Canadian Prime Minister goes Full “Bull” Connor with Freedom Truckers

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Which will it be? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “New! Improved!” imperial police régime, or Bull Connor’s old-school, Birmingham, Alabama ruffian police state? As you have seen, Plan A has been selected by our elite, rather than the old-style police dogs and firehoses. The new oppressors of today – all done for “your own good,” of course – have just put a smiley face on their virtual dogs, illegally confiscated your gasoline cans, and stolen your money to support the truckers from GoFundMe (to direct to a charity of their choice – can you say “BLM related?”).

All this while the talking heads in the fake news solemnly but amorally intone that we are breaking the law – the same law that had zero bearing to them as Antifa thugs violently burned millions of dollars of mom-and-pop shops to the ground, shot and killed more than one in the Seattle “summer of love” CHAZ/CHOP hellhole, and literally burned books in Portland (since deleted from Youtube, but I did, in fact, personally watch it).

The Premier of Ontario (for Americans, think “governor”; this province, population-wise, is by far the largest in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area is the fourth largest metro area in all of North America) announced on February 11 that he would use all government resources to stop the truckers convoy for human freedom over vaccine mandates.

In his own words on Twitter, listen to Premier Ford himself, including stating that… This is no longer a protest, and that people protesting for their basic human rights – which rights are the supreme law of the land, as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms hereare apt to a $100,000 fine and a year in jail for having the temerity to ask for mere freedom. Too bad these protesters weren’t Antifa burning down million-dollar buildings and assaulting people, as otherwise they might then be put on probation for a week and released back onto the street in a day! And corrupt Prime Minister Trudeau (what? You haven’t heard about the outrageous financial scandals he is neck-deep in, such as the WE fake charity scandal, as well as the SNC-Lavalin caper? He out-Clintons, even the Clintons when it comes to financial sleaze) would be taking a knee in support.

In a manner not unlike what the Soviets did, the protesters have almost become non-persons (which Wikipedia, as co-opted as it is, defines as a citizen or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society (damnatio memoriae ). All this is led by uber-hypocrite Justin “Blackface” Trudeau, where “Blackface” is in reference to more than one picture of him donning blackface mocking blacks as a “joke.”

Neither Trudeau nor Premier Ford has a clue that, in the Western tradition, our rights are not granted by the state, but are intrinsic to us, particularly as given by God. Even the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrines the rights and freedoms of all human beings⏤was adopted by all nations as Resolution 217 December 10, 1948, at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France, recognized as much. 

The government does not direct our police forces. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Premier Ford said that the government does not direct our police forces, only sets the laws. Set the laws? Does he mean the laws wanted by the people… like those tens of thousands gathered outside his window in Queen’s Park, Toronto? Or does Ford mean “laws” like those capricious diktats of the state of Alabama and its Democrat Governor George Wallace in the early 1960s? Or perhaps the laws of Democrat Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham, Alabama, Eugene “Bull” Connor?

Pictured here are those “laws” being enforced by the “Commissioner of Public Safety,” the famed Bull Connor. Truth is, our laws, which Sir William Blackstone (1723 – 1780; care to pass the bar for your law degree? Better have him down cold!) codified and traced all the way back in English Common Law to King Alfred, are clear and unequivocal on the defense of our natural rights, king or no king, gamed “laws” or not. And parallel to this is another seminal figure, Thomas Aquinas, whom Thomas D’Andrea at Univ. of Cambridge says noted is generally regarded as the West’s pre-eminent theorist of the natural law, and who also says in his magnum opus, Summa Theologiae, that man intrinsically has natural rights.

Mssrs. Trudeau et Ford: Re. your disdain for the rights of the truckers, which in turn represent all of us poor, unwashed masses in flyover country, to turn a centuries-old phrase: Honni soit qui mal y pense le truckers (shame on anyone who thinks evil of the truckers).

It’s the economy, stupid!

