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October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021

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Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy

by | Aug 12, 2021 |

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To save Democracy, Democrats want to destroy Democracy! 

Yes, this will save it, but not for the American people! Yes, Democrats want to put Democracy on the shelf for some other nation to try. In its place, woke Democrats are force-feeding America its own destruction.

Yes, Democrats are tired of Democracy, and they’re vocally exhausted with it! They believe it’s evil when people, the dumbest among us (which according to enlightened Progressives is most of us), are allowed to have a voice in local, state, and federal decisions and policymaking.

Let’s face it, Democracy is messy and takes too much time, and in the end, it doesn’t give Democrats the apparent authority to move forward with their excellent ideas and plans. That’s why cooking up something like “Racial identity Politics” works so well for them.

This allows them to say that “systemic racism” has so corrupted the nation that there’s only one thing to do, and that’s to tear down all white supremacy-built institutions and forms of government and start over with a new model based on critical race theory and racial equity.

We’ve heard the chant “Defund the Police” and even “Disband the Police” from Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and scores of other twisted Marxist’s minds among the Democrats’ radical progressives.

Now, this remains problematic given that the country is still 60% White. But our White, left-of-center elites, those mealy-mouth Democrats wracked with racial guilt, they’re more than willing to surrender any rational thinking about the lie that is systemic racism.

Moreover, the Biden administration uses its executive power to change American demographics by flipping the ratio of Whites to “People of Color.” How, might you ask, are his cabinet secretaries like Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), going about this change of national complexion?  By allowing anyone of “Color” to cross over what was once our Southern sovereign border with Mexico. And as if illegal entry isn’t enough, these migrants are setting up residence anywhere within the United States they care to without local authority control or even notification they’ve moved into the neighborhood.

And as Biden’s enablers add cruel insult to injured American sovereignty, taxpayers must immediately support migrants at the cost of 150 Billion dollars a year. After all, these aliens are economic refugees who are penniless after paying Mexican cartels thousands of dollars to ensure passage across the border. 

And this welfare goes on ad infinitum. As a result, we’re already at a record-setting pace of 1,100,000 border apprehensions this fiscal year, and these are just the ones who surrender at a port of entry, or the Border Patrol catches. 

To speed this transition along, the Biden administration has cut back on legal immigration. This year, instead of our usual grant of one million new, legal citizenships to immigrants, the Biden administration will deny 120,000 fewer immigrants the path to citizenship promised them by Congress this past year.

The exact reasons for this drawback policy change on legal immigration remains unknown. But as conspiratorial as this sounds, it’s probable the “racial equity warriors in Biden’s administration can’t suffer any additional White people immigrating to America while they’re trying to change the country’s racial composition. 

You see, the problem is most of the people legally immigrating to the United States are Conservatives. These legal immigrants have come by their conservatism the old-fashioned way; they’ve earned it! They’ve earned it by living in and suffering through totalitarian societies!

Yes, listening to Democrats, you think that America is part of a guilt-laced Wayne’s World! Surely you remember Wayne’s World from Saturday Night Live. Where Mike Myers and Dana Carvey always complained that they were not worthy. 

The “we’re not worthy” slogan is the same one Democrats want America to adopt. Politically, this “we’re not worthy” nonsense got started right after Barack Obama’s inauguration. That’s when he traveled around the world apologizing for America.

In addition to race, Democrats have employed Covid-19 to operationalized their authoritarian approach to governing. Through Covid-19, all mandates and dictates have been possible and are likely to continue through one Covid-19 variant after another.

And, who paid for the virological research that made Covid-19 possible? Well, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health, of course!

Surely you remember the Progressive Left’s Public Health Shills like Tiny Tyrant Doctor Fauci who needed only two weeks of lockdowns to flatten the rising curve of Covid-19 infections. Instead, pouty Doctor Fauci and companion public health wannabe potentates have used Covid-19 to flatten our civil rights and liberties. Will we ever rise and reclaim our Constitutional rights?

The Progressive Left Democrats’ demand to rule by mandates and dictates goes far beyond any single domain in our everyday world. Democrats, with the help of their propaganda partners in the liberal media, are targeting all aspects of life as dreadfully racist, systemically racist. 

And anything that’s systemically racist demands a redo, or in the words of the Democrat party, they aim to Build, Back, Better. 

So, let me ask you, what have Democrats built back better during their first seven months while in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House? Let’s take a quick look.

  • Immigration: Aliens are crossing the Southern border claiming asylum from what? Our laws allow their entry if they are genuine refugees, fleeing extreme harm or possible death because of race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion.

