Justin Trudeau… today’s incarnation of Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaușescu

by | Feb 15, 2022 |

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“The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those, we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern.” – C.S Lewis, The Screwtape Letters.

As many of you know, the Prime Minister of Canada – or perhaps more realistically, his handlers – declared emergency powers early this week, over the Ottawa truckers’ protest, and by extension, the people themselves, making the county one now run by his diktat. This law was only to be used when there was a serious threat to the lives or safety of Canadians. And no, Mr. Trudeau will not be taking a knee for this protest, you can be assured, like he did at a similar “Blantifa” protest.

After all, there must always be ulterior political motives that are able to be hijacked for any protest these elites might support. The only knee allowed is what the WEF/Davos cabal permits, and only for approved, politically correct gambit… not for actual real people expressing their democratic rights. Trudeau’s declaration only has one other precedent, FLQ (Front de liberation du Quebec) crisis about 50 years ago, when – who else! – Trudeau’s father invoked the War Measures Act. But back then, the FLQ had engaged in over 200 bombings and, in 1970, kidnappings and murder. 

83-year-old terrorists? 3-year-old “insurrectionists?” Yes, if you are in Trudeau’s Canada.

Can someone explain how free hugs, dancing in the streets, and bouncy castle for young kids equates to, say, Pierre Laporte’s murder by the Chénier cell of the Front de Libération du Québec in 1970? In fact, under legislation this week, Canadians can now be arrested on sight, no bail allowed; banks can seize your assets, and your insurance can be canceled.

You, gentle Canadian, are now a Soviet-style non-citizen. Just like what we see happening in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Lithuania, and others. Do the street videos of Ottawa showing free food, bouncy castles for kids to play in, dancing in the streets, sound like an “insurrection” to you? Watch Ottawalks on Youtube, and see if you find a single act that might even give a paddling as a 3-year-old. Is this 83-year old protester, reported in the Detroit News, the stuff that insurrections are made of? How about this family below?

Were Lewis alive today, he might well have wanted to also add into his hellish stable the current Ottawa office of drama teacher turned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as the soul-less political warrens of a blank, amoral, uninspiring octogenarian in the throes of early dementia, Joseph Biden –  whom, today’s version dutifully informs us of the old Pravda, actually got more votes than Barack Obama at the height of his popularity.

Well, didn’t Stalin purportedly say that voting didn’t matter… only who counted the votes?

But let’s return Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, our modern incarnation of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Romanian Communist Party’s head of state from 1967 to 1989. Ceaușescu ruled by brute force through his Departamentul Securității Statului (Department of State Security), the secret police agency of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Go through every failed Iron Curtain country; you would find the same: the East German Stasi, the Russian NKVD, later the Cheka, along with their KGB buddies – heck, even the Mongolians had their own internal police. Will this decree involve the same? Better question: to implement it, how could it not.  

Even Bill Maher has gotten a clue about Trudeau’s incipient police state, stating What’s happening this week, it looks like, is people are understanding this is about something more than just the vaccine mandate, It’s becoming a big thing. It’s happening all over the world now, and They’re ‘not wrong’ to be ‘p***ed off. Maher even compared Trudeau to Hitler.

No, duh, Bill

An Uprising of Everyday Citizens

Corroborating Maher, Woke Inc author Vivek Ramaswamy, here, agreed, saying this is an uprising of everyday citizens, and added These are the unelected class leaders that ultimately, I think, are using the bureaucratic power to supplant the will of every day. And in Exhibit A of the law of unintended consequences, Ramaswamy says Not only Americans but Canadians and Western Europeans too. And that’s why we’re seeing a fusion of both the left and the right here saying that: “Actually we want our voices heard. We want to be able to speak without fear of putting food on the dinner tableAnd the beautiful thing about democracy, so far, this has been a peaceful set of protests, [and] I hope it stays that way. That’s part of the messiest of democracy, and that’s part of what makes it beautiful. Unfortunately, Mr. Trudeau is a “neat freak”; and to quote Seinfeld’s soup Nazi, Trudeau’s response is “NO freedom for you! Out!”

