Joe Biden is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Survival

by | Aug 15, 2021 |

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As Joe Biden stumbles and fumbles his way through the first six months of his presidency, it’s become pretty obvious that Biden is clueless about everything going on around him. I bet that if you asked him which day of the week it is, he’d look at his fingers and then answer “twelve.” Even in his few and rare, fairly lucid moments, trying to answer questions seems to take so much out of him that he gets testy and then has to retire for a rest period afterward. He simply is unsuited for the most demanding and important job in the world.

So, who’s pulling Joe Biden’s strings? It’s obvious someone is controlling his every move since Joe’s brain can barely generate enough power to get his legs to walk him from the Oval Office to the bathroom.

Is his chief of staff Ron Klain the true President of the United States? Like the character Radar O’Reilly in the old TV series M*A*S*H, who repeatedly placed documents in front of the colonel and told him to “just sign here.” Is it ‘Orange Girl Bad’ Jen Psaki, his paid liar? Or is Joe Biden really Barack Obama’s third term?

Or is it something more nefarious, like the Communist Chinese Party or Vladimir Putin? Considering the level of decadence and corruption that is being uncovered involving Joe’s son Hunter Biden, who for years was setting his father up for compromise and blackmail by our enemies,

I think it’s reasonable to question just why Joe Biden has implemented policies that have drastically weakened the United States in just six short months. Actually, it’s more like the day he was inaugurated. The weakening of America started as soon as he set foot into the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is a clueless buffoon. There is no doubt about it. He’s been a clueless buffoon for fifty-plus years, but he has progressed far beyond his career of buffoonery well into late-stage dementia. Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to the survival of the United States of America, which should scare the hell out of every single American.

For eight years, I thought Barack Obama was the stupidest person to ever occupy the Oval Office, who surrounded himself with other stupid people. But in just six short months, Joe Biden has shown that Barack Obama was a scholar when compared to the sheer breadth of Biden’s stupidity. Perhaps it’s because Biden surrounds himself with many of the same stupid people who worked for Barack Obama.

And if we can recognize how disoriented and lost in a fog Biden and his senior people are, so can our enemies. Our adversaries around the world are salivating right now; they truly believe that defeating the United States without firing a shot is within their grasp. We patted ourselves on the back when the Soviet Union collapsed, bragging about defeating Soviet communism and not having to fire a single bullet to do it; well, turnabout is fair play. Russia, China, and especially Iran are relishing the thought of seeing the United States groveling before them, standing there forlornly with our proverbial hat in hand.

The Iranian regime was on the verge of collapse under the pressure put on them by the Trump Administration. Now they have been reinvigorated, and Israel, America’s best ally in the Middle East, has been pushed aside. Contrary to “Russian Collusion,” Trump had put pressure on Russia, weakening their power in Eastern Europe and strengthening America’s relationship with those countries that were formerly under Soviet domination. And finally, China was recognized as the serious threat that it is, and Trump was beginning to turn around the complete infiltration of every aspect of our society by China.   

What has happened in America in six months is simply breathtaking. And now add to it our ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan, a place we spent twenty years, not to mention and much more importantly, the lives of American servicemen and women, plus trillions of dollars. America is now slinking away in the dark of night while Afghanistan crumbles.

Eighteen generals have commanded our troops in Afghanistan over that period of time, and every damn one of them should have his stars ripped off his collar and hang his head in shame.

They either didn’t know what they were doing, or saw that the strategy was wrong and didn’t have the courage to stand up to the Washington politicians and elites and speak out. Either way, they are responsible for our failures in Afghanistan. In fact, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

But the ultimate fault lies with the American people who elected the dumbest SOB we could have ever put into office. And simply because we didn’t like mean Tweets. Maybe we deserve the clueless, bumbling-fumbling buffoon, and all the court jesters surrounding him.

We either ‘pull our head out’ and become more concerned about defending this country than we are about phony claims of white supremacy and racism, or how best to accommodate transgender people in the military and our intelligence services, or we’re going to lose our country.

Most of all, we need to quit electing and reelecting clueless, bumbling-fumbling buffoons who are the ones responsible for getting us into the mess we’re in now.

Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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eddie brannon
eddie brannon
8 months ago

Get this guy out of office, the incompetency that he has shown is a disgrace to the American people, plus his right hand is not worth the position that she holds both of them are a disgrace to the American way of living, social media was welling to impeach Trump for Tweeting, this guy has put all Americans at risk, get him out of Office , Wake up American show that this Idiot doesn’t speak for America.

9 months ago

Cowardice is a far bigger threat.
FK: A tale of face diapers and poison needles
The bioweapon has done its job.

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