Lawless Homeless Societies

by | May 20, 2019 |

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Homelessness has exploded across our nation. Many, if not most, large and medium sized cities are experiencing more homeless encampments popping up, often right in the heart of business communities and residential areas. I’ve heard about enough from liberals blaming the economy, lack of jobs and President Trump.

California alone has more jobs to fill than homeless people, so why isn’t everyone working? Back in the good old days when law enforcement could actually enforce laws and when there were consequences for every unlawful transgression, we did not have this homeless problem.

Then two major game changers occurred, politicians and liberal judges. In the late 1950’s California started deinstutionalizing psychiatric patients and moving them to a variety of for-profit group homes, board and care homes, nursing homes and foster homes. By 1967 when Ronald Reagan became governor, almost half of the state hospitals had shuttered. Also, in 1967 California’s legislature passed a bill, the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act which almost entirely abolished involuntary commitment. The consequence to this was that if patients relapsed or were in need of care, it was and remains almost impossible to get.

The homes the mentally ill were sent to were generally in rundown communities and as people left these group homes and stopped getting their meds, they ended up on the streets. Homeless mentally ill people formerly in institutions flooded towns.

In 1973 in Long Beach, New York, the City council passed an ordinance that for these mentally ill people to remain in their group homes, they had to take their prescribed medications. The New York ACLU sued, and the judge ruled that to be unconstitutional. The group homes were many and had large populations and many residents simply chose the streets. All of their safety nets were gone. Without their needed medications, they were adrift.

In 1980 when Reagan became President, he stopped the funding to the states for mental health. California, ever the leader, was followed by the other states in moving the mentally ill into group homes and eventually to our streets.

The instances of crime and violence within these groups increased. Since they could no longer be institutionalized, when arrested they were put into jail cells, and eventually released again to the streets.

Over time, groups like the ACLU and individuals sued on behalf of the homeless to give them rights they should not have; rights to live in front of your homes and businesses and in your public spaces and parks. Liberal judges ruled that living in a non-working vehicles or cardboard boxes on city streets is a domicile and constitutionally protected. I’m pretty sure the authors of our great Constitution never had that in mind.

Then liberal judges said it was alright for the homeless to set up their tents, and urinate where you walk, and have a health hazard created in your living spaces as well as an eyesore devaluing your hard-earned property. Police chiefs and district attorneys nationwide have “decided” not to enforce existing laws on vagrancy, theft, trespassing, burglary, drug possession and child prostitution. The 9th circuit court ruled that if people don’t have a shelter, police can’t remove them off the street. Why should they pay for a shelter or a living place when they choose to live on the street? Since many voluntarily choose not to have a permanent shelter, law enforcement can do nothing. They win, you lose.

Politicians have enabled and indeed encouraged homelessness by not enforcing laws and disallowing police to enforce laws. They clean up after these people, they provide them city properties to have their filth and drug infested communities. They provide public and private areas and clean needles where people can inject their illegal drugs. They provide no respite for the mentally ill.

Anyone can see that one problem begets the other. It is a circle of drug addition, mental illness or poor life choices that get people into a homeless situation. Once in that social network of many people with drug and mental illness issues, they are caught in a web. Drugs are plentiful. Life is lived lawlessly. The justice is street justice.

Our own politicians and judges have created this horrific situation by some perverted sense that they are helping the less fortunate. This could not be further from the truth. What has been created is homeless tent cities that are violent, filth ridden and rodent and lice infested. Preventable diseases abound and spread. The problem has been multiplied by allowing illegals to enter and stay when they have no living places and no means of support.

Children are trapped, helpless and victimized. Those that are mentally ill are helpless and victimized. Those that are drug addicted must steal to support their habits, and our politicians basically say they are not prosecuting those crimes.

It is the Wild West and an underground lawless society and is condoned and enabled by our politicians and district attorneys who swore an oath to protect us!

In the meantime, those of you who have done the right things in life like work, raise your families, travel, have homes and businesses, pay your taxes and obey the laws are forced to have these putrid encampments in your towns, on your streets as you walk to a restaurant, taking over your parks and the storefronts. You are forced to walk through urine and feces and needles and people begging for money. Diseases that were eradicated in the United States have made a comeback like typhus, cholera and polio. Hepatitis is rampant in these tent cities. The diseases don’t stay within the borders of the tent cities, they affect us all. It is a disgrace to this great country. I thought we had left the middle ages long ago.

Where do we go from here? As things are now, we are doomed to continue on this downhill spiral. As laws are not enforced to stop these places from developing, more will crop up, many more. It is entirely preventable. The bleeding hearts did nothing good for anyone, least of all the homeless and they have violated all the rest of us along the way.

We need to start by enforcing the laws; all of them. We need to care for our citizens with mental illness and give them the help they so desperately need. This includes institutionalizing those who are gravely disabled, or a danger to themselves and us, and get them off the streets. Some people will never be able to live on their own due to their mental incapacity. As a society, we must protect them and offer them a dignity of life. The money we spend on these homeless hell holes and on illegals could be spent taking care of our people with mental health problems.

We need to clear the streets and the lawless homeless cities within our cities. De-construct these nests and move them out. They need a de-incentive to continue this behavior and an incentive to discontinue it, including jail. Next, we need to enforce the drug laws and strengthen them; not weaken them. Legalizing gateway drugs is not the answer.

The politicians and judges own these problems. They need to practice a new idea called accountability and start to reverse the literal and figurative mess they have created. The civil rights of the homeless to defecate on the streets has usurped the right of rest of us to have a quality of life free from this nightmare.

What quality of life did judges and politicians give to these homeless people with all of their bleeding heart liberalism? Those that are mentally ill cannot provide for nor defend themselves. The young and elderly cannot protect themselves from violence, or rape, or inclement weather, or disease. The chronically drug addicted do not live in the same reality as drug free people, and live only for the next fix and will do anything to get it. Those who are violent people with mental issues victimize everyone. There is no safety, no security, no clean spaces, no bathrooms or showers. Predators know this and they prey. Victims know this and they live in fear. What esoteric favor and better life did our weak and naïve politicians and judges think they were providing?

The fake social and criminal justice reform warriors have created an unconscionable situation, that the citizens abhor and that is an insult and a slap in the face to every American. We cannot walk down the streets of our cities without encountering one or all of the varieties of homeless people. Where values got so twisted from reality remains a question for me. There is no question that this needs to be remedied before these homeless encampments start pushing good citizens out of their homes and businesses instead of the reverse. The pseudo concern for these people is politicians’ hypocrisy and a clear danger to those they purport to be helping and the rest of society. We must vote FOR tough on crime politicians and judges who are willing to protect the public and are willing to make the hard decisions that will ultimately create a better society for everyone.


Linda Martinelli is the owner and President of Proforma Graphic Printsource, Inc, Co-Owner and CFO of ETCforensic LLC, CFO of Martinelli & Associates. She is a weekly columnist at America Out Loud and is co-host of Talking While Married.

Linda is the first sole female franchise owner in Proforma to qualify for the Million Dollar Club and reach Multi-Million Dollar Club status. She was also Proforma’s first female development coach and, in 2005, was the first female elected by her business peers to the elite Owners Advisory Council. In 2011, Linda was named one of ASI’s Top 10 Women to Watch and earned Proforma’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Award in 2012.

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