And now, on both sides of the border, our feckless leaders are crying crocodile tears about the damage to the economy. Both grotesquely incompetent Michigan Gov. Whitmer and ridiculous Ontario Premier Ford are concerned about the damage to the economy. Really and truly? Unknown to these dear non-Einsteins, as a matter of fact, those protesting are the very “worker bees” who are most impacted by the shutdowns.

If our out-of-touch leaders had an iota of a clue, they would know that protesting to one’s own detriment just shows the magnitude of the protest, and the commitment of the protesters. And exactly where were our – to use the North Korean argot – “Dear Leaders” for the shutdowns they, themselves, created when this all started? Even Yahoo News (which I would normally cite just after the Daily Tattler, or worse, Snopes, for any “facts”) says that the cost of shutdowns in the US alone was $169 billion, or $6 million per person. And don’t forget all the suicides, ruined careers, destroyed educations, and children’s psychological stability destroyed, perhaps forever. No worries from these leaders then! Or another study from Univ. of Southern California talked about the US alone losing $3 to $ 4 trillion a year ago. 

No doubt a quick DuckDuckGo web search on your Brave browser (what? Are you still using “First, let’s only do evil” Google and its panopticon Chrome? For shame. Why not try, if not Brave and DuckDuckGo, the Vivaldi browser, and the Swiss Cows search engine. Quit feeding the crocodile that is only planning to eat you later this afternoon!) will turn up all kinds of different metrics, but – as Hilary might say about human lives, when it comes to the actual number of dollars lost, “what does it matter!?” Whatever number you come up with, the numbers, in terms of lives and businesses destroyed, as well as dollars lost, are staggering. And the leaders’ shutdowns went on for two whole years. And now these self-same people who created the disaster want to fine protesters $100,000 and a year in jail?

If so, can we apply that same metric to these leaders? That is, if shutting down the economy for two weeks costs as above, then shutting down the economy for over 100 weeks – as the leaders did⏤should, by my back of the serviette (yes, that’s Canadian for paper napkin… and do NOT ask for a napkin in the UK, unless you want a diaper) calculate out to  $10,000,000 (just a pittance when it comes to corrupt leaders like Trudeau) and 100 years in jail. 

Sounds about right to me.

When the troops won’t leave the barracks… you, Dear Leader, have a big problem.

The truth is, the fake leaders have lost the consent not only of the governed, but have also lost the support of the people they planned to enforce their “goonery” – the police. Here is RCMP Corporal Bulford, who was directly on the RCMP detail to assigned to protect Justin Trudeau and visiting dignitaries, resigning his commission that he trained his whole life for, due to the violation of human rights he saw. Listen to him. It is profound. I suspect that Youtube could well delete this, but no matter. Simply DuckDuckGo “Corporal Daniel Bulford RCMP speaks out against mandates” and do your own search; Rumble also has his resignation here. Truth is, the cat is out of the bag, and Bulford is just one of a rapidly increasing number. Such as Ed Genier, here, a former officer of the Ontario Provincial Police (heck, he may have pulled me over for speeding once or twice for all I know!), asking officers to stand down and not follow unlawful orders that violate higher laws, no matter who issues the order (Nuremberg anyone?).

The Running of the Bull

Here is another Ontario police officer saying the same thing, who says she will support the charter of rights and freedoms no matter what. Here is Major Stephen Chledowski, who served as a senior leader for the Canadian army in Afghanistan and risked his own life, telling us – just like Aquinas, just like Sir Blackstone… and down to the truckers today – that humans are inherently free, and authorities can only suppress freedom, not give or take it. Here’s more: Here is Calgary Constable Brian Denison comparing the lockdowns to Nazi genocide, and stating what he was told to do – and refused – were unlawful orders. Here are Canadian military veterans removing barricades and cleaning up the National War Memorial in Ottawa. (Question: Did you ever see Antifa thugs clean up anything??)  Here is Alberta police officer Nick Motycka saying the politicians are using police as “hired goons” to do the dirty business they are too elite to do (and of course, Mr. Trudeau will not even deign to walk the literal couple hundred meters or so from the Parliament Building to meet the protesters on Wellington Street… better have, as the Romans did, “barbarian mercenaries” (here, the street police)to do the dirty work. This didn’t work for Rome, and it will not work for drama teacher-turned PM Trudeau. 

