die” mandate, Joe Biden, without fully informing the American public of the consequences of his actions, proceeded to put his boot on the neck of our oil and natural gas industry. Then, he set about strangling the industry into extinction with one Executive Order after another. 

The first and most immediate consequence was that America went from a net energy exporter to an energy-dependent nation. In short, we have self-crippled our ability to stand on our own two energy legs, those being oil and natural gas. 

Secondly, the artificial reduction in the global energy supply increased the cost of coal, oil, and natural gas. And with this rise in costs, we saw our first inflationary slap across our collective faces while at gas pumps.

But you need not be an economist to understand the more expensive energy is, the more expensive everything is. Look around and see all the things we use or own, and you’ll appreciate energy is necessary to make, ship, and maintain practically everything. So, declining energy supplies raised prices for everything connected to oil and gas.

Joe Biden not only took a policy wrench to oil and natural gas exploration and production; he also impeded the transportation of oil across our nation when he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. This act alone stopped all such investments in energy-carrying pipelines, crippling suppliers from moving their oil and natural gas products to refineries, further exacerbating energy shortages. 

Biden left us no choice. We had to begin importing oil from various Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), including Russia. And when you look at the nations that comprise OPEC, it’s hard to find an ally or friendly country. 

But according to Joe Biden, such is the price of global leadership. So Joe Biden has decided America has to walk the plank first to show others how to follow, killing off fossil fuel use. This act is as unfathomable as when the Reverend Jim Jones led 909 followers to their deaths in a mass murder-suicide event as they drank cyanide-laced punch in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978.

We’re not about to follow Joe Biden anywhere and certainly not into a family-crushing recession. Joe Biden currently wears the worst job performance approval numbers of all time, and with each new survey, Joe sets another low mark record. Now, only 37% of Americans approve of Joe’s leadership.

But the story continues.

Enamored with the praise he received from the “go-green or die” activists and environmentalists, self-delusional Joe Biden fully endorsed Europe’s “go-green or die” initiatives by rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. Then, in a snub to Donald Trump, he lifted all American sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, ensuring a steady flow of natural gas from Russia to Germany and other European gas-dependent nations.

If anything, these Biden actions signaled to Vladimir Putin that America and Europe were committed to buying Russian energy. Furthermore, it was apparent that Biden had committed America to not revert to a net energy exporter.

While Biden’s costly and embarrassing management of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has no direct connection to our current inflation problems, it nevertheless signaled to President Putin that America’s military leadership was perhaps sub-par and not to be taken seriously. This unquestionably contributed to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Moreover, Biden’s actions likely assured Putin that America had no stomach for another foreign war, certainly not this soon after the Afghanistan debacle.

Being a long-practiced prevaricator, Joe managed to convince himself that none of inflation’s beginnings appeared in any way connected to his policies on energy. If anything, Mr. Biden believes that inflation would be much worse without his leadership and economic stewardship. Joe’s “Malarkey” isn’t even close to what Conservatives think about this twaddle.

Every policy and proposed legislative initiative by the Biden administration has been inflationary. For instance, in March of 2021, Biden made a giant mistake. Solely with Democrat votes, Biden passed the $1.9 Trillion America Rescue Plan, and instead of rescuing anyone, the wasteful spending exploded inflation. 

Inflation, by definition, is when there’s too much money in circulation chasing too few goods to purchase. So Biden piled the additional $1.9 Trillion Rescue Plan on top of nearly $6 Trillion already spent in the prior 15 months for COVID-19 economic relief. By May of 2021, the nation was awash in monopoly money.

As the Biden-led business showdowns and shutdowns eased, pent-up consumer demand for products and services exploded, and flush with government cash; consumers fueled an already inflation set stage. Next up, Biden’s damage to our supply chain only exacerbated a growing gulf between supply and demand. 

Like with every dishonest message coming out of the Whitehouse, Biden’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies are the prime reason for the recent failures of our supply chain. Millions of American workers were either fired or left the workforce because of compulsory vaccination policies. This loss of critical workforce impacted every node in the supply chain and exacerbated problems everywhere along the chain. 

