September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021

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Imperial Media Have No Clothes to Cover Up Blatantly Fake Anti-Trump Reports

by | Jul 5, 2021 |

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A most butt-ugly spectacle reveals how nakedly the anything-but-mainstream media have exposed themselves in going after Donald Trump.

Anyone with a modicum of combined left and right brain functionality must be cognizant of a big disconnect between unabashedly bitter media contempt directed to former President Trump versus slobbering obsequious treatment of President Joe Biden.

Nothing makes these comparisons starker and darker than seemingly countless fallacious media claims regarding Trump and his presidency.

I’ll briefly discuss just four of them.

Dismissal of COVID Wuhan Laboratory Leak

“Mainstream reporters” had openly ridiculed the idea linking the origin of the COVID-19 “China virus” to a Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab leak as President Trump spoke openly about this possibility during the early days of the deadly pandemic.

Now, with growing evidence supporting that conclusion, some network pundits are finally admitting they had dismissed this possibility simply because Trump and other Republicans backed it.

ABC News’ Jon Karl told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week”: “I think a lot of people have egg on their face.”

Karl added, “This was an idea that was first put out by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, [and] President Donald Trump, and some things may be true even if Donald Trump has said them.”

Popular Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin slammed journalists in a series of tweets for making a sudden U-Turn on their coverage of the lab leak theory.

“All these reporters scrambling to defend their own records on the lab leak theory are exposing their own hypocrisy and ignoring their basic error,” Rogin continued.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, three researchers at the WIV reported COVID-like symptoms in November 2019, before the virus began to spread around the world.

It now also appears that Dr. Anthony Fauci, broadly lionized by the media as Trump’s expert protagonist who had publicly downplayed the WIV lab leak possibility, had subsidized the ill-fated experiments through the USNAID he headed.

Perhaps suspiciously, the Biden administration had previously ended a Trump administration State Department inquiry into a possible Wuhan lab connection before recently being pressured to reopen the probe.

Hillary’s Trumped Up Russia Collusion Email Distraction

Remember those media ballyhooed Trump “Russian Collusion” charges that President Donald Trump was Vladimir Putin’s puppet?

And do you recall any pundit apologies since we now know that this canard was entirely fabricated by rogue top-level Obama-Biden administration intelligence officials in cooperation with operatives tied to the Clinton campaign and DNC to distract attention away from Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails … many of which contained highly classified information?

Me either.

Nevertheless, let’s again be reminded that the costly 22-month-long Mueller investigation found no evidence either of Trump Russian collusion or obstruction of justice.

There is solid evidence, however, that the Obama-Biden White House authorized a 2016 FBI “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation premised upon a phony “dirty dossier” report sponsored and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign through which the DOJ and FBI obtained FISA court warrants falsely alleging evidence to the contrary.

In any case, we can also count on the mainstream media to ignore any bad news for Democrats — just as they steadfastly refused to cover a blockbuster October 14 New York Post feature regarding how the Biden family made a lucrative business out of peddling Joe’s high-level government influence to Chinese oligarchs and other foreign adversaries.

Insights Regarding Incitement of Insurrection Charges

Everyone I know – or care to know – is disgusted about the mob violence and mayhem that desecrated our sacred national Capitol on January 6, which led to Donald Trump’s second impeachment and acquittal.

But let’s also be clear about what Trump actually said and didn’t say during that that 70-minute-long address at the “Save America” rally on the National Mall … and none of it constituted a call for “insurrection” as charged by Democrat leaders and liberal media acolytes.

Former President Trump believed that the 2020 election was stolen, a view shared by about half of all Republican voters along with 19 state attorneys general.

Trump angrily told his supporters, “You don’t concede when there’s theft involved. Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore … We will never give up; we will never concede.”

If so, he said, “You will have an illegitimate president. That is what you will have, and we can’t let that happen … If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

“If they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight,” Trump said. “You primary them. We’re going to let you know who they are.”

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” Trump said in his speech.

He also said that he and the crowd would “walk down to the Capitol” to “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.”

“We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness,” he said. “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

A call for peaceful demonstration and protest, yes, but certainly not an appeal to incite lawless behavior, much less anti-government insurrection.

And besides, judging from media silence regarding last summer’s peaceful protests turning into wholesale riots, violence, property destruction, and looting in major Democrat cities, there seems to be considerable selective bias on this reporting.

Trump, the Brutal Anti-Peaceful Protest President

At least that was the story that most liberal newscasts and legacy publications jumped on claiming that peaceful racial police injustice protesters were forcefully cleared from the plaza at Lafayette Park to make way for an opportunistic photo of Trump holding up a Bible in front of St. John’s Church after declaring himself the “law and order president.”

Taxpayer-subsidized NPR headlined it: Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed to Clear Way for Trump Church Photo-Op, stating that “U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops, with the use of tear gas, suddenly started pushing them away for no apparent reason.”

But that wasn’t true.

As later confirmed by CNN, “The US Park Police did not clear racial injustice protesters from Lafayette Park to allow for then-President Donald Trump’s march to St. John’s Church last June, but instead did so to allow a contractor to install a fence safely around the White House, according to a new inspector general report.”

Hate Donald Trump or love him; he was fully justified in calling out deeply biased “fake media” networks that are clearly not “mainstream.”


Larry Bell is an endowed professor of space architecture at the University of Houston. He founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) and the space architecture graduate program. He is the author of several books, including "Reinventing Ourselves: How Technology is Rapidly and Radically Transforming Humanity" (2019), "Thinking Whole: Rejecting Half-Witted Left & Right Brain Limitations" (2018), "Reflections on Oceans and Puddles: One Hundred Reasons to be Enthusiastic, Grateful and Hopeful” (2017), "Cosmic Musings: Contemplating Life Beyond Self" (2016), and "Scared Witless: Prophets and Profits of Climate Doom" (2015). He is currently working on a new book with Buzz Aldrin, "Beyond Footprints and Flagpoles."

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