How Marxism Corrupts the Spirit and Soul Absolutely

by | Nov 8, 2021 |

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Note that this is not a criticism of the Pope. Quite the opposite. It is an exploration of what Marxism does to obliterate the reason and soul of anyone it captures.

Marxism corrupts everything it touches, including the leading Democrat politicians and spiritual leaders as well.

It was August 16, 2021, in a press conference, Pope Francis stated clearly: “Abortion is murder!”

That’s quite clear, isn’t it? But evidently not for Marxists.

On October 9, the Pope happily embraces Democrat abortion mass child murderer Nancy Pelosi. And empowers her to continue her evil empire of destroying unborn children.

And on October 30, 2021, he happily embraces mass child murderer Joe Biden. He, too, becomes empowered to consider his 40-year support of abortion, leading to the deaths of 20 million black babies and 10 million babies of other races.

But that rap sheet of mass murder is not a problem to any Marxist-controlled person. From politician to Pope, it’s the same.

Marxism cripples the mind and soul of everyone it captures, from politician to Pope.

The Pope’s smiling acceptance supercharged the two-child abortion murders and thus empowered them to do more.

Pope Francis and Speaker Nancy Pelosi

It’s like one big happy Marxist family.

Pope Francis and President Biden

Finger wagging at the Pope, as if to say: “You should try it yourself. I’ve been doing it for forty years, and now I’m president. Abortion pays off beautifully!”

If we look for a way to clarify the jarring inconsistency of loving embraces to people who support murder, perhaps there is no better place to look than in the animal kingdom. 

The papacy is, throughout most of its history, a political and military kingdom, and thus open to the spell of all types of ideologies in addition to the purity which sometimes resides there.

The Marxist, whether in Congress, or a corporate boardroom, spiritual leader, or in the media…  have been explicitly compared to a specific type of dog. And no, it’s not a cuddly family pet that kisses its owners with its tongue. Specifically, it’s a rabid dog.

A rabid dog can’t reason. Can’t act rationally. Its physical and mental disease controls it. In the case of humans, the rabidity is Marxism.

Rabid dogs have one mission in life. To destroy and kill the innocent.  

Trapped in a room with a rabid dog, the dog has the same mission vis-a-vis its human roommate, as Democrats in America today… to kill, steal, and destroy.

With this in mind, it becomes clear how his holiness the Pope can be so loving to two abortion mass murderers. It’s the effect of Marxism.

Without trying in any way to set them on the right path. In fact, infusing the two mass murderers with power and confidence to continue their abortion mass murder of unborn children⏤everything went according to Marxist ideology.

Yes, just a few short weeks ago, speaking to journalists on a return flight from Slovakia, Pope Francis stated clearly and without a doubt or qualification: “Abortion is murder.”

Thus from the papal meetings, one could hope for at least a repetition of what Jesus said: “Go and sin no more.”

However, Marxism is Marxism. And in this case, the spiritual leader said essentially by his actions: “You are good Catholics! Go get communion whenever you want, even after the next 100,000 babies are aborted.”

There are times when a picture or a video is worth a thousand words. And since we’re not getting any rational guidance from Marxists, let’s listen to the words of mothers who had abortions, and tell their story of how it destroyed their lives and murdered their own children. No smiling, happy embrace for their abortionist doctors and counselors. These testimonies are powerful and must be heard: 

Walk for Life

Why not a cry from Sea to Shining Sea!

Blessed be all those who have suffered from abortion and who regret it. Cursed be those who brought the abortion to them and who work today to keep the baby-killing machine working.

Blessed be his Holiness the Pope. But will he ever actually DO something to stop the curse of abortion? Apparently, no one is immune from the crippling effect of Marxism. Even those we would want to love and look up to.  

To win the battle against tyranny, we need to stand up and act. To act, we need to know the enemy. And yes, the Marxist Democrat Party is the enemy.

Knowing the enemy, that they have been corrupted, made evil by Marxism which destroys mind and soul. They are like rabid dogs. No reasoning with them. Their sole purpose in life is to destroy you. Battle totally, peacefully, but totally. Know the enemy, know ourselves. In 1,000 battles, 1,000 victories.

Image: Vatican Media

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7 months ago

This is a very true and sobering article. I am a Black female who has had an abortion. It was back in the early nineties. I remember thinking how acceptable it was. I’m not sure if I realized what I was even doing. None of my friends could or would tell me it was wrong. I remember hoping it was not so, that is that I was not pregnant. I only knew the father casually and was without a job at the time. I remember describing the way I was a friend and all she could tell me was it was probably an ectopic pregnancy!!! Another friend almost volunteered to take me to the abortion clinic!!

I remember getting deathly ill from a botched procedure. It took a long time, another surgery, and the grace of God before I recovered!

One of the or the the biggest problem with the African American community today is they have very little to no moral compass! This is probably why the community votes heavily democratic. Their (Blacks) so called “spiritual leaders, including the Pope are made up of pedophiles, sodomites, and serial adulterers!! These false prophets are destroying the Black and Hispanic communities!

Read Revelations 18. It vividly describes the Catholic Church. I know there are a lot of theologians that know this but are afraid to say because it could also indict them! No, it’s not America, or Persia (Iran) or any other country it is ROME!!! Mystery Babylon is ROME! Verse 4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying Come out of her my people, (Protestant churches) that ye be not partakers of her sins. and that ye receive not of her plagues” KJV

“Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts 2:38

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