In a nutshell, Mr. Trudeau’s diktat invoking emergency powers has the express intention of throwing a crowbar through the spokes of a democracy, in direct contravention of the law of the land, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A couple of days earlier, the head of Ontario, Premier Ford, also declared a state of emergency. And don’t worry, dear American reader… they plan this to come to a country near you, too. 

Why – and how – would people non-violently expressing their free will be such a crisis? See the videos at Ottawalks, done by a local resident who walks all the critical areas in the city with little to no comment so you can make up your own mind from the street level. 

Certainly, shutting down cities didn’t seem to be a crisis when Blantifa (Antifa+Marxist) actually burned down cities. Why now? And Ontario Premier Ford wants to fine people up to $100,000 and/or a year in jail for simply wanting their God-given rights back… while on the same hand, Kamala Harris tweeted support for a bail fund for Antifa rioters (which Washington Post disingenuously –  and frantically –  adds but the money didn’t just assist protesters. Yeah… it just partially assisted them. Now, do you feel better that only part, not 100%, assisted these avowed Marxists?

You recall, of course, that BLM co-founder – and now proud owner of a $1.4 mm luxury abode in all-white Topanga Canyon, CA., Patrice Cullors, specifically said, “we are trained Marxists.” This is the group Trudeau kneeled for. But not for regular worker bees just trying to live in freedom and feed their families. Why might that be?

Some critical observations

Lost to the elitists at CNN, MSNBC, or Canadian CBC and CTV, is one basic fact about this “emergency” former drama schoolteacher turned PM has missed. That the people causing the shutdowns have the most to lose! Why would anyone protest something, to their own detriment (think the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit), unless it was a matter of life and death? It has been said, (perhaps apocryphal) that during World War II, some inmates actually wished for the allied bombers to bomb their own concentration camps, just so their National Socialist Workers’ Party guards might be taken out. You see the same desperation today. But the elite don’t – they are clueless. 

Let them eat cake 

As Talleyrand purportedly said about the similarly out-of-touch French nobility, “they learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.” And 200 years later, the elite not only have learned nothing, they are too arrogant to even learn Talleyrand’s quote. Ignorance paired with arrogance is a bad combination, but in this lies a strategic opportunity for freedom lovers. Think, for example, Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa and what went into that strategic blunder. La même chose ici (same thing here). 

But what do the elite care? Mr. Trudeau, who taught drama and other subjects at Vancouver’s elite private school West Point Grey, (and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary), was born not with a silver, but rather platinum, spoon in his mouth. How do I know Trudeau is an elitist? At the risk of sounding like I lived everywhere, I didn’t. But I did one graduate degree at the University of British Columbia, living in an unheated basement while doing so, then started my work career in Vancouver (for the record, I also lived in Nanaimo, Edmonton, Alberta, and Aylmer Quebec; my wife is a Toronto girl). Here is a link for you, gentle reader, to check for house prices in West Point Grey, Justin’s digs. Got, perhaps, $4 to $9 million for a house there? While Justin may, it’s not something a trucker – or any of us poor, unwashed masses – could afford. But in fact, Trudeau owns something much, much more elite – a $19 million bolt hole in Tofino, BC. Read about it here.

Western Standard adds, The main house sits on 1.19 acres, and has seven bathrooms and six bedrooms. A hand-carved front door invites residents into a skillfully crafted designer main home, renovated six years ago. Inside, white oak and Italian tile flooring, recycled barn wood ceilings and accent walls, custom cabinetry, granite and quartz counter-tops, in addition to Sub Zero and Miele appliances, are showcased throughout open-concept living areas, most of which enjoy unobstructed views of the beachfront.

Reminds me of the Obama’s digs in all-white Martha’s Vineyard, 79 Turkeyland Dr., Edgartown, MA. And in case needed verification that Obama actually did stop global warming, his house is only 3 feet above sea level. Yes, really. Verify here… but, as you know, this little detail will never see the light of day at CNN, MSNBC, etc.

So, we have the Trudeau’s elite calling out the dogs on the proletarian protesters. Aren’t these “wretched of the earth” Frantz Fanon wrote about, or about whom Saul Alinsky – Hilary’s self-admitted hero – supposed to be the ones Trudeau and “Scranton Joe” Biden should be supporting? Finally, an uprising of the working class Marx always wanted (or its mirror image in the parents’ protest against the suppression of their kids in Virginia)? So what’s the problem? 

