Free Markets and the Freedom Convoy

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Now that Justin Trudeau has become the first Prime Minister in Canada’s history to use the Emergency Act, suspending peaceful protesting and free speech, and declaring martial law over Canada, it’s time to reflect on the thought processes at play – the kind of thinking that brought us where we are today.

Two of the most basic motivations of mankind are 1) the desire to command, and 2) the desire to obey. Most people tend toward one more than the other, which is why we call some people’ alphas.’ Alphas are, of course, command-oriented – they feel most comfortable when leading and do not like to follow.

Betas, who are somewhat even in the desire to command and the desire to obey, are actually somewhat rare. Betas are comfortable leading, but tend to step back when an alpha arrives.

One aspect of the command/obey dynamic is that as the commander becomes more authoritarian, obedience-driven people tend to become more loyal. Covid-19 has demonstrated this in spades. All of the people calling for draconian measures against the unvaccinated – that’s driven by a rabid loyalty to those they have chosen to obey.

As the government becomes more tyrannical, conflict emerges between the obedience-oriented and the command-oriented. The obedience-oriented believe in following government leaders, whereas the command-oriented want to lead their own lives, and have a natural distrust of authoritarianism.

Trucking is a somewhat solitary life, so it makes sense that this line of work would tend to attract those who tend to be command-oriented (at least in relation to their own lives). Suddenly it is not surprising that this is the group that would rebel first and foremost against tyranny.

Those who are driven to obey show disdain toward those who rebel against government edicts, and feel threatened by the possibility that government edicts might end. I have heard the mask called the ‘MAGA hat of the left,’ That phrase is fitting; could there be any better symbol of obedience?

Government leaders, in the meantime, like the power tyranny gives them, and even more than that, they love the adoration tyranny breeds in obedience-driven followers.

At the start of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau told the World Economic Forum, “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

Trudeau later added, “it’s on us to flip the switch. It is well past time that we listen, learn, and finally, lead. We know what needs to be done. Of course, this kind of profound, societal change can seem overwhelming, and lead us to wonder where even to begin. So I’d like to focus on a fundamental shift that every leader in this room can act on immediately. One that I have made a central tenet of my leadership.”

These two statements acted as an announcement – one Trudeau was very open about – that Canada would use the pandemic to usher in Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. Trudeau went so far as to tell the Canadian people that Canada would be a very different place going forward, and that pre-pandemic Canada would not be coming back.

The nation known as ‘Canada’ today is not the same nation that it was before the pandemic. Those who are fighting for Canada are thus fighting against Trudeau’s new nation by the same name.

Who knows what is ‘legal’ today in Canada when it comes to speech, protesting, or anything else the Canadian people have traditionally looked at as ‘rights’? Do the pre-pandemic laws apply to the post-pandemic country when Trudeau specifically said the pre-pandemic Canada no longer exists, and will not be coming back?

Canada is no longer a country of opportunity. Under Justin Trudeau and the Great Reset, Canada has become a country dedicated to equity, which means that all Canadians have to have the exact same wealth and the exact same standards of living. By definition, that means there is no such thing as opportunity in Canada.

The nation my family helped found the old Canada is dead unless the Freedom Convoy sparks the Canadian people to demand the old Canada back.

Against this backdrop, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) went on TV a few days ago to tell the world that ‘capitalism is not redeemable.’ AOC wants the Great Reset implemented here, under the name ‘Build Back Better.’

If I could have a rational discussion with AOC, I would tell her that what she describes as ‘capitalism,’ is not. I would tell her that she does not have any clue what actual ‘capitalism’ even is.

And I would say the same thing to Justin Trudeau.

‘Capitalism’ is a derogatory word coined sometime in the middle of the 19th Century. Nobody knows who came up with that word, but Karl Marx was the first person credited with writing it down.

Marx worked on the supposition that capital, rather than people, becomes the focus of all activity in a free market. 

Marx’s supposition is dead wrong.

The notion that capital is at the heart of a free market misrepresents what an economy is. People like AOC pretend that an economy is an engine that should be harnessed and used in support of the people. To her, you turn the engine on, and out comes food, clothing, housing – all of the goods and services society needs to flourish. All that we need is a moral and intellectual elite to distribute the output.

Actually, an economy is the sum total of all activity the people within the economy perform. Some people would qualify that by saying ‘all economic activity’ rather than ‘all activity,’ but very little of what we do is not economic in nature. Even when we sleep, we are using a bed, a pillow, blankets, sheets, and pajamas. These things wear out over time and must be replaced, so to sleep is to consume things. Even sleeping counts as economic activity.

