First, They Came for the Trump Supporters, and I Did Not Speak Out…

by | Sep 21, 2021 |

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First, they came for the Trump supporters, and I did not speak out⏤because I was not a Trump supporter. Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out⏤because I was not a Christian. Then they came for the white males, and I did not speak out⏤because I was not a white male. Then they came for me⏤and there was no one left to speak for me.

This is the 2021 restatement of Niemoller’s sad truth. Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller of Berlin started as an admirer of Hitler, but soon learned that the Nazi party was a dictatorship, which he opposed. His famous quote is about silence enabling evil to grow:

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Niemoller spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

The journey begins at Marxism. The revolutionary tactics of Marxism originally included finding an economic “class” enemy to blame for all your troubles and thwarted ambitions. However, individuals in the United States can change their economic class from poor to middle class to relatively affluent during the course of one career. How? Individuals can start businesses and work hard in the relatively free-market economy of the United States. Individuals can perform well in companies and earn promotions as their company expands. We have all heard of the millionaires who began at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

The economic class in America is a moving target. You can’t pin down “rich” people because their ranks turn over frequently. Poor people become rich. Rich people go bankrupt and become poor. You can change your economic status for better or worse.

What’s a dedicated Marxist to do? Find a group to blame that cannot change its identity. So your friendly taxpayer-supported Marxist university professors have invented racial and gender classes to blame for everything: white males of European descent. Perfect target. They can’t change their skin color, and they can’t change their gender, and they can’t change their ancestry. A non-moving target. Voila! Now Marxism is renamed Critical Race Theory.

Now, according to Critical Race Theory, white males of European descent are to blame for everything. Are you poor? White males have rigged the system against you. You can’t read, write or do arithmetic? Reading, writing, and arithmetic are racist constructs of the European white male patriarchy. Don’t bother learning these racist skills. Who needs them?

To make sure white males of European descent don’t dare to object, all major companies, universities, and government agencies now have “enforcers” – the Diversity and Inclusion Departments. Which, of course, want inclusion of diverse groups based on ethnicity, but not diversity and inclusion of talent, skill, and accomplishment. These Diversity and Inclusion Departments hold mandatory training sessions where all white European males are told everything bad is their fault, trained to feel guilty, and trained to keep quiet. Those who disagree, even on their own private time on their own private social media pages, are subject to dismissal on the grounds that “they don’t represent the values of corporation/ college/ government agency X.” Of course, those values are subject to change without notice, following the latest party line.

In one clever move, the Marxist Progressive Social Justice Socialists have abolished your 1st Amendment free speech rights. Do you dare to disagree? You’ll be fired, and no other company will hire you. Speak up, and you can’t support your family. Your children will need food stamps.

History Repeats Itself

In the 1930s, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (the Nazi Party) looked for a group or class to blame for everything. They found one: Jews. Jews were an ethnic group that valued literacy and learning (Jews are sometimes called “the people of the Book” [the Bible]). By virtue of their culture that valued learning, many became business people or professionals like doctors and lawyers. Business owners, doctors, and lawyers have higher incomes. They were a perfect target for the ideology of envy and resentment preached by the National Socialists (Nazis). The Nazis then persecuted and deported European Jews.

The culmination of Nazi persecution was Hitler’s Final Solution: killing all Jews. He created death camps like Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau. He rounded up and sent Jews to these camps where they were killed. 

As a young man, I visited the gruesome Nazi death camp at Dachau. I saw with my own eyes the lethal gas chamber disguised as a “shower.” I saw the awful sign over the gate: Arbeit Macht Frei – Work will make you free. I learned that when you make a group into a scapegoat for your own problems, this is where it leads. As Jordan Peterson points out in his book12 Rules for Life, when scapegoating another group fails to make you any richer, smarter, or more successful, you grow frustrated and then more enraged. In your rage, you want to kill the scapegoat group.

Fast Forward to Today

Fast forward to today. Who do Social Justice Warriors want to blame for everything they don’t like? WMEDs. Already we see social media death threats against anyone who speaks up. As wishing death on anyone who disagrees with you becomes the “new normal,” the next new normal is violence. From there to rounding “them” up. I have seen social media references to “rounding up” anti-vaxers, Trump supporters, and anti-illegal immigration activists. From rounding them up to eventually killing them is a slippery slope. Just study the history of Germany in the 1930s. At the bottom of the slippery slope, we are at Dachau.

What to Do? Turn Back from the Road to Dachau. Ask for Facts.

How? When you hear or read a smear campaign against a group or person based on things they can’t control and did not choose – their skin color, their ancestry, their gender, ask out loud, “what facts do you base that on?” If you hear facts, listen and follow up with requests for more facts. Sometimes there will be isolated incidents, but unless there are many such incidents, we can’t generalize. This is the scientific method illustrated by the old proverb: One swallow does not a summer make, but many swallows do. Clinical trial studies follow this method. Ask (metaphorically) how many swallows? A few? Not valid to generalize. A lot? OK, to generalize.

If you don’t hear facts, but simply a repeat of the name-calling and labeling, then you know they don’t have facts. For years in the media, we have heard the “Big Lie” technique used successfully by Hitler and his propaganda minister Goebbels. No facts, just repetition of the Socialist Left’s big lies. Soon, the Big Lie becomes one of those things “everybody knows.”

Be Brave – Speak Out Loud

Don’t be the last one left to speak out. Be among the first brave souls to speak out.

Ephesians 1:13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a life-long student of liberty, limited government, and free-market economics. As a young man, he taught and crewed at the Flint School aboard the 156’ two-masted schooner Te Vega sailing in Europe. Atlas Shrugged was required reading.

In 2010 he saw the acceleration of big government control in politics, business, and culture. Hoping to reach the next generation through fiction entertainment, he wrote the prophetic novel The Noah Option. Powerful politicians target brilliant black scientist Dr. Grace Washington. Her story continues in the sequel, The Rainbow Option, when powerful elites unleash a deadly virus on unsuspecting Americans, and Grace must develop a cure. In The Timshel Option, ISIS invades and creates The New England Caliphate, making women second-class citizens. One teenage girl fights back.

"The things I predicted in my novels came true in the nightly news. Our country is in trouble. Like Abraham Lincoln, I hope for a new birth of freedom,” says McCarthy.

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