Joe Rogan’s Final Battle for Free Speech

by | Feb 10, 2022 |

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The Biden Administration fired the opening salvo in the final battle against free speech last Saturday when Jen Psaki told the press corps that doubting the US response to Russia and Ukraine is to believe in Russian disinformation. 

The first battle was the censorship related to Covid-19, and if we take a walk down memory lane, we might remember the following:

Believing the virus came out of a lab was misinformation, until it turned out to be true.

Believing that Hydroxychloroquine effectively treated Covid-19 was misinformation⏤until it turned out to be true.

Believing that masks don’t work was misinformation (and at one point, we were told to wear TWO masks), right up until it turned out masks do not help.

The lockdowns were flattening the curve until this week when John Hopkins University released a study showing that the shutdowns were only 0.2% effective. Think of the damage we did to our economy for something that made virtually no difference!

Ivermectin being effective was misinformation until it turned out that it was effective.

We did not fund gain of function until it turned out we did. Fauci actually had the NIH change the definition of ‘gain of function’ so that he could lie to Congress without lying to Congress.

The list goes on and on, and the point is that the government knew it was wrong the whole time. The misinformation was not coming from America Out Loud’s own Dr. Peter McCoulough on the Joe Rogan Show. It was coming from Anthony Fauci, the WHO, and the CDC.

Factual information was being suppressed, and false information was forced down our throats.

And now Jen Psaki is saying that if you disagree with the Joe Biden Administration on Ukraine, you have been hit by misinformation, disinformation, foreign propaganda – anything but the truth. This happened almost on the same day that the State Department told a reporter that Russia was planning to initiate a false flag event as a precursor to invading Ukraine, and then cited the fact that it had just made that claim as proof that the claim was true. Before that press conference, I think the last time I heard “because I told you so” as an answer for “how do you know it’s true,” was kindergarten.

People – the target here is not disinformation, misinformation, or foreign propaganda. The target is and always has been dissent. Our government is the source of most of the misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda we hear, and then the media and big tech suppresses the truth. And if you think censorship and the totalitarian impulses behind it are going to stop once the government has shut you up, you are wrong. We have seen where this leads too many times in human history to walk blindly into it.

If we the people allow this to continue, we will collectively deserve the tyranny that inevitably follows.

How bad is it? Your children are already being told to inform on you⏤to their teachers. The University of Colorado has signs all over campus telling students where to go for assistance if they run across a ‘free speech event’ (and though those signs do not include the police, they eventually will).

It’s pretty bad.

Joe Rogan, in the meantime, who has a FAR better record giving factual information than does CNN, is putting on a Master Class in how to assist in getting oneself canceled.

What Joe Rogan SHOULD have done was to talk about the credentials of the two doctors he had on his shows to discuss Covid-19. All Dr. McCullough does is quote studies. He does not say ANYTHING that cannot be backed up by scientific research. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Dr. McCullough – far more than I have for any of the political hacks masquerading as doctors in the CDC.

The other doctor Joe Rogan got in trouble for having on – Doctor Malone – I don’t know him, but he invented mRNA vaccines, so I would think his expertise would be obvious.

Anyway… Rogan was accused of misinformation, and he buckled to Cancel Culture, thinking that if he appeased the Volcano God of Leftist Orthodoxy, he would be left alone.

Once Cancel Culture decides to cancel someone, they don’t accept apologies. An apology is a sign of weakness, so rather than backing down after an apology is given, Cancel Culture doubles down. In this case, cancel culture put more and more pressure on Spotify to dump Joe Rogan, and went through every episode of every show Rogan has ever done, looking for examples of Joe Rogan saying the N-word.

Joe Rogan has never shied away from talking about controversial topics, and yes – Joe Rogan is happy to talk about race and racism, which he does from a left-leaning perspective. Joe Rogan’s position on the n-word has always been that though he will not use the N-word in reference to anyone, he has maintained that it is OK to use it when quoting someone, or when talking about the word itself. If I am not mistaken, he stopped using it entirely a few years ago, but now there is a video compilation showing every time Joe Rogan has used that word, over a twelve-year period, taking each utterance out of context.

