Big-Tech Social Media Moguls Muzzle American Voices

by | Oct 16, 2020 |

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The word on the streets of America echoes “beware and prepare for another possible lockdown.” But this time the virus is not health-related, it’s a political, social media agenda created by the left who’ve weaponized technology to lockdown the voices, votes, and communications of millions of citizens.

Day by day for the past couple of weeks, and the closer we get to the election, many popular online conservative voices, citizen journalists, and truthers have been shut down on social media giants: Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, etc.

“Twitter is actively blocking, right now this instant, stories from the New York Post alleging corruption and the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from communist China. This is election interference and we are 19 days out from an election. It has no precedent in the history of democracy,” explains Senator Ted Cruz.

If I didn’t know better, I would say these demons are trying to push us into a 2nd Civil War, one of a more sophisticated and strategic fight sure to bring anarchy and chaos through riots and social unrest.

We’ve already witnessed the breakdown of law and order in all of the Democrat-run cities and communities throughout the U.S.

We are experiencing the interruption of our election process by the criminal elite and their targeted activities through the Demon-crat party and their bastion of billionaire tech monopolies, set up during the Obama administration to meddle in the social media activities and communications of millions of Americans.

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” ~ John F. Kennedy

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is in the process of being subpoenaed by the US Senate Judiciary Committee, for blocking conservative communications and trying to impact the election.

These big tech gangster-geeks have been strategizing for four years on ways to overthrow this most critical Presidential election in the history of the United States.

This election means the difference between freedom, sovereignty, and rule of law with President Trump in office vs the criminal mischief of the clowns in action, Joe Biden, a flunkee for the military-industrial complex who is in bed with foreign adversaries wanting to take control of America.

The threat of indictments has the left panicked. The election on November 3, 2020, is sure to feed into the foreboding crisis of riots and civil unrest, all bought and paid for by these corporate money moguls so their street thugs can unleash gangster pandemonium and insurrection.

These domestic terrorists should spend the rest of their lives in prison for conspiring against the people’s government, affecting the lives of millions of Americans by their abuse of power and treasonous actions.

Rumors on the street and within social media communities are warning patriots to prepare for a possible second wave of lockdowns, there is the fear of those who may retaliate against conservative Americans when President Trump is re-elected for a second term in office, as the not so silent majority continues to grow in numbers.

The big-tech heathens are relentless when it comes to muzzling the voices of modern-day Paul Revere types on social media whose trending platforms warn us against the enemies from within, they know the collective consciousness has awakened on a national and global scale.

In the days and weeks to follow, the flow of over 33,000 emails implicating the criminal and evil deeds of former elites, within the political and military government, corporate indictments, and others will be presented to the American people to witness the treason and tyranny planned by those we once trusted.

You may want to take this time to make your trip to the local grocery stores and markets for a two week supply of food and essentials and any other health and wellness products because this could be a bumpy ride.

Sources also warn us of the possible loss of some forms of communications for a short window of time, and we should take extra precautions in security measures and protection of our families from rogue forces who may want to retaliate.

Extra measures of prayer go a long way, and don’t get lost in fear, also prepare for all the greatness that will follow shortly after all old systems collapse and the new quantum systems are implemented as we will be transforming the way we regulate our computer systems, banking, voting, and business commerce.

Disclosures are looming and indictments to unfold in the days and weeks ahead, all that was hidden is about to rise to the surface, knowledge of treason and tyranny are about to be presented to the world, and God helps those with “Ostrich Syndrome” for they won’t survive the betrayal of the people they once highly regarded.

Yes, prepare for the unfolding of the military tribunals, for we will be witnessing the “Greatest Show on Earth,” known as the “Great Awakening.”


Susan Price is a National Gold Star Mother and resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The daughter of a Marine, and Army Veteran, She is also the Mother of a Fallen American Hero, Gunnery Sgt, Aaron Michael Kenefick, a highly decorated and stellar Marine of over twelve years. The tragic loss of Susan’s son and his Marine Embedded Training Team raised more questions than answers. It was through a Mother’s undying love that Susan transformed into an Investigative Researcher. Through her countless hours, days, weeks, and years connecting the dots, factual documentation, eyewitness accounts, and more, emerged a back story to the crimes that took place on the battlefield that fateful day of September 8th, 2009.

Susan is also known as a Veterans Advocate and a National voice. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and other national media as well as and Patriot radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the “the Gold Star Mother with a voice” – and “go-to person.”

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