The Trials & Tribulations of Lily McBride

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Lily McBride is a 6th-grader going into seventh. But during the summer, her dreams become an epicenter of paranormal intrigue. She lives in a small New England town, and at the age of 12 is beginning to enjoy some unsupervised freedom. Lily spends summer with her best friend, Bethany, the two are tighter than ticks. That’s what her father says. It just means they’re BFF’s.

When Lily buys an antique toy from Attic Treasures, strange things begin to happen. She’s afraid to tell anyone about the frightening dreams she’s having because they might think something’s wrong with her – or worse, people could possibly laugh. Thus, she records the incidents in her journal.

A fun read with an undercurrent of paranormal, mystery and time travel events, this book is suitable for pre-teen readers age 7 and above.