Joe Rogan used to be offended by people who said ‘N-word’ rather than using the n-word; as to Rogan, once you give up your freedom of speech with one word, other words are sure to follow, making the first word targeted also the most important to fight for. And you know what? He has a point.

As for me, I agree with Jordan Peterson’s take, which is that I have the right to use that word, but that does not make it polite to do so. I choose to be polite. That’s my choice.

So anyway, Joe Rogan used the n-word numerous times and was taken out of context in a video to create further pressure to take him off the air.

What Joe Rogan SHOULD have done was to reiterate the context he has used that word in, and defiantly defended his right to use it in those contexts. He could even have said that he decided to stop using it even in those contexts, lest he be taken out of context – as he now has been.

What he could NOT do is what he did – he apologized again.

Now… He could have said something like, “I get it. That word is very offensive to people, and people don’t want to hear it. I get it, and I am sorry I offended people. But understand that it is precisely because that word is offensive that I used it. We should not be calling people that word, of course, but we need to talk about that word because it is offensive, and it being so very offensive is a huge indicator that we, as a people, still need to heal. So I think we need to talk about it, and I think context matters.” Something like that takes responsibility with an apology for causing offense⏤while admitting no wrongdoing.

One can also admit wrongdoing when one feels they did something wrong, but Joe Rogan does not believe he did, and as such, his apology lacks the very sense of sincerity that his audience used to admire about him.

Spotify has now taken more than 100 of his episodes off the air, as a further sacrifice to the Volcano God of Leftist Orthodoxy. Spotify did not cancel Joe Rogan, so now cancel culture is saying that taking down more than 100 Joe Rogan episodes for offensive content is not good enough. It turns out Spotify left up all of Joe Rogan’s episodes where he interviewed antisemites.

Has Joe Rogan interviewed any antisemites? I don’t think he has. I don’t follow him, so I don’t really know. What I do know is that cancel culture did not name any of the presumed antisemites. According to the left, anyone who disagrees with cancel culture is a racist and an antisemite, whereas people who hate Jewish people and who think black people are not capable of getting IDs are fine.

Joe Rogan’s downfall actually began the minute he took $150 million from Spotify (including stock options) to be aired only on that platform. With 11 MILLION people watching every episode of his program, he had more viewers than Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC COMBINED.

The Volcano God of Leftist Orthodoxy was NOT going to allow Joe Rogan, someone who though nominally on the left, did not worship the Volcano God, to have that kind of voice. With his Spotify deal, suddenly, Spotify had leverage over him. Without the Spotify deal, Joe Rogan could have told Cancel Culture off, but with that deal, he had to do as Spotify asks.

And now he is in a freefall.

Joe Rogan won’t go away completely, but this will cost him dearly in viewership AND credibility. On the left, he is now persona non grata, and on the right, he is now someone who buckled. 

Had Joe Rogan held his ground, he would have been non-cancellable. The left might have tried to cancel him, but the more hated he became to the Volcano God’s followers, the more famous he would have become to those that believe in free speech.

I can tell Joe Rogan how to save his podcast. He needs to immediately go back to doing what he does best – talking about difficult topics, and doing so truthfully. His being canceled IS the topic he needs to talk about. Discussing this topic, and telling the world that buckling was a mistake, and that he is willing to throw the Spotify money away to keep his integrity – that’s how he puts himself back on top.

More likely, Joe Rogan will continue to decline, and the left, after defeating Joe Rogan, will take on the rest of us.

As always, the Volcano God is hungry.

And now Jen Psaki has told us what comes next. From now on, the Biden Administration is the purveyor of truth, and anything that contradicts them needs to be censored. That is particularly true when they lie – as they do pretty much every time their mouths move.

Wallace Garneau

Wallace Garneau is a two-service military veteran, with four years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and four years in the US Army. He has twenty-three years of experience in process improvement roles, having served as the E-Commerce Manager, IT Manager, and Director of Business Systems for a variety of medium to large manufacturing companies. Wallace holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix, and an MBA in Lean Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. Wallace is currently finishing a Masters of Science in Lean Manufacturing, at Kettering University.

