Did the FDA & CDC Withhold Evidence-based Treatments from Americans?

by | Aug 6, 2021 |

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Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, HCQ, Doxycycline…all have literally HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of doses administered over DECADES and their COMBINED injury history is FAR less than 1% of what the experimental COVID inoculations have accrued in just 7 months.

So, never mind that safe and effective treatments exist, as detailed in this second peer-reviewed paper my team published earlier this year.

> COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Global Health Crisis

Or the American Journal of Therapeutics confirmed recently here.

> Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

Never mind that these treatments have been known for the large part since at least April 2020 and have been wrongfully suppressed, discredited, politicized, censored, and vilified by the corporate media, the people we elected, the people they appointed, and social media information barons…despite doctors from around the world seeing them work medical miracles right before our very own eyes.

Never mind that safe and effective treatments have been withheld from people in need before and that it was widely denounced…see Tuskegee Experiment and Belmont Report.

> Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research

Never mind that we know the spike protein alone, as generated by the experimental COVID inoculations, to be injurious to the cardiovascular system & cellular mitochondria at the very least.

> SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2

Never mind that we know the spike protein from the experimental COVID inoculations to be injurious to the respiratory system and immune system at the very least.

> Anti-spike IgG causes severe acute lung injury by skewing macrophage responses during acute SARS-CoV infection

Never mind that we now know about additional safe and effective treatments in Glutathione (NAC), L-Arginine, Lecithin Powder, Iodine, Dandelion Leaf…

> SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2

> The Role of Glutathione in Protecting against the Severe Inflammatory Response Triggered by COVID-19

> Spike protein disulfide disruption as a potential treatment for SARS-CoV-2

Never mind that Glutathione Deficiency (along with Vitamin D, C, A, E, Zinc deficiencies) all have been positively linked to hospitalizations and deaths related to the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

> Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients

Never mind that just like the CDC has reported for deaths, 94+% of the people hospitalized for COVID in this study of 540,667 enrolled participants were people with severe underlying conditions (comorbidities)…meaning all of these people have been severely nutrient deficient for a very long time.

> Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19

Rather than look at the empirical evidence…think logically…address the root cause…NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES that the CDC has known about for almost 20 years…and get every American the nutrients they need, so they don’t have to live in fear…


Rather than allowing good people…who actually want to do the right thing…to use something proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be safer and more effective than social distancing, masking, and even the experimental COVID inoculations…


Well, let’s see how that turned out for 19-year-old Simone Scott, a promising college student with her whole life ahead of her, who died on Friday, June 11, 2021, at 11:19 am after a truly horrific series of medically incompetent acts following the experimental COVID inoculation. 

An experimental inoculation culminated in a rejected heart transplant as a final last-ditch effort, because spike proteins from the inoculation caused her heart to fail while she was away at college.

> 19-year-old Simone Scott was excited to get her second dose of @moderna_tx’s #Covid vaccine

How bad was it for her family?

It was so bad that her family had to start a Go Fund Me page to get the money to pay for the failed procedure…a procedure Simone Scott never should have needed…because Simone Scott SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAD ACCESS TO THE EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT AT RISK FOR HOSPITALIZATION OR DEATH FROM THE INFECTION AND BECAUSE THE EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS ARE STILL IN CLINICAL TRIAL!!!!

> Simone Scott heart transplant, family support

But Black Lives Matter, Right?

So, What About Simone Scott?

She Didn’t Die Due To Police Brutality.

She Died Because of the WILLFUL MISCONDUCT of elected and appointed officials in our government. People like Tony Fauci, who have consistently violated their oath of service to We The People & Our Constitution, and in doing so are potentially guilty of the greatest fraud ever enacted in human history.

What do you think about this?

Your taxpayer dollars are going to support the lies of elected and appointed officials…

to coerce hundreds of millions to take an experimental inoculation rather than safe, effective, and PROVEN treatments…

and now to subtly threaten citizens who are informed and exercising their right to decline this experiment, according to a new MIT study…

rather than helping families like Simone Scott’s, who needed money for emergency procedures due to injuries induced by a shot she should never have been allowed to have.

Where’s the justice for Simone Scott and her family?

Why can’t Simone’s family sue the companies making billions of dollars off the product that led to her wrongful death?

And even though the CDC paused distribution due to safety concerns…

And even though the CDC and ACIP held emergency meetings to ‘review’ over 1200 cases of myocarditis reported in teens in just 2-3 months…

And even though there are now warnings on each experimental COVID inoculation that the inoculation can result in death or permanent injury…

And even though over 10,000 people have died in 7 months in the US alone…


Where’s the CDC investigation for Simone Scott’s case?

I can’t find it. 

Where’s the CNN coverage or statements from Black Lives Matters or even compassionate recognition from the White House?

I haven’t heard any.

Where’s the outrage for a black life taken by misinformation from our government? 

