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October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021

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We’re Onto Your Scheme Nancy

Well, Nancy, we’re onto your scheme. We know what you’re planning on doing this November. It’s clear to us that you intend to steal the 2020 election from the American people, focusing your energies on holding the U.S. House and taking the Senate back from the Republicans. Unless he makes a major misstep – not likely – you’ve pretty much given up hope that any Democrat can defeat President Trump.

Anatomy of a COUP

We once called them Banana Republics. The so-called Third World countries in Central and South America where they changed governments about as often as the wind changed direction. And the change in those governments wasn’t necessarily done...

Retired General Stanley McChrystal and The Boston CoronaCoup

McChrystal was known for saying what some military leaders thought but would never say, in fact, when Obama relieved him of his duties, or he resigned, the Afghanistan President Karzai appealed to Obama, calling McChrystal “the face of the campaign” and the best commander the war has had. Well Karzai would, he’s sitting on the mounds of poppy’s and we all know now how the Afghanistan war played out, not in our favor, it was President Trump’s efforts in ending it.

Paws For Veterans Therapy Act – Will Improve the Lives of Our Veterans

This bill authorizes the VA to provide grants to the vast number of nonprofit groups that teach Veterans how to train service dogs. Once the program is completed, Veterans can adopt one of these dogs for their ongoing therapy, or should I state that it’s the dog that chooses its owner. This bill passed with strong and resounding bipartisan support on the House floor with 324 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

LEMONade for Trump Supporters

My message for Mr. Don Lemon – The Patriots you speak of⏤are the quiet Americans who protect us, who enhance our lives, who create jobs and income for many other Americans. They are not in the streets protesting, they are not on the government dole, and they are not demeaning their fellow Americans. They are intelligent, informed, productive and they love this President.

An American Fifth Column? 

What is it with these Democrats? Even after three years of incomparable success under Trump's leadership, they are still consumed by rage. They cannot understand why Trump hasn't already collapsed under their withering assaults like any...


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