Wallace is a published poet and essayist, and recently finished his first book - The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

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3 months ago

what a shame…Professor Matthias Desmet, who told us about “Mass Hypnosis” has said that 30% are victims of this, 40 % are just followers, and the rest, us, the 30% with a bit of intelligence, we MUST NOT BE SILENT, we must continue to speak up until this 40% finally sees it and join our camps or the whole of humanity is FINISHED going down either to an early grave or slavery to these evil psychopaths

G. Montag 451
G. Montag 451
3 months ago

Great article dude! This is an Aztec style sacrificial ritual isn’t , it? and
i always knew Rogan wasn’t REALLY on Team Liberty. Shows you can still be a cuck and a coward with big ass muscles and testosterone therapy. 🤦‍♂️

3 months ago

Definitely watch Malone.We have been following him for months. Expert pro vaccine researcher wrote CDC FDA if you indiscriminately vax into a pandemic, you drive fast developing new variants,that end up resistant to vaccine. This was b4 he saw the damage and deaths from the vaccines

G. Montag 451
G. Montag 451
3 months ago

Rogan is a follower and not a true leader. He’s not claiming to be a leader ,he’s there for his own interests and he is not really a warrior for the people like people on the right seem to believe that he is.We on the conservative side need to stop grasping on to anyone who at this point has basic common sense and a 6th grade education and think they will be our savior
What I don’t get how come in the Rogan apology he didn’t say why don’t we have two of the main doctors on the Covid side come and talk with Peter McCullough and Robert Malone. how come joe didn’t just say that?

G. Montag 451
G. Montag 451
3 months ago

When is the last time we actually had a real debate in this country about Anything?People claiming this information to go on live television on C-SPAN international coverage now editing for five hours or any hours it takes a long debate with the fax in the data so we can get this settled if it’s such a threat to public health

j. bell
j. bell
3 months ago

You say six times in your article, what Joe Rogan said was ‘taken out of context’. If Rogan used the same word daily, over one hundred times, then when can we determine the ‘true context’ of his speech? Oh, ‘I wasn’t talking about any person in particular’, when I used the word, ‘N______’. Ok. If Joe Rogan has actually apologized, then let Joe Rogan go the train station in Washington, DC called ‘Southeast’/or ‘de East’, and say out loud, ‘Forgive me for using the word N_______ on my podcast one hundred times, without reference to any person’. Rogan and his martial arts belt will be corrected. Let Rogan stand on 45th and State Street in Chicago, and say out loud, ‘Forgive me for my using the word N______ on my podcast one hundred times, with no reference to any person’. Rogan and his martial arts belt will be corrected. Some words have a history of being too incendiary when coming out of the mouths of Whites. Free speech advocates and Rogan know this. People like Joe Rogan hide behind their podcast studios and martial arts belts to normalize their trash and create platforms where its use is acceptable. I graduated from high school in 1972, and was in fights daily, for White classmates saying ‘n_____, n_____, n_____’, and ‘here comes the n_____’. This has effected me even until today. Do I search for ‘context’, when I hear the word today? These White classmates from the 1970s became your parents. In college in the 1970s, a lot of good Black friends of mind broke their right hands in the mouths of their White roommates, for those roommates saying that word to them. Hello Warfield. Do you think Warfield and others like him search for ‘context’ when they hear this word today. Joe Rogan was a grown man when he repeatedly uttered that word daily, he knew what he was doing, and anyone who attempts to justify Rogan’s actions are in the same boat and category with Rogan, and should suffer the same terminating consequences.

j. bell
j. bell
Reply to  Wallace Garneau
3 months ago

In Ezekiel 16:3,45 when God told Jerusalem, “ your mother was a Hittite, and your father was an Amorite”, was God calling those of Jerusalem n_____s?   Genesis 10:15:16 says Caanan (the cursed) gave birth to Heth and the Amorite, not Shem. Yet God called His own people, Hittites and Amorites. Was this a racial slur on the part of God? 
The reason being they had spread their fornications (spiritual and physical apostasy)  from Egypt, to Canaan, to the then present location of some captive Jews, Chaldea circa 590 BC before the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar.  Is God a racist for recognizing the differences (which he made) among the different races, and using possible racial slurs against His own people, the Jews?   
Abraham, don’t take a Canaanite as wife for Isaac! Is or was God a racist? Jacob, go back to the land of your nativity to take a wife! Is or was God a racist?  

