September 19, 2021

September 19, 2021

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Hamas – Israel Conflict Explained in One Picture

by | May 26, 2021 |

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If Western leaders, human rights groups, and international bodies are sincerely interested in avoiding suffering in Gaza and Israel, they should immediately demand that Hamas stops its reign of terror rather than support it by parroting their malevolent narrative that Israel is the aggressor. Here is a must-watch video of an Australian reporter from Sky News Australia (one of only a handful of true reporters in the Western world, who has both knowledge and decency) articulating the Hamas-Israel war with a single picture, one that is worth 100,000 words.


Let’s be clear, by a minimum standard of logic, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) can completely and utterly eradicate Hamas in a matter of days, but this would entail the death and injury of tens of thousands of Gaza civilians.

Hamas knows very well that the IDF would not do this because they are extremely careful to minimize collateral civilian casualties to the extent that they give the targeted buildings that house Hamas military assets, at least one hour prior notice to vacate them, as they did in the 2014 war and now, as you are reading this article (the AP, CNN, and al- Jazeera building).

Associated Press (AP) President and CEO Gary Pruitt said in a statement that boggles the mind for its obscene degrees of mendacity, duplicity, and hypocrisy, claiming that he was “shocked and horrified, that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza” He also claimed that the AP didn’t know that Hamas was ‘active in the building.’

Unfortunately for the pathological liar Gary Pruitt, that ever since 2014 in a report written by journalist Matti Freidman in The Atlantic, proved that the Associated Press was very well aware of Hamas’s presence in the building – and chose not to report it.

‘When Hamas’s leaders surveyed their assets before this summer’s round of fighting, they knew that among those assets was the international press,’ the article states, referring to an outbreak of fighting that year.

‘The AP staff in Gaza City would witness a rocket launch right beside their office, endangering reporters and other civilians nearby—and the AP wouldn’t report it,’ Freidman wrote.

Friedman claimed that Hamas fighters would regularly ‘burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff—and the AP would also not report it.’

Even the distraught Palestinian Authority reporter in Gaza confirmed that the Israelis gave enough warning so that not a single casualty occurred. 

This is precisely why Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terror groups, deliberately shield themselves behind civilians, civilian homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, and the like.

From the Sharia-compliant Muslim point of view, the death of Gaza (or Lebanese) civilians (men, women, and children) would be considered cases of martyrdom for the sake of their bloodthirsty god called Allah.

In this manner, every single civilian killed as collateral damage by Israel would be used to demonize and accuse the Israelis of War Crimes and/or Crimes against Humanity.

In fact – according to the very International Law that Hamas and Muslims regurgitate hypocritically and endlessly – shooting missiles from residential areas against civilian targets of another country constitutes a DOUBLE War Crime.

Israel’s tragedy – as I have repeatedly pointed out over many years – is the fact that Western nations and Media hate Jews more than they fear Muslims; otherwise, it is impossible to explain why – without an iota of sanity – they have been bankrolling the so-called ‘Palestinian’ refugees for 73 years, the very people who hate the Christian European and American Kuffar.

Even though Biden and his twisted leftist Democrats know very well that the so-called ‘Palestinians’ are the root of all the Middle East problems, they are nonetheless overturning Trump’s ban on supplying them with millions of dollars of ‘humanitarian’ aid that they will most assuredly use, to build more attack tunnels and missiles.

How can any fair-minded person rationalize why the Western media invariably trust the words of the terrorists Hamas and Hezbollah against those of Israel?

One thing is a stark reality, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Muslims have mastered the art of propaganda and deception to levels, so far exceeding those of Goebbels and Pravda; they put them to shame. Regrettably, they have achieved this mastery with the complicit and willing help of the Western media.

Over many decades of conflict in the Middle East, most of the world’s media have eagerly concentrated their readers’ attention invariably over the deaths of ‘Palestinians’ while deliberately ignoring the suffering of Israeli civilians.

Unfortunately, this false narrative is being parroted by the Western “useful idiots” among the media, Human Rights groups, and others around the world.

All the missiles used by Hamas and Hezbollah had either been supplied by the terrorist Ayatollahs’ regime or designed by them. Yet Biden is in a deranged hurry to talk to them, to such an extent, that he is willing to ‘bribe’ them with several billion dollars while they are continuing to publicly declare “Death to America.”

I hereby insist again that providing financial aid to the USA’s enemies with billions of dollars is an act of Treason, whether it was by Obama, Biden, or any US President.


Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must-read for those who really want to know the facts.

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Elmer Doell
Elmer Doell
3 months ago

Excellent report! How can the world continue with ANY support to Hamas and their murderous tactics???

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