An economy is the total sum of activity of all of the people living within it. That makes the focus of an economy the people – not the profit.

The defining nature of the different forms of economies is that of how to control the activities of the people living within them.

In a free market, the people in the economy are free to do as they choose. The morality of the economy will reflect the morality of the people. Far from destroying the environment, when we look at the countries that have the cleanest environments, they are also the countries that are most free. Freedom breeds wealth, and wealthy people have ample time to care about things like environmentalism. Poor people are too busy looking for food to care about the environment. If you offer a rich person a sandwich, with the cost being that you are going to pour ten thousand tons of sulfur dioxide into Lake Superior, the rich person is apt to get very upset with you for wanting to destroy Lake Superior, but if you make the same deal with someone who is starving, they’ll take the sandwich.

Note too that in a free market, the consumer controls capital. Can rich business leaders control capital? Sure – they can spend their money on whatever they like, but in a TRUE free market, if they spend their money building things people do not want, they LOSE their money.

What AOC describes – what she calls ‘capitalism’ – is actually a system where an oligarchy of powerful interests centrally plan the economy for whatever purposes they think important, controlling the lives and fortunes of everyone else. There is nothing ‘free’ about such a system.

Blackrock is an investment firm with more than ten trillion dollars in holdings. Our whole economy is only 20 trillion dollars. Blackrock is global, so figure they control somewhere between 25% and 35% of the US economy as well as significant portions of other countries.

If you control Blackrock, Goldman Sachs (which controls the Federal Reserve), and the Presidency (the administration – not the man), you control the country. If those groups got together and decided that the entirety of the US economy was going to be used to build President Biden a pyramid, we would build President Biden a pyramid whether we liked it or not.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton told the partners of Goldman Sachs that as President, she was going to put together a governing partnership between the big banks (Goldman Sachs in particular), big business (particularly Blackrock), and government (the President’s Administration) and that this governing body would centrally plan the US economy, with her at its head. We know she said this because her campaign manager, John Podesta, used ‘password’ as his email password and got hacked. Wikileaks released his email to the public, and a transcript of this speech was in there.

Hillary Clinton went so far as to tell Goldman Sachs not to pay attention to whatever she may say on the campaign trail. She told Goldman Sachs that she had two platforms – one to run on, and one to implement. The one she ran on had nothing to do with what she would do once elected – it was a sham platform designed to placate the serfs she thought she would soon rule over.

Hillary Clinton literally told Goldman Sachs that everything she said to the public about what she believed, and what she would do, was a lie. That is who Hillary Clinton is.

Does Hillary Clinton’s worldview sound like a free market to you?!?

Elizabeth Warren has a similar idea, except she wanted to control the banks (Goldman Sachs) and big business (Blackrock), rather than partnering with them. She called her plan the ‘Accountable Capitalism Act,’ which would give the President’s Administration as much control over every industry and company as the President’s Administration felt like exerting.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren’s plans are both fascism, which is effectively what we already have. All Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren wanted to do was to more clearly define who in the oligarchy controls what.

The democrats are trying to build a fascist state. It is up to us to stop them, and we can take our lead from those who remind us that we are designed to command our own lives. We can take our lead from the Freedom Convoy.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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j. bell
j. bell
1 year ago

You state, “In a free market, the people in the economy are free to do as they choose. The morality of the economy will reflect the morality of the people”
Your idea of what ‘free’ is, needs some reworking. I can be physically ‘free’ (not a slave) in a society (‘Eleutheos’-1 Corinthians 7:21—Galations 3:28), but if I have not ‘capital’/money, am I really free (‘exousia’—power of choice—Matthew 10:1)? I can freely walk around NY city all day long, but with no Benjamin Franklins in my pocket (‘capital’), am I free? Or, are my choices actually limited?   

One of the essences of capitalism is ‘smart hard honest work’ (and private ownership), realizing that will be sinners that dig ditches for you along the way, but continually trying, receiving help when necessary, that separates our way of life from socialism, where one is forced to depend on the State for subsistence.

Of course help might miraculously come from above, perhaps via a coin in the mouth of fish. 

Regarding ‘morality of the economy’, if the Federal Reserve  prints money, and has it circulate mainly in the hands of the bourgeoisie (owners of the means of production) via low cost loans, what does that say about ‘free’ market, ‘power of choice’/’exousia’ in life, or in market, or in economy?  Is it not the ‘free market’ already, ‘unfree’ and ‘unequal’, immoral? Is the idea ‘free market, a misnomer if there was ever one?