Jesus told the Canaanite woman, “it is not meet to cast the childrens’ bread to the dogs”.  Is Jesus a racist, when he called the dark skin Canaanites ‘dogs’?  The Canaanite woman had a need of a miracle from Jesus, so she was more tolerable and patient with  his remark. Once Blacks had a greater dependency on Whites for economic subsistence, so words like ‘dog’ and ‘n_____’ were more tolerable. I heard it once from a good White friend of mine in high school in 1971.  Once was one too many, he was my friend no longer.
Regarding those words coming out of the mouths of Black rappers and hip hop people, I have preached consistently from 1989 until today, that they are all hell bound. The half time shows at the Superbowl are an abomination in God’s presence, and brings America as a nation one step closer to God’s judgment. Especially that Black witch wriggling her behind on national TV, and that Black w____ (ho, ho, ho and merry Christmas) dressed in silver. They would not have been allowed to do that in a Black community before 1965. Their mothers were Hittites, and their fathers Amorites, in the most denigrating sense of the words.
Isaiah 30:18 ‘The Lord is a God of judgment’.  
Don’t get caught on the wrong side of history (God’s judgment/salvation plan), and say there are no differences amongst the races. That is the ‘tower of Babel mentality’, where all nations acted as one, tried to build a tower that reached to heaven (to become Gods), like the Human Genome project, trying to partake of the tree of eternal life, the wrong way. God scattered them, ‘confounded their language and speech, so that they might not understand one another’. Genesis 11. Learn to appreciate and respect the differences of different races, and then you ‘might stand’ on the right side of history/salvation. 
Whether God and/or Jesus are racists for recognizing the differences in races, the ends/teleology  of the matter is that the kings and armies of the earth will gather to make war against Jesus, Revelation 19:19, and will be slain, Revelation 19:21. In a world where there are many racial and ethnic differences, this prophesy is easily fulfillable. But, in a world in which there is ‘no race differences’, could  this prophesy be fulfilled? If there were only be one king/president, and one government and one army worldwide? 
Certainly that prophecy could be fulfilled, it that one mighty nation was filled with different and diverse peoples from around the world, who all shared the same sinful world view, 666. Daniel 7:23 says the fourth beast shall be diverse/different (‘shena’-Aramaic) from all other kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth. Simply put, the anti-Christ. So God’s idea for the present and future, is that there be differences and diversities of peoples and races, so that Biblical prophesy will be fulfilled,  as we watch the anti-Christ presence himself in our own presence. 
Only those ‘diverse’/diversity or the uni-race people, with the mark of the beast can buy and sell. I heard there was a virology laboratory in North Carolina that might create a vaccine that can remove 666, but you have to get boosted every six months for it to be effective. And it may not work effectively for those over 65, it may even be fatal. Consult your doctor, rabbi, or priest before being vaccinated.   It may be available in pill form in the future, and the vaccine “might” be mandated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church to confirm salvation.   The Vatican is still checking with the Man upstairs.   
Webster’s online dictionary defines ‘racism’ as,
“a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”
“the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another”

I don’t qualify under any definition of ‘racist’ that I have found yet. I often go outside on my porch in East Austin and ask all the White gentrificationists that pass by, do they think I am a racist, for my not selling my house to White gentrificationists. They all unanimously say, I am a racist and ‘you  n_______s   need to get the f___ out of East Austin’. The same house I was born in 70 years ago. So I have some work to do on my racism. Do you think CRT will help me?
I will leave you and Joe Rogan (the extinct dinosaur) with this, keep your mothers being considered as Hittites, and keep your fathers from being considered as Amorites, in God’s presence, only then will stand on the right side of history and avoid God’s racial slurs, and His judgment.

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