September 26, 2021

September 26, 2021

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Energy Hygiene How-To’s: 10 Steps to Feeling Better

by | Jun 29, 2020 |

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Each day we are surrounded by other people’s energy, past happenings we mull around in our heads, future anxieties, electromagnetic frequencies that aren’t attuned to nature, screen-produced blue light, and just a heck of a lot of noise and shiny things all over. Our nervous systems have not adapted to this influx, and we are energetically affected everyday whether we mentally acknowledge this phenomenon or not. 
You know those days when you get a sun burn but it’s overcast?
Yep, the sun can pierce right through those clouds and get at ya, and your skin doesn’t know the difference. Your skin will burn when in the sun for too long even if you can’t see it.
Sun=light, light=energy….you get it.
The good news is humans have been on the planet for thousands of years and from many continents and cultures figured out tools to enhance the being part of being human. There are several ways to manage and enhance your energy.
Just like our physical bodies, we need to cleanse, but we can also enhance our health with sleep, fitness, herbs, supplements and so on. The tools I am sharing can be used for both cleansing and enhancing. 

Two Different ways to use Energy Hygiene Tools

1. Energy Cleansing
2. Energy Enhancing

The Tools

1. Breath
2. Nature
3. Mindset
4. Intention Visualization
5. Journal Writing
6. Music and Sound
7. Water
8. Smudging
9. Prayer
10. Tools (feathers, crystals, essential oils, etc…)