These are problems Joe Biden created. Nonetheless, he continues to spin the COVID-19 inflationary tale by telling us that foreign manufacturers and suppliers are the reason for the broken chain. Yet, when we have hundreds of massive cargo ships sitting miles off the Los Angeles and Long Beach coasts waiting for up to 40 days for Americans to unload them, it’s difficult to believe the problem is with foreign production of goods.

Joe Biden was President for 13 months before the war in Ukraine commenced. Biden’s second-biggest mistake after creating inflation was that he ignored it for 12 of those months. And then, once Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe paid inflation attention by blaming it on Putin. How disingenuously convenient.

Artificial gas and oil shortages will continue to fuel inflation. And we’re beginning to experience another effect of Biden’s forced energy crisis, and that’s not only the cost of food but, critically, the shortage of food. So add food insecurity to our energy insecurity problems and say, “Biden did that!”

Ukraine’s role in world food production is undeniable. The loss of this planting season in Ukraine has already increased future food pricing. Furthermore, Russia and Ukraine supply over 40% of the world’s fertilizer. Many farmers in America are either rationing their fertilizer supplies or are deciding not to plant crops because they have no steady supplier.

Yes, the preventable war in Ukraine is a tragic disaster. However, had Biden left our oil and gas industry alone and as he found it when he took over for Donald Trump, inflation would have never established a beachhead. Moreover, America could have supplied most of Europe’s energy needs, freeing them from dependence on Putin’s oil and gas. Still, to this very day, Europe is Russia’s energy hostage, limiting their ability to assist Ukraine’s repulse of murderous Russian barbarian invaders.

The inflationary effects of Ukraine will continue to plague America. However, we could help ourselves out of this coming recession if only we’d revert to Trump’s energy policies. 

The solution to our underlying, self-created, inflationary idiocy is for the government to suspend its oil and natural gas war for at least ten years and welcome new exploration and production investments. But, of course, even announcing such a commitment would immediately lower the oil price on the open market.

This would deflate costs due to energy supply shortages. It would also drastically lower global oil prices. Putin is still making billions each day with oil at a war-discounted $90 per barrel to buyers in China and India. When Joe Biden became President, oil was at $40 a barrel. So cutting Putin’s oil profits in half is the best and most effective free-market sanction on Putin’s Ukrainian massacre. 

Of course, if you’re a true believer the world will end within five years if we don’t stop using fossil fuels now, then you’re willing to sacrifice 42 million humans in Ukraine and economically devastate millions upon millions of American families in the game of “go-green or die.” 

Inflation is currently costing American families an average of $5,800 per year. This is a heinous, regressive tax on that middle class that Biden keeps saying he’s rebuilding from the bottom up and middle out. Instead, he’s making America’s middle class a wasteland.

Regardless of how many barrels of oil Biden releases from the strategic petroleum reserve or the different percentages of corn-based-ethanol he decides to add to gasoline, inflation due to energy shortages is here to stay. That is unless Americans wise up and elect pro-growth, energy-smart leadership in Washington. This November is our one chance to change the reality of this crisis and proudly say to the world, “We Did This!” 

Bidenflation is devastatingly real, and it’s ravaging American families. We can either rise up and speak up or roll over and remain victims. The choice is ours!

By the way, join me this weekend for… The Frankly Daniel Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio. It can be heard Saturday and Sunday at 9 am ET and an encore broadcast at 4 pm ET. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa. Listen to other episodes of The Frankly Daniel Show, available on podcast.

Daniel Baranowski

Daniel Francis Baranowski is a lifelong Conservative. As Registered Respiratory Therapist, he directed departments of Respiratory Care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before joining Project HOPE as their Deputy Director of International Healthcare Education Programs. Daniel holds degrees from the University of Arizona, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University. Currently, he’s a retired Teaching Fellow from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

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