England’s COVID Liberation: Real or Ruse?

by | Jan 20, 2022 |

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Shouts of joy are sounding in England after all COVID dogma, mandates, and restrictions are suddenly lifted. I celebrate their newfound freedom from what was a truly tyrannical rule. As any Oregonian living under the dictates of a Marxist governor knows, freedom is sweet! Freedom is essential. Freedom is worth the fight. How many times did we hear the twisted words of our former Imposter in Chief, Barack Obama, boldly declare, “That’s not who we are!” Let’s just clarify who we are. We are a freedom-loving people who hope to remain free. The “we” in that sentence includes the entire world.

Is England’s liberation real? Or is it just the eye of the storm?

Kudos to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for this sudden shift in policy. He is to be highly praised for ending the political COVID tyranny in his country. Of course, this should have been done long ago, and truly none of it should have ever happened in the first place. Johnson’s sudden change of direction leaves one to wonder if he is genuine in his thoughts and motives. Has he finally figured out that masking, isolation, jabs, and distancing never availed us any good? Probably not. Johnson has endured increasing pressure to resign due to his cultic mandates. The people have spoken, and this may explain his change of mind.

We needn’t be negative in any way about this surprising “new normal,” which actually is the old normal, but maybe it’s worth being cautious. Boris Johnson did implement policies that caused much physical and emotional suffering among our British brethren. What has inspired a manifest tyrant to suddenly become a freedom advocate? A little strange, isn’t it? Not that such radical shifts in philosophy do not occur. They do. One only needs to investigate the Christian conversions of those who heard Presbyterian minister Charles Finney who led the Second Great Awakening in America. His success derived from his radical teaching about God giving man a free will, departing from the harsh Reformed theology that denied man having any say in his salvation. It was a very good move regarding the right interpretation of Scripture.

If Boris has undergone some sort of existential crisis leading to conversion, praise be to God!

That thought must be on the mind of every denizen of England right now. Being freed from vaccine passports, mask mandates, classroom restrictions, isolation camps, and social distancing is cause for celebration. Boris now has substituted “advice and guidance” for the former “legal requirements.” It would seem that actual common sense has returned to the land, and how greatly it is needed. But what prudence is required in response to contagious viral illnesses?

Cold and flu season common sense is this: wash your hands; stay home if you’re sick, don’t cough in people’s faces, and do your part to be a responsible and courteous human being. Has not this been the viral season protocol for centuries? Being a Frontline Doctor who treated viral illness early is neither novel nor heroic. It’s what we’ve done for centuries. To think that my medical license was suspended and then revoked for simply treating my patients as their caring physician is a very serious matter. Even now in America, every doctor who faithfully abides by the physician’s oath is subject to the medical board, hospital CEO, and government, persecution. Where flew common sense? This same assault came at the hands of Boris Johnson. To be sure, he has blood on his hands.

Perhaps a little tyranny can be good for us all.

We now understand much better how government dictatorships, democratic societies, and even free republics, can and will oppress the people if allowed to rule without restraint. What American patriot has not felt a renewed sense of respect and appreciation for our Constitution and Bill of Rights thanks to COVID politics?

America, supposedly the most advanced nation in the world, has suffered the brunt of COVID morbidity and mortality. That is no fluke event. It happened because of sordid politics. This is one reason we should not readily accept Johnson’s sudden conversion to the right side, the side of the best science. If England’s Prime Minister is genuine, wonderful! Let us rejoice over another truth proselyte.

Caution is still advised for at least two reasons.

First, any ruler who once has committed, or even permitted, crimes against humanity can do it again. We have watched the battle of Coronamania played out in all its shame in the streets of London and elsewhere in the world. Boris made some foolish and unethical choices, motives be damned. Certainly, humans are prone to err, but if a mistake must be made, let it be one of judgment and not of the heart. Therein is the unanswered question that only time will tell about Boris Johnson. We should forgive mistakes made because of poor decision-making, but beware of the soiled heart. If England’s Prime Minister is sincere, then his past evil rulings will not be repeated. But if his conscience is flawed, he will be a recidivist.

The second cause for concern is because Dr. Tony Fauci, the false prophet of science, still calls the shots in NIAID on behalf of Big Pharma. He also is known to be doing gain-of-function research on the Ebola virus in monkeys. We now have witnessed an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever (Ebola) in China. Is anyone sensing a déjà vu? Recall that gain-of-function serves only a biowarfare purpose. No other reason exists to pursue increasing infectivity or virulence in any viral strain. This is concerning. What will Boris Johnson do if this virus spreads? Even though Ebola is not as contagious as coronavirus or influenza, dark research always induces a fear pandemic. Nobody is in the mood for a repeat of the past two years. Nobody!

Freedom lost is not easily restored. Stand your ground!

God has given every human an innate desire to pursue a life of freedom, whereby we can make our everyday choices to better our circumstances. Any actions taken to hinder such a quest is unconscionable. Liberty is too precious. God’s gifted inalienable rights are too sacred. Some people clearly own this belief and yearn for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s what makes life worth living. Whether Boris Johnson’s unshackling of the nation is genuine or a trick will not take long to reveal. But he is to be commended as a prototype to be emulated by leaders the world over. Meanwhile, let every patriot in every nation remain vigilant.

Image: AP

Dr. Steve LaTulippe

Steve LaTulippe M.D. is a physician board certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and a Bible college and seminary-trained ordained minister whose focus was Christian doctrine and Bible interpretation. His medical practice has focused on pain and addiction medicine. His military service includes flying the KC-135 Stratotanker and an RF-4C phantom, then later serving as Chief of Medicine in the Oregon Air National Guard. Steve is currently fighting the battle of cancel culture in medicine, and he has published a book, Unity Without Compromise, as an instrumental tool towards unifying potentially the greatest force on earth—the Christians.

Unity Without Compromise Radio Show host, Dr. LaTulippe, combines his experience as a physician, a seminary-trained ordained minister, and a retired Air Force officer, to boldly reveal the truth, expose lies, and show precisely how we can unite as Christians and Patriots into a powerful force against the present darkness that threatens our God-given freedoms that made America great.

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3 months ago

It appears that lawyer Philip Hyland of PJH law, lawyer Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire law, Medical Doctor Sam White and retired Police Constable Mark Sexton really did file a criminal complaint, regarding the harm done by the COVID jabs, with Hammersmith CID and it was taken up for investigation. All other UK police depts have been made aware, and an international filing has been made. This began in December, and the spread of this through alternative media might have impinged on the decision to loosen COVID restrictions in the UK. Qwant is the European search engine to use if you wish to monitor the progress of this investigation.

David Konn
David Konn
Reply to  Chocolatebeatsprozac
3 months ago

Absolutely true. There is no way Boris Johnson would have moved without this. The facts are overwhelming and his crimes cannot be hidden. Already Nuremberg 2.0 is beginning.

Michael B.
Michael B.
3 months ago

Now that is some funny stuff. Thankfully we have folks like you out there to keep us all in line so we don’t fall victims to ourselves.

David Konn
David Konn
3 months ago

Just like wherever you standup to bullies and strike fear into their hearts and they back off. James O’Keefe Exposes Media, Medical Corruption in Keynote Speech for The Heartland Institute – YouTube

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