Coordinated Destruction; Let’s Start With the Eggs!

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My family eats a lot of eggs, and the last dozen eggs we purchased cost 8 bucks; like many other Americans, I’m now shopping for chickens, and asking what the hell is actually going on here?

I live in a small town in Ohio where we are surrounded by cornfields, and quite a few of my friends are farmers. Throw me a bottle of homemade moonshine and sit me down around a campfire with hillbillies and rednecks, and I’m happy. So after spending 8 bucks on a dozen eggs, I decided to talk to some farmers I know about what they think is causing this chicken and egg crisis.

Interestingly a few of them told stories about how they started testing out their chicken feed when their chickens stopped laying eggs. Desperate to find out what the problem was, they began to feed their chickens alternatives to traditionally bought and manufactured chicken feed. This seemed to solve the problem. Not using CCP/Gates farmed feed for the chickens got their chickens producing eggs again. If you have chickens, try this trick out and let me know if it works. Is the feed causing the problems? Why and who put it there? Is it a stretch to believe that the same government that told us the death jabs were safe and effective would allow something to occur that would disrupt our food supply? Good question.

Everywhere we look, we see government-manufactured crises, which leads me to my next topic, our inevitable and highly manufactured, economic collapse. Despite Biden telling us that our economy is stronger than ever, it isn’t hard to see everything crumbling before our eyes. By now, we should be used to taking anything that this idiot says and knowing that the truth is ⏤ will be the opposite.

The economy is a disaster and appears to be part of the WEF New World Order plan to destroy America and usher in a global digital currency. Have you taken a look at interest rates lately? Shelter inflation is up to nearly 8%, and rent inflation is up to 8.6%; both increased significantly from just December of last year to now. Who out there has received an 8% raise at work? I know I haven’t.

There are many macroeconomic forces at work here, including the devaluation of the dollar through inflation and printing, as well as the elimination of production and the inability to produce natural resources, all of which make the dollar irrelevant and weaken our international trade position.

We are sitting on one of the most naturally resource-rich continents on the planet, yet we are unable to produce because Biden and the leftist lunatics say we can’t mine or drill. Further, we have regulated the manufacturing that built our nation through the 20th century by making it more profitable to manufacture in places like communist China, where the only regulatory costs are paying off local communist party officials. The result of all of these factors is the collapse of our economy and the destruction of the dollar, and it’s difficult to believe that this is not being done intentionally.

The last item we produce that allows us to trade from a position of power on a global level is agriculture. We produce food for the world, and that is still something that allows us to protect the dollar. We have destroyed manufacturing, prevented the production of natural resources, and now look what is happening to the food supply. See how this is all tied together?

Why are food manufacturing plants burning down? Why are chickens being poisoned and other mechanisms of food processing and/or farming being destroyed in various ways? There is a clear design to undermine America, our sovereignty, and our freedoms.

It’s time to wake up folks, buy gold (go to and tell them Renz sent you), and protect yourself in any way you can; investing in precious metals is good, and fighting back locally is also critical. I assure you that my attorney friends and I will be filing countless lawsuits to fight digital currency and the continued destruction of our economy; however, we need you all to be aware of what is happening and why. We are living in scary times, folks, and we need to stick together and demand unprecedented changes now. We absolutely cannot allow the WEF globalists to divide us and distract us while they steal our country.

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Renz’s fight as an attorney working towards freedom, justice, and equality has taught him the critical truth that creating change in our nation requires more than just “lawyer-work”, it requires we the people taking part and pushing the legal and political systems. To that extent he has expanded from his legal work to develop a growing Substack, a podcast, and now to launch this radio show. The legal reform work must be supported by political reform and an active and informed people… that is the hope of this endeavor.

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