Clean Energy Exploitations: Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy

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The global focus on reducing emissions must be ethical instead of supporting environmental degradation.

But too often, we see abuses carried out in the name of “clean” energy. Whether it be mining for exotic minerals and metals to support the world’s passion for electric-vehicle batteries or tapping into the intermittent electricity generated from wind and solar power, Ronald Stein and Todd Royal reveal the costs and benefits of such efforts.

They also emphasize the global nature of the problem, noting that the United States of America could cease to exist and we’d see environmental problems get worse. In this book, they answer questions such as:

Would the Green New Deal cut worldwide emissions?
What toll is energy racism and inequality taking on the world?
How effective are renewable forms of energy in meeting our needs?
Whose duty is it to reduce harmful pollution?

Green advocates often say they support sustainable and ethical coffee, sneakers, handbags, and diamonds-and they claim they won’t tolerate unsafe conditions. But when it comes to green energy and battery energy storage systems for electrical grids and electric vehicles, the authors say it is a different story.

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