1. Breath and Meditation 
We breathe everyday, but consciously bringing your attention to your breath can have extremely beneficial effects. Countless studies have confirmed the benefits of conscious deeper, relaxed (non-effort) breathing. The beginner version would be to set a timer or reminder on your phone to just stop, and be aware of your breath. You can also exhale out stagnant energy. Here is a cleansing breath video for you here.
Meditation can be as simple as directing your attention to your body and breath. This increases presence, and presence automatically clears your energy. Just as 2 radio stations could not play at the same time without chaos, you can tune to the frequency of presence, and that state “washes” away the gunky energy because it cancels it out; like a sunbeam through fog.
2. Nature
Nature is amazing. We take it for granted, but we can fix that now. Go walk barefoot (if possible) on the earth. Go place your back to a tree and lean on it and breathe. If you are courageous, give that beautiful tree a hug 😉  Go for a walk and turn on your senses: Feel the air, smell the subtle smells, feel your body being bathed in the recalibrating energy and magnificence of Nature. 
3. Mindset
Most people experience thinking, as thoughts thinking them. The average person hasn’t been taught there are options to direct the mind. But, you can. You can direct, choose, and think your thoughts. YOU can manage your thoughts. If you are on a thought loop of feeling defeated, or life doesn’t work for you, or people don’t like you or you are not enough- like annoying elevator music that taints the air around you, while simultaneously being a familiar noise- these loops can go on and on weighing down your energy and effecting your life experience. Mindset is the ability to change that elevator music to suit you better, to feel better. Just notice your thoughts, and without judgment, redirect your thoughts by considering, entertaining, “trying on” other thoughts that might work better for you. Your thoughts effect your energy, and you can manage your thoughts. Example, “Life never works out for me…” could be altered to “I wonder how today is going to go, I am open to life working for me.”
4. Intention Visualization
I am using this term Intention Visualization, to show that your intention is needed to activate the magic of visualization. The second step would be to surrender your thinky-critical mind to the experience of visualizing. Your subconscious mind, the more powerful super-computer part of your brain than your cognitive mind, does not know the difference between the physical world happenings and properly done, focused, believed visualization. This is not about magical thinking or being delusional. It is about using all the tools you have to participate with the experience of your life, and to create better and better experiences. The alternative is to continue to react to life as it is, without activating the gift of imagination we simply do not use enough, or effectively, in our society.
An example of visualization would be to simply feel good when you are overwhelmed. Go in your mind to a place where you felt safe, like yourself, and just plain good. Re-live it like double clicking a computer link opens a file replacing the other file that was on the screen: Feel, see, smell,….What thoughts were you thinking there? How did you feel? How did life feel?  As you direct your mind to visualize, you can reset your entire energy system. All you need to do is feel it for about 60-120 seconds. Your energy has already begun resetting as soon as you decided to use your imagination with your will. Anyone can do this. Aim for feeling a little bit of relief rather than full-blown hunky-dory happy.
5. Journal Writing
Journalling is a technology.
The act of writing gets you in your body, and slows you down to hear your own experience by taking the time to write. All of the actions included in journalling can retrain your system. A thought has to be translated into a word, then your body needs to translate it into written form, then you read what you wrote. All of these actions integrate you.
When you can witness your experience by reading it, this can shift your perspective and give you more space to think clearly.
Writing thoughts and emotions down and taking the time to witness what is really going on for yourself is an act of self-care that is incredibly effective. It’s like you are your own parent, your own best friend, your own guide. You can completely let it all out on the page. It can be messy, and it can be mean- on the page- all of you is OK. The paper will not judge you. Getting the gunk out, allows for more space for your inner awesome self.
Note: This is not where you mindlessly complain over and over. Yes, you allow your experience out onto the page without judgement, but pay attention if you tend to stay stuck in a victim rut. You don’t want to stay attached to your drama.
6. Music and Sound
Whether you turn on a song you love, or play some soothing nature sounds your body responds to the frequencies of sound. Drums, bowls, and shakers have been used for thousands of years in ceremonies. There are some instruments that are made just to help your energy re-tune, literally. Crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, etc… are examples of instruments developed to optimize our energy. 
Play with different things, and don’t make it so serious. It’s called playing music for a reason. Let music and sound move your energy.
7. Water
Shower, swim, run your hands under running tap water and watch how water clears your energy. When you want even more clearing, you can add sea salt or epsom salts and some essential oils to your bath water. If you have no bathtub you can put your feet in that mixture and let the water and salt pull out old, stuck energy. Its deceptively easy and powerful to use water to clear you.
8. Smudging
Smudging has become extremely popular with the rise of new age practices and yoga. You can burn sage, palo Santo (if sourced ethically) or even incense to evoke a ceremonially space. The energy of smoke transmutes dense energies and allows for more flow and light. It’s a great tool when travelling or when you can feel that a room needs some extra energy. I use smudging when I work deeply with clients clearing their past energies to clear the room afterwards. Having an intention and reverence for the plant and smoke is also helpful to increase your clearing power.
9. Prayer
One of the most popular North American methods for energy clearing would certainly be Prayer. Whether it is the Bible, Qur’an, Torah, Zohar, or Buddhist texts, or any revered spiritual writings, prayers help us to ascend our thinking to a higher mind. We can feel more love, and not alone when using Prayer. We can surrender our mind’s worries, and feel like there is a loving force on our side. You can even write your own prayers if you feel there is something you would like to give over to a higher power. Prayer can transform your energy when done without attachment to outcome, and also if you let go of control and learn to receive more.
10.  Other Objects or Tools
You can use crystals, essential oils, plants, and many other items to assist with energy.
Simply google any one of these things and you will find tons of resources. 
The best way to use these tools is to try them on and see how you feel after a time. What works best for me is to use my intuition when I feel I need to cleanse my energy or boost my vitality. Sometimes, people can’t hear their intuition yet, but this will grow with time.
You are an energetic being, and as you learn to honour this you can improve your wellbeing, happiness and health.

Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith is a “Human Being Expert.” She has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and Integrated Psychotherapy at Lifespace. She is a certified Ontological Coach, Reiki Master, as well as a health and fitness trainer. She has also studied Oneness, Shamanism, and Intuitive healing work with mentors from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland, and North America.

An in-demand international speaker, professional singer, retreat leader, workshop facilitator, author, and coach, Jenna is your one-stop-shop for results that last a lifetime.

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