Except for Venezuelans, 99% of the 1.1 million asylum-seeking refugees Homeland Security has allowed into the country are not refugees. Instead, they’re people fleeing poverty. We happen to have 10.5 million American children currently living below the federal poverty line. So, ask yourself, why is DHS graciously admitting millions of foreigners into America without question. Have we solved all our poverty problems?

But, then again, these migrants are here by invitation of the President and the Democrat Party. So despite the Biden administration’s official position of “do not come” and “do not come now,” DHS has instructed the Border Patrol to welcome nearly everyone.

Second, Biden is welcoming unaccompanied children without question. So, despite our growing demands on child protective and social services, we’ve now become the world’s largest alien foster parent nation.

As for Cubans wishing to flee the Communist island, DHS has issued orders that any Cuban citizen attempting to enter America will be sent back to Cuba. You see, Cubans overwhelmingly vote Republican, and the Biden Marxists will have none of this type of immigration. We’re trying to move to a Marxist model of government. Why would we allow someone to flee from it and possibly bad-mouth the practice?

Has anyone seriously questioned President Biden as to why we need to import what could be well over 6 million migrants by the end of his first term? To what end have we opened ourselves to the costs and uncertain security from this massive human influx?

Finally, 21% of current migrants entering the country are Covid-19 positive raises troubling questions for the DHS and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) policy. These federal departments are in charge of keeping American citizens safe from imported disease.

  • Inflation: Unquestionably, prices for all goods and services are rising and alarming our financial markets and eroding our family home economics. We’ve been told this near 6% inflation spike is just that, and it will return to its 1-2% usual. Do you believe the bad genie is going back in the box? I don’t.

Biden is determined to spend our children’s future taxes on big government programs. So the Federal Reserve will continue to print and borrow money in astronomical sums to pump into socialist programs. Remedial economics students know this is high-test octane fuel for voraciously uncontrolled inflation. 

  • Race Relations: Is there any aspect of daily life that is not labeled as poisoned by “White Supremacy” or “White Privilege?” The Biden administration has already suffered multiple federal court restraining orders on policies directed to advantage “people of color” over white citizens to rectify alleged prior racial inequities.

Furthermore, the Department of Education (DOE) continues to advance educational grants to K-12 schools wishing to insert Critical Race Theory (CRT) tenants into their Civics curricula.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Biden isn’t in charge of his Presidency. He’s just the guy who reads a teleprompter as instructed by his radical handlers.

  • Education: Radical Progressives who are clearly in control of the administration’s position on national K-12 education have partnered with the nation’s two most prominent teachers’ unions and the liberal media in support of radical “racial equity” programs as espoused by CRT. Moreover, it’s becoming clearer every day that parents are not in control of their children’s education, or any aspect of the curricula or social-emotional teaching employed by the Woke left to indoctrinate their children.

Currently, a Rhode Island school district’s teacher’s Union has sued a mother over her requests seeking information about whether her daughter’s school curriculum includes principles of “Critical Race Theory.” 

The Union’s lawsuit requests that a judge block the release of “non-public records” and implement “a balancing test that properly assesses the public interest in the records at issue measured against the teacher’s privacy rights.”  

What? Don’t you think this Mother and we have the right to know what the school teaches every child?

It’s not just Democrats in Washington DC who are the enemy of education. Recently the Oregon legislature passed, and Governor Kate Brown signed into law that a high school diploma isn’t a guarantee a student who earned it can read, write, or do math at a high school level. This law will be in effect for the next five years!

Charles Boyle, the governor’s deputy communications director, said, suspending the reading, writing, and math proficiency requirements. At the same time, the state develops new graduation standards that will benefit “Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.” But, of course, if Democrats become any more woke, they’ll shut the schools down! After all, standardized tests are racist because White people created them. Besides, these new, untested graduates all have smartphones that add, subtract, and read articles out loud for them. 

  • Voting: After the debacle that was the 2020 presidential election, what has the federal government done to ensure voting integrity across America? Well, they’ve introduced federal legislation (HR-1 & SR-1) to strip states from their constitutional right to conduct national and state elections. Yet, to date, 26 states have just revisited and, in many cases, rewritten their voting laws to strengthen voting integrity and voter confidence.

The Whitehouse should see these state efforts as a positive response toward enhancing voter integrity. But, predictably, these noble states’ efforts have met with presidential derision and bizarre name-calling. President Joe Biden has labeled all such actions a return to “Jim Crow” segregationist and voter suppression tactics by white-dominated state legislatures.

As if this name-calling wasn’t sufficiently inappropriate, the President has directed the Attorney General to sue Georgia to stop the state’s alleged racially discriminatory provisions of Georgia’s new voting law. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has also warned Texas that should their new voting rights bill become law; they will suffer the same treatment as Georgia.

