Deep Blue Truth

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Nick Kozlovsky is not a guy who gives up easily. He grew up on the tough side of town and never met his father. His childhood consisted of an alcoholic mother with a series of step-fathers who beat him until he learned how to fight back. As a policeman, he had plenty of built-in sensors to detect violent criminal behavior.

Nick’s dream to become a police officer is realized, and even though he’s only a few years into the job, the young patrolman has a lot of heart. He’s happy with the job, but his personal life is in shambles. There are women, but, he has never fallen in love. All of his friends have made the trip to the alter, but Nick soothes his loneliness in ways that aren’t exactly healthy.A random trip to the emergency room changes the course of Nick’s life. Meeting Doctor Grace Robertson energizes him. Not only does he admire her, he is convinced she could be the one for him. For the first time in his young life, he has to lay his heart on the line.

Nick’s life is transformed when he meets Paco, a homeless veteran living in a ravine on his beat. The two develop a unique friendship that alters each man’s preconceived notions about the other. Filled with suspense and raw emotion, the bond formed between the two men is nothing short of extraordinary.

More than a romance, this is a tale of hope, faith, and caring. Nick Kozlovsky and Grace Robertson have much in common, even though they’re from different backgrounds. And, Paco, the one who’s suffered the greatest brings them together in a way that is poignant.