September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

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Get Out of Your Box: There’s a World of Possibilities

by | Feb 21, 2021 |

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People are living in boxes.

They’re trapped.

They don’t even realize they’re constantly smashing their heads against walls they’ve created.

Obstacles at every turn. No way out. Constant barriers. Problem after problem.

It’s a horrible place to be.

I know. I’ve been there.

Maybe you’ve been there too.

Maybe you’re there now.

The problem hits – maybe it’s a lockdown, maybe it’s something to do with changing import or export duties, or something Brexit-related for those in business, perhaps even a higher tax bill than you were expecting.

It could be anything.

The ‘what’ doesn’t matter. What *does* matter is realizing we’ve allowed ourselves to get stuck in the problem.

I’m really visual, so when I think about this, I see a little stick person walking into a tiny, Perspex box and closing the door behind them.

That box is the ‘problem’ – it’s just a metaphor.

Trouble is, once inside, that little stick person runs around like a crazy fool, waving their arms around, putting their hands over their eyes, crying, screaming, shouting ‘oh no!’ a lot, and constantly slamming into the walls.

All they really need to do is step back out of that box and into a world of possibility.

And we DO live in a world of possibility – a universe of infinite opportunity. There’s potential around us every day.

If you can’t see that, it’s a sure sign you’ve locked yourself into that box!

There’s a wonderful quote – I don’t remember who said it, but it goes something like this: if there’s no solution, there’s no problem – it’s just part of life’s rich tapestry.

Let me create an example.

Let’s say you’re in business and find that one of your most popular products has become inaccessible. Maybe they’ve stopped making it. Perhaps there’s a production delay. Maybe something’s happened to price its delivery out of the realms of economic viability.

You can go into that box and run around like a headless chicken, bemoaning how terrible the situation is, how much trade will suffer, how horribly stuck you are…


You can step outside of the problem, center yourself, take a deep breath and ask ‘what else is possible?’.

When you take yourself out of stuckness, fill your lungs with cool, calming air, and step into the zone of possibility, anything could happen.

You can’t always solve a ‘problem’ created by events beyond your control, so it’s sometimes wise to step outside of it.

No solution = no problem. If you cannot solve it, there’s nothing to be gained but self-inflicted emotional battering by trying to make it right.

Get out of that box. What else is out there?

Maybe it’s time to diversify.

Perhaps there’s a new, alternative line of product you hadn’t even considered before.

Could it be that turning up the volume in a different area of your business could get your cash flowing again?

Is there a whole new kind of product or service offering you could develop?

Could there be something entirely different you haven’t even considered yet?

Yes! There likely will be… you just cannot see new opportunities when you’re running in circles inside that box.

Growing beyond – or in spite of – the barriers thrown into your path is impossible all the time you’re sitting in that perceived problem.

It requires new thinking.

It needs you to break your state and allow your mindset to flourish in a whole new way.

I could give you some very real examples as well, but I think you get the picture by now, right?

Stop running around in that box.

Step outside of it.

Breathe deep.

What’s possible?

Until next time,




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