  • Law and Order: Please let me know if anyone can find any positive outcomes from any Democrat-initiated policy proposals or legislation that has enhanced citizen security and safety over these past seven months. With all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, including the Google Search Engine, I can’t find any such thing.

Instead, we have cashless bail, refusal by district attorneys to prosecute misdemeanors and even low-level felonies, aggressive city and county budgetary assaults on police departments, and senseless assaults on private citizen gun ownership.

And what about outcomes? We’re watching the ever-escalating toll of violent crime, including in public gang shootings, murders, robberies, carjackings, vandalism, arson, shoplifting, and vicious, unprovoked assaults.

Police attrition rivals the Israelites Biblical exodus from Egypt as Moses parted the Red Sea.

In my view, Lady Justice isn’t only blind, and she’s left the building of injustice and isn’t likely to return soon.

  • Travel: the Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues to mandate facemasks for all commercial travel. This includes travel by commercial airline. Today’s commercial jets have the most sophisticated HEPA filter air exchange and circulation systems of any commercial travel on the planet. Yet, like with many things mandated by the CDC, there’s absolutely no scientific backing as to why passengers on planes, and especially their young children, must be masked during these journeys.
  • COVID-19: Through its minion agencies, the Biden administration has moved from encouraging Americans to become vaccinated into bullying the unvaccinated with threats and restrictions aimed at corrosive coercion. 

For example, President Biden has openly threatened to withhold federal funding from any institution that refuses to mandate vaccination for all their employees. He wants proof of immunization as a condition of continued employment. If colleges, universities, and defense contractors don’t comply, they’ll forfeit billions of dollars as a penalty.

With 70% of the population now fully vaccinated, who remains unvaccinated? Surprisingly, 36% of Black Americans have taken the shot against Covid-19. 

But the CDC continues to tell us that Black Americans are 2.5 times more likely to contract and suffer the consequences of Covid-19. The Biden administration uses this statistic as evidence of racial healthcare disparities in the Black population. Yet, pathetically, President Biden has failed publicly to encourage Black Americans to get vaccinated. Instead, Biden prefers pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated and hoping employer vaccine mandates will ensure Black comply.

Furthermore, the CDC’s guidance (essentially, it becomes a mandate as practiced by school boards and school districts) that all school-age children wear masks throughout the school day is entirely unsupported by any peer-reviewed science.

I am hard-pressed to understand what the Biden administration has contributed to solving the coronavirus rubric. There’s so much disinformation, misinformation, ego-driven lies, and flip-flops spoken by Dr. Fauci and politically sensitive CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky; one could swear the weather is more erratic. 

If not for the three Donald Trump warp speed vaccines, we’d see Biden as the Emperor he truly is, an Emperor without clothes and commonsense.

In closing, this quick review hardly scratches much less highlights the myriad destruction of the Biden Presidency. I’m not a pessimist; I’m a realist. Nevertheless, I will continue to look for the silver lining in any of the many Biden clouds passing by my computer screen every day. But as a wise person once advised me, “don’t hold your breath.”

Join me on Saturday for The Frankly Daniel Show, where I’ll expand on these issues and what Democrats are doing to destroy public education.

The Frankly Daniel Show airs on Sat/Sun at 9 AM ET, with an Encore at 4 PM – There’s the gospel truth, the obvious truth, and the truth of the Radical Left. Do any of us know the difference today? I’m Daniel Francis Baranowski, and I’ll be your host in today’s high-stakes, political arena of blood sport politics! Join me on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa.

Daniel Baranowski

Daniel Francis Baranowski is a lifelong Conservative. As Registered Respiratory Therapist, he directed departments of Respiratory Care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before joining Project HOPE as their Deputy Director of International Healthcare Education Programs. Daniel holds degrees from the University of Arizona, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University. Currently, he’s a retired Teaching Fellow from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

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Jimmy Mac
Jimmy Mac
1 month ago

Daniel, This was well written and to the point. One thing is for sure, no matter how much B.S. comes out of our Whitehouse, not all of us have a paper sack tossed over our heads nor do we feel “White Guilt” for something we had no control over, it’s history, it was our past, and we moved on. So our messed up administration needs to realize that America was built by ALL walks of life and as much as they are trying to separate, and destroy us, we will come together as one again and remove the cancers controlling our government offices throughout this country and poison our minds, to believe what they believe. We will rebuild brotherhood within America once again. We will never listen nor do we agree with the “Puppet of Fools” behind the Whitehouse doors. 🇺🇸 America will be strong again!

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