I haven’t seen any.

Where are the protests in every city like the ones for George Floyd?

I don’t know, because a young teenager has tragically lost her life and no one seems to care.

Instead, in every city, on every TV and social media news feed, and according to the White House and every Governor beholden to the almighty corporate campaign dollar…

I am one of the 266 people backing the truth-tellers being vilified by an evil NGO as the disinformation dozen.

The people doing this have no morals, no ethics, no shame.

Their narratives have gone from 2-Weeks To Flatten The Curve to…



So, you can flatten me too?

Politely I say ‘No thank you. I don’t recognize your authority over my body, but I do recognize my right to decide and my right for it to be nobody’s business what I decide to do with MY BODY.’ 

The last day anyone had rights over another person’s body in the United States of America was June 19th, 1865…you know, that long-overdue new national holiday the White House just added to the calendar in their latest act of pandering to black people.

I am no slave and will never be.

A free citizen has the right to wait until the clinical trials are completed, review all of the long-term data, and still make their own decision without having their civil liberties threatened or restricted.

A slave does not.

A free citizen has the right to get the man-made infection and have access to peer-reviewed, evidence-based treatments such as Ivermectin and vitamin D. A free citizen has the right to take the risk of getting sick, recover, and then go on about their life to pursue their happiness.

A slave does not.

A free citizen has the right to make their own decisions and control what goes into and upon their body.

A slave does not.

So why are ‘They’ (the so-called elite) doing all of this?

I don’t know, but I know it’s evil to intentionally withhold treatments from people in need so you can profit insanely from a medical product that isn’t safe and doesn’t work.

I don’t know why ‘They’ are doing this, but we have the ability to find out through Grand Jury and Congressional Investigations.

Perhaps, it’s because there’s no profit and control over a free citizen when Americans think and act for themselves?

I’m a proud Black American Man who is an ordained minister for all faiths and people. I LOVE my country. I love all people, even the ones who disagree with me. 

And My Life Matters…Just Like All Lives Matter.

But you know what matters more than even a single life?

Freedom For All.

Freedom For All Matters Above All.

I am a 6th generation, FREE MAN.

That means that 7 generations ago, my family was enslaved by the same so-called elite who anointed themselves God’s chosen few. Talk about pathological megalomania.

My job is to make sure in my family line that there is a 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th…100th.

My fellow Americans, it’s time to do a full, transparent, and verifiable audit of all death certificates so we can officially correct the death count nationwide.

My team had designed a simple and effective methodology to quickly audit all the key data and correct the count…all we need is the opportunity.

It’s time to defund the CDC and FDA until regime change can be instituted in the HHS, FDA, CDC, NVSS so that the new people put in place understand the privilege of serving We The People and honor both their oaths of office and their oath to protect and uphold our Constitution.

It’s time to transparently investigate every aspect of this fiasco and hold any and all criminals to the highest standards of our laws.

> How to Stand for Health Freedom

> Act Now America: Ask Key Congressmen To Formally Investigate the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19

It’s time to draft and ratify amendments to the Bill of Rights that protect our right to decide what goes into and upon our bodies now and forever.

It’s time to reign in corrupt public health departments, drunk on the power their actions have created, and ensure that their greedy corporate sponsors cannot dictate public policy. 

Like all businesses in the country, if a citizen wants their products or services, and they truly are safe and effective, then citizens should have access to them. 

However, special rules and unconstitutional legal protections from litigation should no longer exist for the corporations profiteering from this man-made crisis.

It’s time to repeal the Bayh-Dole Act that allows people like Tony Fauci to profit off of the destruction he’s created.

> Bayh-Dole Act

It’s time to repeal the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act that allows propaganda to be pushed out daily by the media with impunity.

> H.R.5736 – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

It’s time to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and make vaccine manufacturers pay the bills they created for any and all injuries caused by their products, rather than forcing the American taxpayer to foot the bill.

> Petitions for compensation

It’s time to remember that what’s going on right now is, by definition, a human experiment…a failed human experiment looking at the safety data…and under our laws, it cannot be mandated or coerced. And it should be halted permanently…Less we become Nazi America.

> Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies

> Office for Human Research Protections

Want to exercise your right to refuse this experimental inoculation?

> Right to Refuse

> The New Normal: Citizens In Charge

No matter what your job, your school, your public health department, or your government may want you to believe…they don’t own your body…and you have a right to…


It’s time to tell our elected officials that they cannot continue to waste our precious taxpayer money on things like door-to-door, high-pressurized, coercion campaigns. Door-to-door coercion campaigns are EXACTLY what the Nazis did in Germany before they moved to more aggressive ‘relocation’ camps in the buildup to World War II.

So now, when I assert my right to refuse, is my government going to stitch a gold star on my jacket, tattoo my forearm, and put me into hard labor or human experimentation in a ‘relocation’ camp built for my safety?

