Has America Become War Weary? Our Enemies Are Counting on It.

by | Apr 23, 2019 |

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For one hundred sixteen years England and France fought a war misnamed in history as the “Hundred Years War”. I’m pretty sure that the people of France and England were awfully tired of fighting by the time there was a cessation of hostilities and peace was eventually declared. For all intents and purposes the “Hundred Years War” ended in 1453.

By comparison U.S. forces have been fighting in Afghanistan from 2001 until the present day, seventeen years and counting. Though negotiations are currently taking place between the Afghan government, the Taliban, and the U.S., sadly there are American soldiers still being lost on the battlefields of that Southwest Asian nation.

We also spent another eight years from 2003 until 2011 with our soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq, trying to rebuild that nation following our invasion to oust the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Eight years fighting a difficult and challenging insurgency responsible for the deaths of over four thousand American service people. Followed by the fight against ISIS in Northern Iraq and Syria, which arose as a result of Barack Obama’s precipitous withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

Vowing to end the war in Iraq during his first campaign for the White House, after he took office Barack Obama unceremoniously withdrew all combat forces from Iraq in 2011. Abandoning the Iraqi people to the ISIS savages who began committing horrendous atrocities and depredations against Iraqi Christians, and who also terrorized Muslims who weren’t quite Muslim enough to suit the ISIS leadership.

American Special Operations Forces have also been engaged in combat operations at a number of other ‘hot spot’ locations around the world. And Special Operators, America’s ‘911’ likely will again be called upon to engage our enemies whenever the need arises, anywhere in the world.

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks then President George W. Bush stood on a pile of smoldering ash and rubble in New York City, and told us then that we were engaged in a war unlike any other war we have fought in our nation’s history. 

We were warned that our enemy was vicious and committed to our defeat, and that they were willing to do anything to wreak havoc and destruction on America and the Western World.  In fact against anyone, including other Muslims who did not adhere to their twisted ideology. 

When Barack Obama embarked on his ‘apology tour’ he thought that if he groveled before the world our enemies would be so impressed with the sheer power of his personality that they would immediately disarm and stop their aggression. Obama could then devote all of his energies towards his “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.

Unfortunately for the Obama Administration reality quickly set in, though they were a little slow on the uptake. Russian leader Vladimir Putin quickly and correctly assessed that Barack Obama was weak and uncommitted to defending America and our allies, nor willing to fully support our historical alliances. With that in mind Putin decided the time was ripe to begin his efforts to rebuild the Russian empire. Maybe even dabble in a little American election interference. Something they have done in every election for decades by the way.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, which has been at war with the United States since 1979 also received the same message from Barack Obama. Under Obama’s eight years in office the Iranians doubled their efforts to achieve a nuclear weapon and continued their support of terrorism around the world. Continuing their ultimate goal of achieving the complete destruction of Israel (the Little Satan), as well as the United States (the Great Satan).

Sadly for Americans our enemies didn’t go away even though Obama wished they would. Wishing is not an effective foreign policy. Lessons from history have shown that weakness only begets aggression. The world became a much more dangerous place because of America’s abdication of our leadership role under Barack Obama.

And while President Trump’s methods might be a little unorthodox at times compared to his predecessors, he has made great strides in returning the United States to the position of world leadership we had held since World War II. 

Certainly no one wants to see America in a continual state of war endlessly losing our sons and daughters on foreign soil. But Americans need to understand that the choice for war was forced upon the United States by radical Islamic extremists. It was their choice to attack us, and they have never wavered from their goal of eventually defeating and subjugating America and the world to their will.

ISIS might have taken the spotlight for a while, but Al Qaeda and many other radical Islamic extremist groups are still out there planning more and more attacks against Christians as happened in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, and against American and western interests around the world.

We have but two choices in response, taking a path towards appeasement and surrender as was done under Barack Obama. Or showing the strength and leadership America has always exhibited. Which fortunately for America has once again been on display under President Donald Trump.

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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