Michael ‘Anti-Gun’ Bloomberg Is The Shadow Behind The Gun Grab Movement

by | Dec 20, 2019 |

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Militia groups from around the country are watching very carefully the power and manipulation plays against the state of Virginia citizens, by Treasonous law breakers for the Democratic party who are trying to set up the precedent of things to come state by state trying to push Senate Bill 16 and Senate bill 64 on January 8th, 2020.

The very dangerous SB 64, would go coast to coast, starting in Virginia, SB 64 outlaws firearms training, and could impact other group sports such as Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense training, etc. The bill is designed to prohibit paramilitary activity (read that “citizen militias”). But as it stands it would do a lot more, turning law-abiding Virginians into felons with a snap of the handcuffs.

SB 16 would turn law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight. Yes, you heard right, this is the psychopathic mindset of the leftist commie democrats.

What’s going on in America as we witness the far left desperately trying their best to maintain control through their underhanded rogue tactics of criminality and deception while trying their best to overthrow a United States President for no crimes he’s committed against the American people but crimes they themselves have committed.

So while the left is busy gathered in their hate camps, other sinister elites are plotting and planning their next move against the American people where all eyes are upon the great state of Virginia and the egregious Senate Bill 64, and Senate Bill 16.

Sheriffs are promising to deputize thousands and are welcoming Veterans, police, and militia groups as they continue to grow in mass numbers of support with the spirit of “come and take it” we’re ready for you, holding their ground and defending their Constitutional rights and privileges once more threatened by the commie cozy who would just assume imprisoning us in concentration camps.

Like scenes from a Sci-Fi movie, these demon-crats and their criminal cabal have been busy harvesting other cancerous tentacles, reaching into the state of Virginia, while the systemic and manacle brew, bought and paid for back door politics of gun-grabbing rights through the enforcement of Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, and his minions, especially this bad actor, Congressman A. Donald McEachin, who sparked controversy stating that the Governor could call the National Guard to enforce the law, for what?

To tackle down legal and law-abiding American citizens living in the state of Virginia who possesses firearms for the protection of themselves, written under the 2nd Amendment.

What transpired next was the sounding of the alarm of the National Guard, via Major Gen. Timothy P. Williams, who is the Adjutant General of Virginia’s National Guard and he responded on Twitter:

“We have received multiple questions regarding proposed legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session and the authority of the Governor of Virginia to employ the Virginia National Guard in a law enforcement role, we understand and respect the passion people feel for the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment rights. We will not speculate about the possible use of the Virginia National Guard.”

Based on the responses in the Twitter thread, folks found Maj. Gen. Williams’ lackluster response less than comforting, that’s when the militia started forming in Virginia.

Tazewell County is taking this threat to the Second Amendment very seriously. Not only did they pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution, but they’ve also officially begun to form a militia, Law Enforcement Today reports.

Bloomberg is rabidly anti-gun and has said that ending “the nationwide madness of U.S. gun violence” is the impetus behind his run for the White House.

Here’s the summary of what’s happening in Virginia

  • With Michael Bloomberg’s help, the Democrats took over the Virginia state congress.
  • There’s an anti-paramilitary bill that would disallow armed people to gather or teach others how to use firearms or any technique that could cause injury or death.
  • There’s a bill that would make semi-automatic weapons illegal.
  • Nearly the entire state (aside from the highly populated areas that elected these criminals) has balked and formed Second Amendment sanctuaries.
  • A legislator threatened the sanctuaries with the National Guard.
  • The sanctuaries responded by activating an organized militia.

This agenda has been a cantankerous Michael Bloomberg plan in the making for a long time, he is no stranger to the commie tactics of grabbing 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, and it is common knowledge his PAC donated millions upon millions of dollars to turn legislatures of 24 states to a Democrat majority.

Yes Bloomberg green back worked in 21 of those cases, and Virginia is included in these numbers. Bloomberg and his Anti-American partners in crime believe they can buy friends in low places and will enforce his vote for the highest seat in the land, and that is to steal that pulpit one way or another, from the peoples’ President Donald J Trump.

Sorry Mikey, for what it’s worth, haven’t you witnessed the adoration and support of the nation for President Trump, it’s truly evident by watching his rally’s from state to state, the numbers don’t lie, people wait for days just to get into his rally’s but you must be to busy scheming up new ways to pick the pockets and rights of Americans to pay attention so we will put you on notice, the American people will NEVER vote you in as President of the United States, you have a bad reputation that proceeds you, so get over yourself, looks like the only gun-grabbing you will be doing is in your wildest dreams because Americans will NOT stand for it, forces are being gathered by the thousands and growing day by day.

Americans are watching from coast to coast and forces of patriots are growing and pushing back against these 1% Anti-American legislators who usurped the peoples’ government, they should be arrested and thrown in jail for criminal intent and hijacking our U.S. Constitution while trying to rewrite their false narratives and new laws through foreign verbiage, going into the new year of 2020.

There will be a revolution, you can count on it, and the not so silent majority will win, one way or another, for history always repeats itself, and “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . .disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . .Such laws make things worse tor the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” Thomas Jefferson

For Further Insight:


Susan Price is a National Gold Star Mother and resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The daughter of a Marine, and Army Veteran, She is also the Mother of a Fallen American Hero, Gunnery Sgt, Aaron Michael Kenefick, a highly decorated and stellar Marine of over twelve years. The tragic loss of Susan’s son and his Marine Embedded Training Team raised more questions than answers. It was through a Mother’s undying love that Susan transformed into an Investigative Researcher. Through her countless hours, days, weeks, and years connecting the dots, factual documentation, eyewitness accounts, and more, emerged a back story to the crimes that took place on the battlefield that fateful day of September 8th, 2009.

Susan is also known as a Veterans Advocate and a National voice. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and other national media as well as and Patriot radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the “the Gold Star Mother with a voice” – and “go-to person.”

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2 years ago

I don’t understand, why people can’t get rid of officials, i.e., governors, mayors, council members, and unelected people, if they are doing these treasonous things to any state. Know one seems to know. Many years ago, I thought if elected officials were trying to go against the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the unalienable rights of God, that the people, whom they work for, and whom we pay their salaries, can’t just literally go to all of their offices, and say, they have to leave. There should not have to be recalls or try to recall anyone who does these things. Why isn’t anyone doing this? May I add a comment? The print in this area, is very light. Almost too distracting to want to comment. Just to let you know.

2 years ago

I just have to add again, that I couldn’t proof read, because the light print is horrible..

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