September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

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Is Coca-Cola Destroying the Planet?

by | May 24, 2021 |

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We have been told to believe that CO2 causes global warming, aka climate change. This has been and continues to be an extremely debatable point. Some scientists actually believe we need more CO2, not less! But, if we play along with their game, then Coca-Cola is guilty as charged.

If we follow Coca-Cola’s belief system on climate change, then it becomes incumbent upon us, people who love the planet, to root out the large contributors of CO2.

Surprisingly enough, you might have one of these bubbly drinks on your desk, kitchen counter, or even on your mind if you’re thirsty.

We are talking about the beloved drink, Coca-Cola. But is it truly worthy of our love?

Each standard can of Coca-Cola contains about 2.2 grams (.08 oz) of CO2. Another way to look at it is .355 liters of CO2 in every can, which is about the size of a coke can itself.  (1)

In addition to the CO2 horror of the product itself, manufacturing it creates additional CO2.

In 2020, the company producing Coca-Cola was hard at work producing CO2 during the pandemic, adding 5.4 MILLION metric tons to our beloved planet’s atmosphere. (2)

Just when you thought the damage to the planet from Coca-Cola could not get any worse, the management of the company has worked hard not to let you down. In addition to all that CO2, Coca-Cola is one of the largest users of aluminum cans in the world. 300,000 tons of sheet aluminum every year. (3)

Most aluminum is produced using coal-fired electricity. And each ton of aluminum produces 21.5 tons of CO2.

That means Coca-Cola, for its drink cans alone, produces 6,450,000 tons of CO2.

How then does the company producing this massive eruption of CO2 work to improve the planet?

Apparently, by convincing us that no matter what, everything will be splendidly okay if we drink this liquid. And to accomplish this objective, Coca-Cola as a company spends about $5.4 BILLION every year on… get ready… advertising.  (4)

Yet, apparently, that $5.4 billion in advertising isn’t enough, so management of Coca-Cola virtue signals to fascists by attacking attempts to bring election integrity to US elections.

The choice is clear: save the planet from CO2 or destroy the planet by promoting the use of CO2-intensive products. Which will you choose? 

Every second, 10,000 people from around the world have a can of this CO2 addiction⏤which sparkles beautifully, by the way. This is due to CO2, of course.  (5)

The Little Red Book

Just imagine, dear readers, if that drinking could be reduced to zero. And more healthy options be chosen. In terms of CO2, the salvation of the planet is at hand; we simply have to act.

I want to gift you with a Little Red Book to help guide you through the myriad of problems created by Marxists, the Democrat Fascists.

The choice is yours. Spread the word on social media and among friends. Mass demonstrations on behalf of the planet. On the one hand, your Little Red Book, on the other, a sledgehammer to crush a can of planet-destroying liquid. And as owners of the Little Red Book, be certain to clean the area afterward and to recycle the aluminum cans, to be made into electric cars. ?

Which will be the subject next week of the Little Red Book. Why electric cars won’t work, hold tight to your Little Red Book. It will help see you through.

Coca-Cola is a registered trademark.

3, 4, 5)

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in alternative energy (solar, wind, hydropower) and antimicrobial nano-technology. He recommends, as well as do many climate enthusiasts and expert scientists, this fascinating bombshell book, which clarifies that the earth is moving into cooler temperatures due to the sun’s cooling. ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY FOR THE COMING ICE AGE And he provides a history of cold weather solar minimums in the middle ages and as recently as the 1700s and 1800s. What life was like during solar minimum mini-ice age cold periods explains why we are shortly going to enter a new mini-ice age.


Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer, previously working in hydropower, and working since 2009 in antimicrobial electrochemistry. Non-medical technology helping business and industry achieve safer surfaces and safer air. He has written several books on the pandemic, and also on Democrat cooperation with Russian efforts to subvert the US political process, and now subverting the pandemic remediation process.

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