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Day by day, America is damaged more and more.Not only by the Wuhan Coronavirus, but by those in the Democrat Party, who use the pandemic to destroy the economy and the country. The Pandemic Task Force of the President has become entrapped by Democrat saboteurs. We can see day by day that these saboteurs are forcing the president into ineffective measures or counter-productive measures. Now the saboteurs are revealed in this bombshell report. The key to saving the country, the economy, and the presidency is shown in this book.

Written by one of America’s leading experts on the political and economic aspects of the pandemic, Dr Joel S Holmes (Engineer), this report shows who is working to destroy the country, destroy the economy, and destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. The enemies of America are revealed through use of imagination. Use your imagination and this book, you will see things which are amazing. And who open the door to find the saboteurs. This book is a voyage into imagination, a voyage into saving the country and saving the presidency.

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