Will the new gold star be a microchipped wristband?

Will the new tattoo be a nanobot injected into my body?

Will my forced relocation to a ‘safe’ place for the unvaccinated really just be a message to the ‘hesitant’ …Uncle Same Wants You To COMPLY or DIE?

I worry for our children’s future if we allow our Constitution to be deliberately ignored and illegally circumvented, so vaccine companies can pay for the public health policies and legislation they want. After all, the Citizen’s United ruling allows money to be poured into election campaigns, and we’re still dealing with the nightmare of that ruling.

Money isn’t the root of all evil…it’s the tool of the evil. 

Does anyone honestly believe that it’s a good idea for multinational billion-dollar corporations to have more influence over our elected officials than the citizens who foot all the bills? 

Let’s speak truth. 

Even contemplating mandatory vaccinations or a vaccine passport concept is not based upon any objective analysis of current data or evidence-based scientific literature.

Even contemplating these things is vulgar, completely unamerican, and incredibly offensive to everyone who suffered from these types of totalitarian power grabs…as most recently occurred in the years before and during World War II and prior to that during slavery. 

60 million people died to defeat everything the Nazis stood for. Hundreds of millions of people died to defeat slavery.

May God Bless Them & Every Person Who Does What’s Right During Dark Times.

The law is such a fickle thing.

At one time, forced relocation of citizens for eugenic experiments and torture was legal. Thank God for Winston Churchill and every brave man who stormed a beach in defiance of tyranny.

At one time, ownership of people, their children, and all the horror that accompanies the ugliest industry in human history was legal. Thank God for Harriet Tubman and every brave person who fought for what’s right.

Freedom For All Matters Above All.

If you’d like to donate to support this continued work, thank you for doing so here. https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTA4NDg4

We Were Born Free…Let’s Make Sure It Stays That Way!

Look for the 3-Part Special Series – From Two-Weeks to Flatten the Curve to Everyone Must Get the Shot!

COVID Inoculations: Potential Gain of Benefit vs. Risk of Injury Using CDC Data
2 Hyperinflation of Death Certificates: Did the CDC Defraud The American People?
3 Willful Misconduct: Did the FDA & CDC Withhold Evidence-based Treatments from Americans?

Dr. Henry Ealy

Dr. Henry Ealy (Dr. H) is the Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP and a proud Jackie Robinson Scholarship Alumnus. He has over 20 years of teaching & clinical experience helping people care for their amazing body by unlocking the healing potential of Natural Medicines.

Dr. H hosts a weekly nationwide program, Energetic Health Radio, and is a regular writer on the America Out Loud network detailing the latest empirical evidence and research regarding the COVID crisis. You can listen to and read his volunteer effort on his America Out Loud team page.

He is the lead author for the COVID Research Team that has published 5 manuscripts including the peer-reviewed and highly acclaimed COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective and the 444 page peer-reviewed position statement on willful misconduct COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Public Health Crisis. His team's work has been covered by Dr. Mercola, Green Med Info, USA Today, Stand for Health Freedom, the Organic Consumer's Association and many highly respected news outlets. His team is the first to submit Formal Grand Jury Petitions exposing the rampant acts of alleged willful misconduct and call for a Congressional Investigation into the CDC’s violations of multiple federal laws.

As an Ordained Minister for all denominations, Dr. H has been additionally certified as a Yoga Teacher, Clinical Massage Therapist, Human Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, as well as American Kenpo Teacher.

Having taught at the university graduate and undergraduate levels, he has a strong background in and deep passion for Data Verification & Analysis, Teaching & Personal Development, Curricula Design, American History, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, Clinical Massage Therapy, Lab Testing & Assessment, The Basic Human Sciences, Environmental Medicine, Climate Science, Holistic Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Ealy is the author of Energetic Health – Interesting Insights Into Advanced Natural Medicine and also holds educational copyrights on over 200 published works regarding Natural Medicine, Vaccine Education, Medical Cannabis, Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification, Release Point Therapy Clinical Massage & Holistic Nutrition.

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9 months ago

Great read! Thank you for adding more data to my knowledge base in order to fight against this tyranny more effectively.

bold truth
bold truth
9 months ago

Like the article but how do you get 100s of millions died to defeat slavery? Otherwise I can’t share.

9 months ago

Most Patriots knew the COVERT-19 was a Scam by Gates, Big Tech., the Deep State & the One World Commie Govt. maggots! Criminal Charges & Punishment By Death should be initiated against these EVIL Satan Worshiping SCUMBAGS who were emphatic about why Americans’ NEEDED to get the “WOKE POKE!” They KILLED innocent people when THEY KNEW the FLU was Curable by drugs at our local pharmacies!

9 months ago

thank you! spot on truth!

Aidan Archer
Aidan Archer
7 months ago

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