FBI Targets Parents and Military Heroes as Domestic Terrorists

by | Oct 6, 2021 |

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America’s once-revered intel agencies are rounding up outspoken patriots who question authority. They’re doing it under the pretension that a new “domestic terrorist” threat is rising. If they can convince citizens we are in danger of this fabricated fear; the left will be able to pick off their most vocal resistance with little effort, one group at a time. Once done, the sheep will be ever easier to control. Will you be next?

On September 30, Jeremy Brown was arrested by the FBI. Twenty agents swarmed his home as he and his girlfriend stood helplessly by. Jeremy is a decorated Green Beret hero trained in counter-intelligence and insurgency. For twenty years, he sacrificed his life to keep America safe. His story is just one of the hundreds unfolding across our country now on a regular basis.

The two-time bronze star recipient is experiencing the wrath of not cooperating with an increasingly vindictive and corrupt intel agency. That the FBI has been recruiting informants for decades is nothing new. That one of their recruits had the audacity to film the entire process, as Jeremy did, is. He now sits in a County jail awaiting trial. Americans are outraged and speaking out!

Less than a month after Jeremy joined the Oathkeepers (a group committed to upholding their oaths to the Constitution), on December 9, 2020, he was enlisted by FBI agents anxious to turn him against fellow patriots. They urged him to become an informant. With Jeremy’s background, no doubt the agency figured they’d struck gold. What they hadn’t counted on was him declining the offer.

Then came January 6 and the Capitol event.

Having been hired as security for one of the speakers that day, Jeremy dressed the part and talked the talk. He didn’t go inside the Capitol. By all accounts, he caused no harm, committed no crime, and seemingly did nothing wrong. Well, that’s according to the way the law used to work.

According to Jeremy, he had no intention of ever making the December “recruitment” video public. Until months later when he watched FBI Director Christopher Wray lying to Congress about government informants’ involvement in the insurrection. His background in counter-insurgency convinced him that the entire Capitol event was rigged.

So Jeremy began speaking out. He told everyone who would listen about his interaction with the FBI agents on his doorstep. He taunted the FBI, flaunted his video, and even begged them to arrest him so he could get on the stand and expose the corruption he witnessed first-hand.

Today was Jeremy’s hearing to determine eligibility for release pending his trial. I attended and witnessed one of America’s bravest being defended against outrageous accusations. His release should have been an easy argument given the charges. But nothing is easy with a corrupt justice system. I heard an overzealous prosecutor looking for a crime. The integrity of the man on trial mattered not. It was a pathetic reminder of what our country has become.

Under Biden’s DOJ, America is experiencing our own version of Lavrenti Beria. As Stalin’s notorious secret police chief, the infamous tyrant once bragged, “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.” We are there.

What I watched unfold in Judge Sean P. Flynn’s Courtroom #11-B of the Middle District of Florida was a twisted presentation to make a decorated hero look like a mental case who can suddenly no longer be trusted to live among us. Abstracting isolated episodes of Jeremy Brown’s personal life over a seven-year span, prosecutors made it apparent what path this case will take. 

The FBI and DOJ are targeting Jeremy just as Saul Alinsky preaches the left to do in his 1970s “bible” of the left, Rules for Radicals. His thirteenth tactic was unleashed against the former Green Beret the minute he refused to “turn” against his fellow patriots. “Pick a target,” Alinsky wrote. Then “freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Jeremy is now being “personalized.” Should prosecutors succeed with their trumped-up charges carrying a maximum of ten years in prison, the left will have polarized Jeremy from every friend he’s got.

On January 27th, 2021 Biden’s new DHS issued an unprecedented National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin. The new policy dictates that anyone who has complained about election fraud or COVID restrictions are now deemed “Domestic Violent Extremists.” Are you awake yet?

A recent eye-opening Townhall article, entitled “FBI Admits It Doesn’t Track Leftist Violence,” exposes the government’s hypocrisy in the murky world of terrorism. During a recent Congressional hearing, “FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Timothy Langan said that the Bureau doesn’t consider Antifa to be an ‘organization,’ and as such does not have specific information on the group’s activities.” If true, why have Oathkeepers and Proud Boys earned such attention?

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) pressed the FBI official, asking, “Under the anti-government category or subcategory of domestic terrorism — would that include groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, folks who commit violence or acts of domestic terrorism?”

Langan replied, “Well, we don’t identify groups but individuals’ actions. So if individuals are committing actions that would be in furtherance of anti-government or anarchist ideals, then they would fall into that category.”

“So would you quantify Antifa as an anarchist group under then that subcategory?” Mace pressed. “I mean, it’s an anarchist group, right?” To which Langan responded, “The director has previously described them as a ‘movement,’ and there have been individuals that have associated or identified with Antifa that have conducted violent acts that we would categorize as anarchist.” You can’t fix stupid.

Mace continued with, “how many acts of violence or domestic terrorism has Antifa committed over the last two years?” To which the senior FBI official answered, “Since we don’t categorize Antifa, nor do we calculate or collate information regarding Antifa, that movement, we don’t have that.”

If Americans think tyrannical government over-reach is going to stop with simple Patriot whistleblowers speaking the truth, we’ve got another thing coming. Both Jeremy Brown and Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller (facing punishment for his viral video criticizing leaders for the disastrous Afghanistan pullout) should be given medals. Instead, these heroes are being vilified. And, the witch hunts will not stop with them.

The DOJ already has a new target to add to their list of Homegrown Violent Extremists: parents. 

On Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland “directed the FBI to pursue law-abiding Critical Race Theory (CRT) opponents in order to ‘protect’ school administrators and staff, citing concerns of a ‘disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence’ without citing specific cases.”

Now we’ve learned from PJ Media that, according to the New York Times, “there was no conspiracy on the part of the Proud Boys to storm the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, as alleged by the Department of Justice.” And, just as Jeremy Brown tried to warn, questions are being raised “about whether FBI Director Chris Wray lied to Congress about the FBI’s lack of foreknowledge of the melee” and “why the FBI and other police agencies failed to harden the Capitol in advance.”

The NYT concludes that “new information is likely to complicate the government’s efforts to prove the high-profile conspiracy charges it has brought against several members of the Proud Boys.” What else will we learn?

Jeremy Brown’s dream of exposing the truth just may come true. Should the timing of his eventual testimony against FBI corruption intersect with the public’s realization that the government set patriots up, our country will owe a big fat debt of gratitude to heroes like Jeremy. Those brave enough to take a stand at great personal risk to right our sinking ship. 

Until then, we’d better all pray that the heroes win this next round. Because if they don’t, Patriotic parents will be next.

To help Jeremy’s defense, go to: https://givesendgo.com/JeremyBrownDefense.

To contribute to his commissary fund while he’s awaiting trial, call 1-866-394-0490 or www.MyCarePak.com and include docket # 8:21-mj-1990-SPF.

See video:  Rally in Solidarity with Wrongly Arrested Green Beret Jeremy Brown

Cathi Chamberlain

Four-time start-up business owner, published author of a self-help book featured on CNN worldwide, founder of the nation’s first all-female construction company as a Florida Licensed State Building Contractor, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, activist, contributor on Salem Media Radio, and talk show producer and on-air talent on the Voice of a Nation on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

In her best-selling book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism, Cathi counters father of community-organizing Saul Alinsky’s 70’s blockbuster book, Rules for Radicals. His thirteen tactics have been used for decades by the left to transform American values and culture to socialism. Time to play hardball. Rules for Deplorables is undoubtedly one of the most important books for the future of the world.

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