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FEAR is one of those dirty four letter words that powerful people use to pickpocket Americans in broad daylight. The climate change profiteers say it’s a numbers game, that the earth is burning up if we just follow the facts. That the numbers don’t lie. But isn’t it the interpretation of those numbers against historical data that creates the argument in the first place?
The counter argument is that climate change is simply another vehicle to stoke fear and control the people. One of the most obvious arguments is how the climate people dropped the ‘global warming’ moniker and went to ‘climate change’, might the next name change be ‘global freezing’? We will explain more on that and what is truly behind the climate debate.
Climate change is the perfect vehicle to take away your freedom and rights: No airplanes – AOC and New Green Deal; No guns – Kamala Harris and Beta O’Rourke; No beef – Bernie, AOC and Burger King’s Impossible WHOPPER; Forced Abortion  – Bernie and Population Control as Climate Change Solution; Back in Paris accord – USA pays for everything; No fossil fuels – 85% of US energy needs come from Fossil, 85% of France from Nuclear Power, Duh! Govt controls everything, including whether YOU live or die = govt healthcare.
Dr. Jay Lehr is the Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. Dr. Joel Glass is an engineer working in the field of infrastructure for ultra-cold climate environments. His new book, ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY.


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