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November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021

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More Spine, Less Censorship With Covid

by | Dec 1, 2020 |

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In a world where we apparently believe in impartiality and balanced opinion, why are so many expert medical and scientific voices being quashed?
I’m feeling increasingly frustrated with the world’s media.
What happened to impartiality?
What happened to citing opinions – and science – other than the status quo being spoon-fed to us by the people in power?
Across the world, there is a growing number of perfectly sane, qualified scientists who are challenging the information being sold to us about COVID-19.
Way back when, in my days as a junior reporter, it was drummed into me that I must explore all angles, share a balanced mix of opinions, make sure everyone relevant gets a say.
I needed to check my sources, obviously – there’s a world of difference between a valid, fringe view people aren’t hearing and a crazy nutcase, spouting nonsense while wrapping his head in a wet tea towel and sealing it with tin foil.
That ethic carried me through my years as a senior reporter, sub-editor, editor, group editor and publishing director.
Fake news
I know, in recent times, ‘fake news’ has become interwoven with politics and, regardless of where your personal allegiance may fall, intrinsically linked with Donald Trump closing down questioning from journalists and media outlets⏤he doesn’t like or agree with.
Just for today, I’m asking you to divorce that phrase from Donald and look at it in a wider context.
Why? Because it’s hugely important to do so!
Here in the UK, utter the words ‘fake’ and ‘news’ in the same sentence and people’s minds will immediately go to Trump.
So much so that, thanks to all the satire out there, and us being miles away from the actual action and only seeing the reported fall out and Twitter storms, it’s become a bit of a joke.
I promise you… say “Fake news” here and someone will snigger and wait for the punchline.
That means it’s just not taken seriously.
So, when it comes to the reporting of COVID-19, if someone dares to question the information we’re being given by the Government and the mainstream media, it will immediately be dismissed as fake news, which is now lumped in with conspiracy theorists and crazies.
How hideous is that? We can’t question now without being labelled as some idiotic fanatic, with ideas clinging by the fingertips to the furthest reaches of acceptable society?
What happened to our spine? What happened to our common sense?
I really, genuinely fear what’s happening to us, as a people.
Take a step back. Look at what we’re doing to ourselves!
We’ve been so taken in by fear and pandemic panic that we’re no longer looking at what’s actually going on.
We’re not scratching the surface.
We’ve stopped forming our own opinions, based on our own research, and started swallowing down the information fed to us by TPTB, like it’s some magical medicine from Mary Poppins.
There’s a hugely qualified, sensible scientist over here by the name of Michael Yeadon.
Apparently, unlike many of the scientists sitting on the SAGE panel and advising the Government, he’s actually qualified and deeply experienced in the fields of immunology and respiratory disorders. You can find him on Twitter HERE.
Dr Yeadon insists that the PCR tests being used to inform our levels of COVID infection are not fit for purpose. They’re suited to forensic testing, not picking up live cases of a coronavirus.
Last week, Dr Yeadon gave a half-hour interview, in which he explained (in easy to understand terms for us non-scientists) why the testing isn’t valid (apparently, it will test positive for any old traces of dead virus in the mucus, and cannot distinguish between this and a live COVID infection), why herd immunity is already here, how some in the population would have prior immunity and why, in essence, the pandemic is long gone.
Again, I am not a scientist, but Dr Yeadon’s explanations – for me – provided much more sense than the ‘evidence’ being presented by Government, which always seems so full of holes.
And please, don’t even talk to me about their Winter Plan, which pays lip service to some businesses and kicks others right in the pocket and future planning departments, including my own.
Perhaps not surprisingly, given all I’ve said about the fake news brigade, Dr Yeadon’s interview was removed from YouTube fairly swiftly though, at the time of writing, it can still be found HERE – I urge you to take 30 minutes from your day and form your own opinion.
Dr Yeadon is not the only qualified expert calling the current coronavirus news and rules into question – a search of the right Twitter accounts and search engines will find more.
For instance, economist Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote a fascinating piece for the Times Of India, questioning some of the stats being cited and why we need to look more deeply. Read for yourself HERE.
Lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, has begun a German lawsuit against the SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests, described as “probably the biggest crime against humanity ever” – and already, millions have watched the video of his explanation.
Search, dear reader, and you will find more.
But this is where I’m feeling mightily pissed off.
Opinion denied
The trouble with all the silliness around ‘fake news’ claims is that as more and more mainstream media outlets – either in fear under a whip – deny voices other than those coming out of Government ‘experts’, the more those voices have to find other ways to be heard.