But perhaps most importantly, when it comes to this modern-day Spartacus revolt, Brian Peckford, the last living author of the law of the land in Canada, the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights, of which PM Trudeau’s father, Pierre, was also intimately involved – explicitly stated just this month that the government is in violation with its written contract with the people. Read that again. An exaggeration, perhaps? Then listen to Peckford yourself here. Make your own judgment. How long will the police violate not only the law of the land, but attack their own countrymen? They are already deserting the ship as noted above, and the Trudeau’s piratical ship of WEF-directed lackeys, flying the fasco-Marxist flag-cum- smiley-face to lull the easily-led – has sprung a serious leak, and is starting its final plunge, weighted down with a myriad of trucks.  

And as we learned from Nuremberg, “I was just following orders” doesn’t wash as a defense – and the police know it. The lesson of Nuremberg have not been totally lost. And as we also from the later repressive regime of East Germany’s Erich Honecker (actual last leader was  Egon Krenz), when you lose your police muscle, it is game over. Read yourself the story where it all came to an end in Leipzig here, when on October 9, 1989, 70,000 people cried “Wir sind das Volk” (We are the people)” and “No violence” (apparently no Antifa agent provocateurs were in attendance that day with fake Confederate flags!), but – importantly – the soldiers refused to fire on the crowd, to do the dirty work of the politicians.

In Canada, we are not quite there yet. For example, do a search for one of the true heroes of this revolt for human freedom and dignity, a refugee and pastor from Communist Poland, Artur Pawlowski. Like Martin Luther King, he has been repeatedly arrested, thrown in jails where lights were left on all night, loud noises played, and had other puerile police state stunts perpetrated on him. Pastor Pawlowski is a little different in his quest for simple freedom than that other prisoner #7989, pictured here. Both believe/believed in human freedom and dignity. Both are/were non-violent men of the cloth. And both were mercilessly tormented by what was the “legal” law… but not the moral law, which must necessarily and always provide the foundation for the written law, just as Martin Luther King told us in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Unfortunately, as Talleyrand purportedly said about Mr. Trudeau, Premier Ford, Gov. Whitmer, and Mr. Biden, They learned nothing, and they forgot nothing. 

 Every time you step on us, we grow and multiply.

Truth is, with every threat, with every arrest, with every truck driver who loses their truck due to confiscation, for every police and RCMP Mountie that defects to the moral side, the illegitimate state – frantically defended by today’s version of Pravda and Izvestia – loses ground. And the people, awakened by the honking of the truckers, are aware, as was said by another protester of a regime that finally failed, We know they are lying;  they know they are lying; they know we know they are lying; we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying. – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

The point is, every lockdown lie they utter is now is countermanded by the sounds of a hundred trucks honking. 

(I vote in the Canadian riding of Carleton, in Ontario; however, as a current resident of the Chicago area in Venezuellinois, in true “Vote early, vote often” fashion of this area, I also vote in the US.) I wrote Premier Ford today:

When you, sir, call the people asking for their NATURAL, God-given rights back as “illegal occupiers,” truth is, you, Mr. Ford, are the “illegal occupier” of the premier’s chair in Queen’s Park that you now sit in.


You only govern at the pleasure of the governed. Which you now have clearly lost, while violating our public trust. 

Last helicopter out of Saigon, 18 Gia Long Street, April 29, 1975.

As I have noted before, the elite had better keep their helicopters warmed up, for we have seen before what happens when the leaders do not have the consent of the people, the human terrain.


Blaise Vanne is a dual US and Canadian citizen, having lived half his adult life in both countries, but currently living in the Chicago, IL. area. Along with his dual citizenship, which allows for a less common perspective on today's events, he has completed graduate degrees at both University of Illinois, Urbana, as well as the University of British Columbia. Having originally taught on the post-secondary in western Canada, he is now actively employed in the health care field, but keeps alive his first love, research and writing.

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