Even Kafka couldn’t make this one up

In fact, in a Kafta-Esque move today, the fake news Canadian Broadcasting Company went so far as to accuse those asking for freedom as engaging in “far-right” activities, of course citing the  usual “experts say.” (Yes, sociology majors from Pisgy Switch U are now the “experts.”) Adds the CBC, For many, freedom is a malleable term — one that’s open to interpretation. Yes, tell that to baseball hero Jackie Robinson, or William “Braveheart” Wallace. How could they come up with this level of horse manure? But you, dear reader, know exactly how: As Orwell wrote, Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them…”  But he should have added, some writing is so preposterous that only the fake news could write it. 

But of course, in polite, Canadian style, instead of Bull Connor calling out the physical dogs as in Birmingham, Alabama, Trudeau had originally planned to use nice, polite Canadian guard dogs to do the similar dirty work. No physical bites this time, just $100,000 fines, careers quietly destroyed in bureaucratic back rooms, and a year in jail. No muss, no fuss. Very Canadian. In contrast, MLK spent 8 days after his arrest, April 12th, 1963, where he wrote the famous Letter from Birmingham Jail – not a year. (Note – he was jailed other times, and incidentally, when we first moved to Chicago from Canada, we originally attended the historically black Olivet Baptist Church in Chicago, right on MLK Drive in Chicago.

But, while the original goal may have been no more Bull Connor antics… let’s do it politely, Canadian-style this time! The truth is that the visceral commitment to freedom by the plebes is simply non-negotiable, and original plans changed back to Bull Connor tactics as the elite became more frantic. 

Scenes from the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor Ontario/Detroit MI., February 13th. Looks like that “gentler, nicer” repression ain’t working so well. 

So what is actually going on, on the ground, in Ottawa, among the truckers? In a conversation on February 14th with one of the protest leaders, he told me today that the main staging place is being utilized as a depot, and this was being absolutely besieged by non-protesters – local people who need food and support due to the state that lockdowns for the past two years by Trudeau.

Yes, you read correctly: the freedom movement, that at one point was frantically accused by the media of stealing food from a food pantry (located two blocks from my old residence), in reality, is donating food to the local poor. Any live feed of the protest shows ample food, barbecues, snacks free for the taking. And the people – French, English, Canadians from West and East (also often at loggerheads historically), Canadian and Americans – all are united for perhaps the first time ever. 

Sic Semper Tyrannis (thus always to tyrants, state motto of Virginia)

In a fitting antic from the anti-liberty crowd, on February 14th, GiveSendGo was hacked by Deep State lackeys, sending people instead to GiveSendGone. Of course, they released donor names, in a repulsive attempt to dox people. Isn’t that compassionate! GiveSendGo supports thousands of benevolent activities helping hurting people. But no matter… in the rabid vitriol of the left, any collateral damage is acceptable… all to destroy the object of their maliciousness. So much for “Hate has no home here” yard signs, n’est pas? 

The solution could have been simple for Trudeau: Just meet with the Canadian truckers, and hear them out. That’s all they want. But in a move reminiscent of Pharoah before Moses, Trudeau is too arrogant to listen. The common people must be squashed! The masters of the universe in Davos demand it! 

But all is not lost, at least yet. Candice Bergen, the leader of the Conservative Party, has said, that while her party wants an end to the blockades, they want it done in a way that honors the protesters and their demands; additionally, the provinces all are not in agreement. Trudeau had a chance to talk and listen and refused. This story has been seen before – in the Pharoah of Egypt, whose heart was hardened, and it led to disaster. Canada is locked down, yet Finland, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Ireland have zero lockdowns, and even vax-happy Israel is scrapping their green pass. Why is Canada unique?


Blaise Vanne is a dual US and Canadian citizen, having lived half his adult life in both countries, but currently living in the Chicago, IL. area. Along with his dual citizenship, which allows for a less common perspective on today's events, he has completed graduate degrees at both University of Illinois, Urbana, as well as the University of British Columbia. Having originally taught on the post-secondary in western Canada, he is now actively employed in the health care field, but keeps alive his first love, research and writing.

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Amy Victoria Wellard
Amy Victoria Wellard
3 months ago

Excellent piece of writing – brilliant.

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