If most of the capital is in the hands of just a few, the Gates, the World Economic Forum, etc, those who sponsored Event 201 in NY in October 2019, coronavirus pandemic exercise, with John Hopkins University, a pandemic exercise which occurred at the exact same moment as Covid-19 outbreak, same time as the most recent ancestor of the Covid-19 coronavirus (TMRCA), should we expect a scheduled Great Reset, and mandated free vaccines for the whole world, every so often, and will the ‘free market’ ever be ‘free’ again, with those markets only being sustained by government subsidies?  
You say the focus of the economy is the people. By your adding ‘morality’ to the equation of ‘free market’, are you trying to erase the history of the origin of ‘free market’, a history which   Marx was well aware of? During slavery days, it was all about the profits/capital, not morality.   In the 1500s and 1600s, the bourgeoisie had to get an asiento/contract from the king of Spain to do his slave trading.  That asiento cost big capital, not economy about people, nor morality.  The bourgeoisie slave trader had to outfit ships. That cost big capital.  No big capital, then no slave ships.  The bourgeoisie slave trader had to pay taxes to the Crown, Church, and middle men that ran the factory on the Africa coast, that gathered the soon to be slaves. That cost big capital, not economy about people, nor about morality. And those ‘monopolies’,  factories and trans-Atlantic shipping lanes were maintained time and time again, at the expense of war, and religion. That is the origin of your ‘free markets’. 

You state, ‘Freedom breeds wealth, and wealthy people have ample time to care about things like environmentalism. Poor people are too busy looking for food to care about the environment’
Are you referring to the United States who creates fifteen percent of the CO2 emissions yearly, or the millions of ‘financially poor’ Western hemisphere Indians genocided by the United States and Hispanic empires, Indians who lived in a pure natural environment for thousands of years, before the ‘wealthy environmentally aware’  genocidal thieves came. 

If you can ascertain how much of the thousands of tons of  garbage at the bottom of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans came from America, please let us know. 

You state, “what AOC calls ‘capitalism’ – is actually a system where an oligarchy of powerful interests centrally plan the economy for whatever purposes they think important, controlling the lives and fortunes of everyone else. There is nothing ‘free’ about such a system.” — Does this not accurately describe the Great Resetters of the world, an ‘oligarchy of the powerful’, controlling the lives of everyone else. No real ‘free market’, but a manipulated and unequal one. 
When William Shaw says on page 86 of his book ‘Marx’s Theory of History’,

’a surplus laboring population is a necessary product of accumulation. Marx is concerned about to emphasize that ‘the surplus population becomes the lever of capitalistic accumulation, nay, a condition of existence of the capitalistic mode of production. The ‘industrial reserve army’….”
was Marx talking about the millions of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, being let into our country by our government, 160 years before it currently occurs, augmenting the millions of traditional American workers leaving the workforce. 
The best on the Internet regarding the Great Reset is,     Justin Haskins and Allie Beth Stuckey

j. bell # 2
j. bell # 2
1 year ago

You state,  “As the government becomes more tyrannical, conflict emerges between the obedience-oriented and the command-oriented…..Government leaders, in the meantime, like the power tyranny gives them, and even more than that, they love the adoration tyranny breeds in obedience-driven followers.”

In the case of Canadian truckers, was the ‘government tyranny’ imposed because, 
“Truckers have snarled traffic, disrupted normally serene residential neighborhoods and undermined the local economy.    The loosely organized “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations shaking Canada began as a protest against the mandatory vaccination of truck drivers crossing the U.S.-Canada border.” — from the article, ‘Canada Initiates Emergency Act, Expanding Measures to End Protests’, Feb 14, 2022,

And so the tyranny was not imposed in a vacuum, but with parliament approval a short time later. Seemingly two command oriented groups, Trudeau and truckers, knocking heads. 

In a free market, people have to respect the rights of others, whether prepandemic or post pandemic. If you want to block my right to cross a bridge, because you don’t want to get vaccinated, you need to be hit upside your head, and drug through the snow, as the Neanderthal Canadian police did to the truckers. No reset needed here, be respectful of my freedoms also.

Take into account the good of the whole, and not just the part.

In a barter and exchange society, pre-capitalism, capital was not an integral part of interpersonal dealings. As man European man became more civilized, more command oriented, and stole the golden bracelets and earrings from Africans and the Aztecs,  then capitalism and free markets began to flourish. Reset that, and restore stolen natural resources and artifacts still hidden in the coffers of the Vatican and European national treasuries to their original owners. That is called, ‘repentance’.

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