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October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021

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Defund Public Schools!

by | Aug 18, 2021 |

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Most calls to “defund” something come from the Leftist Socialist Democrats. “Defund the police!” they shout. Finally, there is something conservatives can justifiably demand defunding: public schools. 

Why Defund Public Schools?

  • Public schools are teaching hatred of America. Any psychologist will tell you that self-hatred is a recipe for self-destructive behavior. That is exactly what Leftists want: for America to self-destroy itself. This is not what we want our local tax money to pay for.
  • Public schools are teaching races to hate one another. How? With Critical Race Theory curriculums that teach all white children, they are guilty of racism and teach all other races that they are helpless victims of white racism. Why should we pay anybody to teach racism to our own children?
  • Public schools are not teaching the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Student scores are at an all-time low. The deal is, we pay you to teach these skills. If you don’t, we want our money back! 

Defund Public Schools Now!

Your honor, conservatives call to the stand our star witness for defunding public schools: Oregon. Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill on July 14 that suspends the state High School graduation requirements that students demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and math. This is the typical “soft bigotry” of liberals: if you can’t teach to the standard, lower or eliminate the standard.

Note to employers: don’t hire anyone with an Oregon high school diploma. Test them yourself. 

The opinion of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal is that Oregon school officials and politicians were embarrassed that too many minority children fail tests of essential skills. That might appear “racist.” Their solution? No standards, no tests, and no graduation requirements. Everybody graduates! No racism to see here! Move along, move along.

The Hidden Scam

The hidden scam is that if everybody graduates, the teachers are off the hook for doing any actual teaching of the essential skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Imagine if the rest of us were told that we did not have to do the job we were hired to do? How cushy is that?

If this were a service offered by the private sector, we would demand our money back. When the airline says, “your flight won’t fly today,” you get a refund. Service not delivered = refund of your money. Government services are the only sector where this doesn’t apply. 

Of course, if the government ran the airlines, they would simply relax the standards. “No flight today. But our definition of today is anytime in the next ten days so that you will get your flight today by our standards. Ten days from now. So, no refund for you.”

Why No Refunds from School Boards?

Why no refunds from school boards even when they don’t teach your children the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic? Three reasons:

  1. Public schools are a government monopoly of school funding. While private schools are allowed to operate, the parents have to pay double: property taxes to the school board and tuition money to the private school. 
  2. Public schools get your money from taxes no matter what. Even people with no children pay school taxes in the form of property taxes—your money, but not your choice.
  3. Public schools are a government monopoly, and whether you receive services or not, the government offers no refunds for your tax money. Sorry, Charlie.

The Solution? Defund Public Schools!

The solution is to defund public schools, refund the tax money and allow parents to shop among competing schools and methods of education, online or in-person. When we decide how we spend our own money, we are more likely to get our money’s worth. This includes getting refunds when the product or service does not work as advertised. 

Many employers have to do remedial reading training for new employees who can’t read basic safety instructions on machinery. This is rework. We pay for it. Embedded in the cost of the product (car, fast food, groceries) is the cost of re-teaching reading to an employee who did not learn it in the public school. So, we pay twice: once in taxes for the public schools who didn’t do the job, and secondly in the cost of the product or service from a company who had to teach basic reading to a supposed high school graduate. 

Education is readily available online now. Many companies use competency-based training that tests whether you learned or not. Shouldn’t we do the same? Defund Public Schools, refund the tax money to taxpayers and start getting our money’s worth from a proven source: the free market. 

Action Item: No School Taxation Without Results!

Go to your next school board meeting and ask for a money-back guarantee. If your child does not learn how to read, write and do arithmetic at grade level, you get your property tax money refunded. In 1776 the slogan was “No taxation without representation.” Now we are over-taxed and over-represented by useless politicians. Today’s slogan should be: “No school taxation without results!”

For more ideas on how to take back our public schools, join School Board Watchlist, a network for concerned parents funded by Turning Point USA. 

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a life-long student of liberty, limited government, and free-market economics. As a young man, he taught and crewed at the Flint School aboard the 156’ two-masted schooner Te Vega sailing in Europe. Atlas Shrugged was required reading.

In 2010 he saw the acceleration of big government control in politics, business, and culture. Hoping to reach the next generation through fiction entertainment, he wrote the prophetic novel The Noah Option. Powerful politicians target brilliant black scientist Dr. Grace Washington. Her story continues in the sequel, The Rainbow Option, when powerful elites unleash a deadly virus on unsuspecting Americans, and Grace must develop a cure. In The Timshel Option, ISIS invades and creates The New England Caliphate, making women second-class citizens. One teenage girl fights back.

"The things I predicted in my novels came true in the nightly news. Our country is in trouble. Like Abraham Lincoln, I hope for a new birth of freedom,” says McCarthy.

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