Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can’t Argue With A Changed Life

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In Treatment or Transformation you will find 13 powerful stories where God intervened and radically transformed lives. The young women you will read about in this book represent thousands who have received the same transformation since Mercy Multiplied opened its first residential home in 1983. Many people have been diagnosed with such things as bipolar disorder, clinical depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, an eating disorder . . . the list goes on and on. These diagnoses have become their identity. They are unable to imagine a life of complete freedom without addiction, depression, or the effects of abuse. BUT there is no such thing as a life that cannot be transformed when Jesus is allowed to work. Read how these 13 heroic young women have replaced the lies that have held them in bondage with God s truth and freedom. This book will provide you with 13 REAL STORIES of why you can t argue with a changed life.