Get Up!: I Can’t. I Will. I Did… Here’s How!

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Kick Adversity Aside and Come Back Stronger than Ever!

In Get Up! I Can’t. I Will. I Did…Here’s How!, author Rodney Flowers delivers a true-life account of his own inspirational recovery from a paralyzing high school football injury in 1993.

Through resilience and unwavering strength, Rodney overcame insurmountable barriers to rise up from his wheelchair and walk tall again.

Get Up! I Can’t. I Will. I Did…Here’s How!, teaches you empowering life principles that will transform your spirit and motivate you to:

  • Bust free from self-imposed shackles that are holding you back
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and allow a “can do” attitude to flow through your life
  • Awaken to the amazing power you have within to overcome any challenge
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