Disinformation Police Are Rooted in Communism

by | Jul 25, 2022 | ,

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After a successful launch on the America Out Loud Network, I found myself shocked. I had been put on a “disinformation” list by someone, followed by my State Senator. There was no warning, no investigation or justification; my name now sat alongside 108 others. On the list with me: Ben Shapiro, Tom Fitton, Mollie Hemingway, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson, and many other prominent names. Perhaps I should celebrate my newfound celebrity?

This led me to begin investigating. I wanted to ask people when they first heard the word “disinformation.” Most responded that they first heard the term used during the social media notifications of Covid disinformation. No one could properly identify the origins of the word. My research led me to discover that the word was used for communist propaganda by the KGB. Could our country be using the disinformation label for the same goals and objectives? Were they weaponizing a word against citizens?

The United States Disinformation Governance Board was announced in April of 2022 as a subcommittee approval for the budget on Homeland Security. This work was begun under President Trump in 2020, and continued under President Biden through the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. There was assurance that Americans would not be monitored. The first head was Nina Jankowicz, who publicly stated that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Trump campaign product. This has since been proven false, and Jankowicz resigned as she was a spreader of disinformation.

So how can we trust government when those in charge are guilty of the very thing they are tasked with overseeing. In comic book terms, “Who watches the Watchmen?”

Join this episode as I explore my findings and relate them to Deborah Birx and her disinformation regarding Covid science and research. 

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Greg Boulden

Greg Boulden is an objective critical thinker, licensed school teacher, and recipient of multiple awards in both industry and his personal life.

Greg is the host and managing editor of the podcast, “America Emboldened with Greg Boulden,” which is a part of the America Out Loud network. His podcast focuses on understanding individual sovereignty and critically thinking in an immersive news cycle full of slant and distraction.

For almost 25 years, Boulden has worked extensively in the industries of TV/Film, Music, Photography, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Youth Ministry. He currently works at Thomas McKean High School in Wilmington, DE, where he runs a career technology education pathway to help teens build skills and find jobs in Audio, Radio, and Video Broadcasting.

He was a sound designer for Dorian Gray the Musical, which was awarded Best New Show at the New York Music Festival.
 Boulden is a graduate of DeSales University.

He is annually recognized as a highly effective teacher, and students seem to think he’s a good dude. And don’t get him started on his affinity for Mrs. Robino’s Restaurant.

Distinguished Graduate Award from the Diocese of Wilmington.

Best New Show Award at the New York Music Festival for Sound Design

And many awards and acknowledgments for his volunteer efforts with Habitat for Humanity, working in community outreach efforts, and offering his time to build a better future for our youth.

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