This means they end up being shared on channels labelled ‘conspiracy’, or their content being hurriedly uploaded to in order to at least remain online.
The second it goes onto Bitchute, or similar, the sheeple will call conspiracy – it can’t possibly be worth a jot if the big boys took it down, right?
Even on Twitter, there are some people sharing brilliantly valid information and asking the right questions, but when their chosen Twitter IDs appear to be satire/parody, they are far too easy to dismiss.
For instance, there’s an account that has engaged with Dr Yeadon’s tweets a few times, and it’s information really worth looking at, but with a Twitter handle of ‘New Hitler’ and a photo of Boris Johnson with a clumsily drawn Adolf moustache, it’s way too easy for the majority of the sheeple to dismiss.
Welcome to Gilead. Blessed be the fruit.
When we start being fed only the stats, opinions and ideals that fit the agenda, and when people stop arguing, start to blindly believe what our ‘controllers’ want us to think and, worse, start to argue against anyone who questions, without even being willing to listen and make up their own minds, we’re running into problems.
1984, anyone? Gilead?
Sometimes, the writings of Orwell and Atwood feel frighteningly prophetic.
Unsettlingly, I’m sure most of those comfortably sitting in the fear our Government, and mainstream media, has created for them, would be the first to decry countries like China or Russia for censoring – and steering – the media, allowing their subjects to consume only the stories that fit the agenda.
Not one of these people, I’m sure, would recognise that the same is beginning to happen in the UK and across the western world.
When voices like Yeadon’s are removed, quashed or dismissed, and when our TV presenters glibly harp on about the COVID caseload increasing, we are dumbing ourselves down and lining ourselves up for more and more censorship and control.
Praise where praise is due
At this point, I have to give kudos to Malcolm Out Loud for his stance with this platform. Very clearly, America Out Loud has a political allegiance that is quite different to my own, and yet, here is the leader of this network actively seeking alternative voices and inviting them to write regularly.
Malcolm, in this instance, is displaying precisely what we need to see from the mainstream media outlets – despite his own beliefs, and the political sway of the platform, he seeks and promotes alternative viewpoints instead of trying to quash them.
This, people, is called balance. We need far more of it from the world’s media!
Back to the point – and those PCR tests
Our Government is already gearing up to roll out more and more testing.
And yet, if the people such as Dr Yeadon are right in their assumptions that the PCR tests are not fit for purpose and will continue to provide false positives, more testing will only falsely lead us into a heightened state of fear, provide our Government with more ‘evidence’ as a weapon to control our movement, and further smash everything from our faith to our confidence to our economy.
We are sitting ducks in a world where the politicians and media outlets are wielding shotguns to obliterate our liberty – and we’re doing nothing about it.
For once, I cannot lay all of this at the feet of our Tory Government. Even their opposition seems to be ignoring the evidence being presented by those eminently qualified to provide it.
Last week, via Twitter, Dr Yeadon appealed for anyone with a connection to Labour leader Keir Starmer to get him an audience. He’s offered to sit down with the opposition leader and present all the evidence.
As far as I can tell, that offer has been met with a deafening silence. I sincerely hope to be proved wrong.
There’s an old comedy phrase that used to ring true for me: “If you can keep calm while people around you are losing their minds, you’ve probably misunderstood the situation.”
That, I’m afraid, no longer rings true for me. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
As is so often the case with yours truly, I’m not quite ready to wrap that tin foil around my head and go full out conspiracy theorist (note: that seems to be the term thrown at anyone who dares question the status quo these days!).
I’m not ready to go all David Icke and start talking about little green men.
I don’t believe the vaccine contains a secret chip to track our movements.
I don’t believe COVID is a hoax.
I very much believe COVID-19 exists.
I know it has taken many lives and I’m sure, unfortunately, that it will take more.
I know it’s not just the same as ‘flu.
But I’m also utterly convinced that the mortality threat is lower than it was at the beginning, that false positives are happening catastrophically, largely as a result of the wrong test being used (there are some theories about laboratory testing conditions too), and that the efficacy of these vaccines MAY be partly due to herd immunity already having been reached and levels of prior immunity that have been erroneously dismissed.
I guess I’m being a walker between the worlds again.
COVID is here.
We need to take care and be sensible.
I don’t, however, believe we need to be locked down any more.
We ALL need to be doing our own research, instead of allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed government rhetoric. For the record, that means digging into the information readily available, and listening to alternative viewpoints, instead of merely swallowing Boris’ press conference statements.
I’ll never tell anyone *what* to think – but I will always, always encourage everyone to read more deeply than surface level and to think for yourselves.
Until next time (if I haven’t been censored by then!)


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Croz Crossley
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